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How to Build a Fish Tank Observation Hive Part 2 – The Bush Bee Man

How to Build a Fish Tank Observation Hive Part 2 – The Bush Bee Man

– Well, there’s a part of you sometimes when you do shit like this you think, “Man, maybe I should’ve done
this the other way around.” Because now I’ve got to try and pull this fish tank bottom off
so we can make an entrance. And it might have all been to no avail, making all these rails,
because if we wreck it, it’ll be, I don’t know, it’ll be a big pile of glass
on the bench, won’t it? (bees buzzing) So we’ll take away our top bars off that we’ve busily made. Where am I going to put them? That looks like a top-quality storage pot. That’ll work, won’t it? Set ’em in there. That’d be bloody right,
wouldn’t it? (laughs) That’s the wrong size. Aw, man. (wood clanking) Why, I might be talking to
the school sometime soon. That’d be kinda cool. Save the bees, one Bush Bee Man at a time. (laughs) Where am I putting this
stuff out the way, son? Shit. Kicked the bloomin’ thing. Right, we’ll take these, see if we can get these
little strips off for a start. That’d be a good thing, and then we’re gonna
take it over to the bench and see if we can get
that bottom of it off. Where did I put my, I had a… Where did I put that? I had a nice thin bit of metal thing, somewhere or other. (knocking) Ah, there. My filer. Check that out.
(laughs) You reckon I’ll get this
to fix without wrecking it? Oh, well that bit go a bit. God. (laughs) Don’t smash it this
close to the finish line. That’d suck, won’t it? What if we go this way round? (filer scrapes) Start to cut it off a bit. (filer scrapes) Well, I’ll just use a bloody knife. (laughs) Talk about that for an idea. Fuck, now the easy part’s off. (groans) I was reading something that apparently, glass is actually stronger than metal, but the only problem is it’s more brittle, so it’s technically stronger, ’cause I was watching some discovery show. Here, watch that I don’t
throw that, (laughs) and make a mess, and they were saying they
were considering making a glass bridge or something, like a bridge made out of glass. I thought that’d be kind
of cool, wouldn’t it? Imagine that. They better not put me on that
work crew, though. (laughs) That might be a bit exciting. Did they ever actually
make a glass bridge? They never would have done that. That was probably just some
crap that they had on the telly, tryin’ to bloody amuse me. (filer scrapes) That’s about (mumbles). Tell you, if we had a 3D camera, here. (whoops) And everybody’d be dodging in the cinema. They’re like, “Oh my God,
don’t fucking flick me!” (filer scrapes) That 3D stuff’s pretty cool, isn’t it? Bad thing is sometimes I
forget they have a story because they have so much
cool sort of special effects. I forget they need to
have a story with it. Look at that. Don’t tell her we’re coming. Whether we have to take this
bit off or not, I don’t know, but anyway. (sings) (filer scrapes) You’ve cut me (mumbles). Not fun in the park yet. Look at that, that’s a bit naughty. Oh shit, that was a bit stupid. Don’t play with glass, kids. (filer scrapes) Gosh, now, just for entertainment, that was the easy bit. Crikey, there’s an earthquake. Right, now I reckon we’ll
make ourselves a soft spot on the bench over here, and we’ll see if we
can but the bottom off, because I’m hoping we’re
gonna cut the bottom out, then I’m gonna make a wood bottom, so’s then I can make a
little strip around it so I can have an entrance because I was trying to think about, I don’t know, I’m not that clever. I don’t reckon I’ll be
able to drill a hole through that glass without wreckin’ it. Smells like dead fish in there. See if we can get it to the
bench top without breaking it. (wood crashes) I’m sure everybody will
cry with me if I smash it. Well, probably half of you laugh at me, you know, wouldn’t you? (laughs) (gasps) Smash. That’s probably why it was given away. It’s already cracked. (laughs) Is it in the box? Okay. What? (laughs) I wish you’d said that
in the beginning, though. Oh, come on. Ah, safely stored away. I used to scrape off your stinkin’ pots. Oh my goodness, are we gonna break this
for sure, aren’t we? Shh, don’t jinx yourself. Gotta be positive when
it comes to these things. I’ve got special glass at the bottom. (filer scrapes) This is a bad idea, yep. (laughs) (filer scrapes) It’s amazing shit. I wonder how they made fish tanks before silicon was invented? I wonder how they done that. I suppose they had fish
bowls, didn’t they, like the just a whole piece
of glass and hopped it up, nice and hot. Not feeling real confident here. (laughs) Think I’ve got serious
issues happening here. (gasps) (filer scrapes) Maybe this was a stupid, ow, ow, idea, ow. That was definitely a stupid idea. Where’d my funny little thin thing go? (glass scrapes) You’ve got to be kidding. Maybe I can get this to work. Really stupid man. Honestly, if we don’t wreck something, it’ll be a miracle, won’t it? This is the little
cracked corner. (laughs) Oh boy. (gasps) I knew it. (laughs) Golly, that’s got wire in it. Aw man. What the hell? What are you doing, John? Was this your idea? No. You already warned me to not
go near this madness, will you? I wonder if that, maybe that stuff does
soften the silicon a bit, but I don’t know. I’m not completely convinced. Come on, you have to cut yourself here. I wonder, hey, if I get to see a bush, if I get sick of beekeeping, maybe I can become an
aquarium fixer-upper. (laughs and gasps) Goodness gracious me. Now, why is that not gonna go there? You know what’s gonna happen when I want to go and plaster it, when I want to use this to plaster the corner of me bloomin’ house, (laughs) it’ll be all bent and
the wife will be going, “Why’s that bloody corners look crooked?” I don’t know, I don’t
know what happened to it. Not sure what was going on there, honey. (gasps) This is when you get over-confident
and you wreck something. Ta-da. Don’t ta-da yet, you
haven’t got it off, (laughs) isn’t that right? Oh, we’ve got one corner off. Got reinforced wire, but I
think I’ve already said that. What the hell. Ah, you bloody wretch. What are you doing? Don’t want to get impatient about here, because it’ll just go plink, and I’ll be like oh dammit. That’s already had a bit of
(mumbles) off the edge there, and that wasn’t even me. (glass scrapes) Snap, maybe we’ll go the other end. Doesn’t want to be in it. Doesn’t want to let go for some reason. I don’t know why. It’s like it’s just not
quite square or something. It can’t be some sort of crazy safety bit at a certain height or
something, can there? Don’t know, I’ve never actually
put a fish tank together, and I think this is the first
one I’ve ever pulled to bits. I’m fairly sure they’re not actually meant to be pulled apart, are they? (sings) Why doesn’t that want to be in it? Come one, what are you doing? It’s like there’s a little
bump there or something. (sighs) Is this when you break something? Yep. (laughs) I think this might be about
the part of the project when a bloke breaks something. Anyway, we’ll see, hopefully not. (hammers) (gasps) Bugger, that’s, it looks important. (hammers) Oh, there’s the speed hump. Shit. (hammers) Try that the other end. (hammers) (glass cracks)
(gasps) (hammers) That’s not good. (hammers) What is that not going for? (hammers) Oh, come on you bastard. (glass cracks)
Oh shit. (mumbles) (hammers) I think that the cameraman’s
just waiting for the kaboosh, when it all goes (makes crashing noise), and there’s a great big crack, and then I go guess what? There’s not gonna be any observation hole. (hammers) For all you folks who happen to work in the aquarium repair shop, just relax. This is the first one I’ve
wrecked or tried to undo. Feel free to message us and
tells us what I did wrong, or how I should’ve done it. (hammers) Mind you, it’d be a bit
late to help me then. (hammers) Don’t know what that’s about. (hammers) (chisel clangs)
(yells) Fooled ya’. (laughs) (hammers) Come on, you stupid thing. (hammers) This really sucked there. (hammers) Come on, come on. Maybe they just didn’t cut the glass quite square or something. (hammers) Here we go, we’re nearly… (hammers) Don’t get excited now, Mr. Bush Bee. (hammers) So this is the moment
when you get all excited and think you had a victory
and something bad happens, like that bottom lip comes with you, where you don’t want to take off. Dammit, that’s not meant to happen. Oh, that’s right. That bit was meant to stay in there. Oh, that little extra flat bit, I was hoping to leave it in
there for a bit of strength, but anyway. This might be a bit rickety now. To the bin, to the bin we head. I don’t think it’s really happy. I wonder if, no, we just broke
that strip anyway, didn’t we? It’s not good, no good to us anyway. (yells) (glass cracks) Nobody go playing in that bin, all right? Shit. (laughs) Right, now let’s see if we
can clean all this muck off. (glass scrapes) So that’s (mumbles) bottom
lips are gonna do too much now that we’ve taken that off. This bit here is meant
to be to hold that edge. See how that little piece there, so you can silicon a bit extra, so you silicon its edge
and silicon that bit. But, if we treat it with a
bit of love and kindness, we should be wrought, you think? Now, I think if we tip it
up on its edge, end, thing, whatever it’s called, that way, without smashing the thing, and my plan is… Oh, tried to cut myself. The plan is to clean this up a bit, and then put a wooden base, and then put a little 10 mil,
well, eight mil strip around to make the lip and
make one end an opening. Shaving is just, (laughs) shaving a fish tank, and that’s all. (bees buzz)

32 comments on “How to Build a Fish Tank Observation Hive Part 2 – The Bush Bee Man





  2. Dear Mr. Bush beeman, just to say that your show is fantastic, i did however look at this episode with girded teeth as you had no eye protection on when working with the glass, luckily you made it without a missing eye……. still it was loads of fun.

  3. Hello Bush Bee Man. I think you are a bloody lunatic. Even so I have subscribed. They do have carbide cutters to drill glass. Anyhow cheers from Canada. 👍👍👍

  4. They have indeed made a glass bridge. I think it's in Japan or China if my memory serves me correctly. It's a walk bridge. I wouldnt reccomend horses or motorbikes, though. There are videos of people crawling across.

  5. This was almost as painful to watch as it was to produce! Almost.
    Try scoring the silicone and using the wifes hair dryer to soften the remaining silicone. Heat the metal at the same time so they are the same temp.

  6. You did it! I almost shint my pants the whole way through but you did it! I counted three cuts 😱

  7. Everyone watching this video

  8. SAFETY SAFETY SAFETY!!! love your channel mate but your last two videos, although interesting, have been down right dangerous. Free hand on a table saw and glass with no gloves or safety glasses. There could be a kid out there looking at what you are doing getting inspired and having a crack saying The Bush Beeman did it. I am not a safety nut, do what you want in your own shed but if you are going to put this online please be responsible and led by example and do it safely.

  9. John, please do what you can to convince your father to use gloves. Cuts to flesh are painful, cuts through tendons would severely hurt his ability to continue working.

    Also, if I may recommend a glass cutter. It's a bit late now, I suppose, but I suspect he could have cut an entrance.

  10. As a qualified plasterer for many years I can safely say that is not how you use the internal corner trowel lol 😂

  11. You can use a tile hole saw to cut glass ($15-$20 at the hardware store) just go slow and squirt with water as you drill

  12. To cut glass from glue use a piano wire or guitar string, poke a hole and saw it through where you want it

  13. Crikey Lads, so glad you survived that little 2 part episode. I'm not sure I'll sleep for a bit after watching that. I kept thinking, the reason you were struggling was you needed to add more WD40 and wait. Not go grab a hammer. Any way, you got the bottom off. I'm still trying to work out what you will see given that the two end frames will most likely be honey and then the space from the front side will be difficult to see into?'m clearly missing something, bit like the safety gear lol, anyways thanks for staying in one piece and sharing your awesome videos

  14. couldnt stand the suspence, had to skip ahead for a sec an see if it came off.
    almost looked a second time to make sure you had, but my fingers are hurting from how much i twitched thinking you was gonna slice off some skin…

  15. They make diamond hole saws that would have sped up the process and you wouldn't have had to remove the bottom

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