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How to Build a Fish Tank Observation Hive Part 5 of 5 – The Bush Bee Man

How to Build a Fish Tank Observation Hive Part 5 of 5 – The Bush Bee Man

– At least they’re still in the box. Of course, my best-laid
plan’s going to shit, ’cause I thought I’d get
them orientated in this spot before we get our fish tank up here, and I was gonna have
it all nicely installed and all organized, so when the lovely wife
comes back, she says, “Oh, that’s good.” But of course she come up the stairs to go to work this morning, and went, “What’s that bloody bee box
doing on my outside table?!” I said, “Well, it’s not staying there. “It’s gonna be okay. “It’s gonna be a fish tank bee box,” and she’s like, “Oh,
you stupid Bush Bee Man, “you can’t put a fish tank on my veranda,” and I’m like, “You won’t
even know it’s there.” I might be getting ahead of myself, we’ve gotta get the bee box up here yet. Well, the aquarium. (bees buzzing) – [John] Let’s just breath. – [Mark] Oh, shit, it’s gonna slip out. – [John] Yep. – [Mark] You’ve got the… – [John] Yeah, no, I’ve got it here. – [Mark] Yep. We should’ve done it the other way around, ’cause I’ve got the lip. Fuck, it’s heavy. (Mark grunting) Shit. Cornering. (chuckles) (Mark grunting) Okay, this is officially stupid. Golly, gosh. Oh, we’re nearly on the home stretch! Then hopefully, it fits
in that little hole. That’s my plan, anyway. That should fit there perfectly. Aw, look at that. Like I measured it. (aquarium thumps) (gasps) Dear God, don’t smash it! – You’re the one that hit the wall. – [Mark] Oh no, I’m talking
to myself. (laughing) You think the wife would get excited if I cut the bars out so they don’t have to
negotiate through them? I’m pretty sure I’d be
in the shit. (laughing) Well, we’ll push it up to the edge and see what happens for a start. See how they get on. So we’ve got our bees in our bee box, which they’re pretty
close to being orientated to where they are. I reckon the next thing to do is probably to go and get a bee suit on. I was just thinking, the wife’s taken my
ute, as I said earlier, and my smoker’s in the back of the ute, so I hope I’ve got a
spare one in the shed. And I’m sure I have, but exactly
where is anybody’s guess. Here’s old faithful. That’s the first smoker I ever bought. That was before I figured out that you’re actually
meant to be clean and tidy and not have crap everywhere. That’ll keep us amused for quite… Look at that, I even burned a hole through the damn think. (laughing) Well, at least the
rags still there, that’s good. We may wanna just scrape
some of that shit off it before we get too excited. Oh!
(metal clangs) Shit! (laughs) Oh, you poor old thing. Goodness me. Anyway, for all you naysayers
that don’t think beeswax looks after your wood. There’s proof, right there. Right. Now all we’ve gotta do is
figure out where our hessian is. Goodness me, this is the
one the lid falls off. (laughs) This is gonna be too sad. (metal clangs)
Ah! Right, our little rag,
a little bit of cloth. ♪ A little bit of cloth. ♪ ♪ A little bit of this,
a little bit of that. ♪ ♪ Ah la la ♪ ♪ La la la la la la ♪ Oh, fuck. That’s a long cigarette lighter. (Mark coughing) I don’t think hessian
smoke would’ve taken off. It wouldn’t have had quite
the same appeal as a Kool. But what if they were Peter
Stuyvesants? (coughing) (smoker puffing) One of the ladies have turned up and said, “Hey, if he’s working with a smoker, “he’s doing something bad.” (smoker puffing) Too-too! I think this is one part of the logistics that I hadn’t thought through. How do you get your
smoker through your house? Perhaps put your finger on it. (laughing) Here we go! (Mark whistling) ♪ Here comes the bad man ♪ (laughing) Golly gosh! (sighs) If you’d like a
fish tank on your veranda, go to the website. Okey-cokey-doke, let’s
see what sort of trouble. Now, if you haven’t
been following us along, these are the bees we caught
out of that tree the other day. So hopefully, they’re still
on their little cluster. If you just give’em a bit
of woof woof woof woof. (smoker puffing) I hope they’re still in here. Yeah. I was just wondering whether
we could actually put them… Somehow suspend them, but I don’t think that’s gonna happen, is it? I’m just wondering which
end we should put it in, but I suppose we’ll
put it towards the door and then work it out. (bees buzzing) I’m just wondering if we
could stick something through and hang’em up in the air. We’ll just sit it in there, you reckon? Or should we try and hang it up? Ah, I hadn’t thought of that. You can feel the warmth
that they’ve created in the middle of this whole section. I think we’re just gonna sit it in there, and then hopefully, when
we come back in the spring, being that it’s in winter time, and we’re doing this to sort
of get these girls organized, I don’t think we’ll pull them apart, and I don’t know that
we’ll try and hang them. I think we’ll just sit
them in this corner, and then, going forward into summer, when things are a bit more excitable, when there’s a lot more food around, we can shake’em off
and let’em start again. But just for now, I don’t
wanna completely kill’em, so we’re just gonna
pop’em in the box t’as is. T’as is, that’s not English, is it? What’s t’as is mean, you silly man? (bees buzzing)
Oh, oh, oh. Here we go, chicks. I reckon we’ll just do that. That’ll work. (bees buzzing) Just shake all these girls off of here that were obviously
starting to get established. I think they’re a little bit confused, they’re trying to go through the glass. They think that’s a bit of an idea. There’s all crap in the bottom of the box, so we’ll clean the up a bit. Surely it has to be a bit
better than hanging in a tree when it’s minus three or
four, or whatever it is. But it’s surprising,
you can feel the warmth from the actual, like when you pick it up, you can feel the effect
they’re keeping it warm inside themselves, inside
their own little nests. That’s why I’m a bit
afraid to pull it apart, ’cause I mean, it’s the wrong
time of year to be doing this. I don’t want’em to get… Well, I don’t wanna be any meaner to them than we already are being. (bees buzzing) I wonder if I should sit it
up there for a little bit, until they figure it out. Let’s just do that. Let’s just figure that. Sit that up there, since they’re thinking that’s where they’re going. ‘Cause they’ve got that
scent and that look, and they’re not really sure
what the hell is going on with that glass bottom. And I figure by the time they
figure out what’s going on, we’ll go and get ourselves
a bit of a cover, and my the time we get back here, we’ll see how they’ve got on. Anyway, if they hate our fish tank, we can always put’em back in their box and take’em away somewhere else. (chuckling) It’s probably not
really ideal to have a bee box on your veranda, is it? It couldn’t be cold! I didn’t know, I had no
idea that it’d be cold. Cool, that’ll do. Hey, hey, hey, folks, how are we? – [Male Staffer] Good. (staff laughing) I wonder if that could be a rotisserie. (Staff laughing)) We’d like to buy a barbecue cover if you have such things in your cupboard. – Go next door in the
garden center, my man. – In the garden center. In the garden center they are, no more. No less. – Let’s see.
(Mark chuckling) – I don’t know where
they’ve got’em at, Mark. – Oh, that’s all right, we’ll
figure it out. (chuckling) – I’ve been–
– Four burner, Mark? – Oh god, I don’t know, champ. I knew I should’ve measured it. So there’s a four and a six, I’m guessing. – Yep. – Well, it’s about that long. So what–
– It’s a four. – Four? And just over the top. Anyway, is it a money-back guarantee if a bloke’s got the wrong one? – Always is for you, mate. – Yeah, I’ll tell you,
I like it, I like it. See, that’s why you come to
your friendly hardware store where they know you. That’s the go. (laughing) It’s a sun shield as well. Does that mean it’s UV stable? Maximum UV resistant. Maximum Bush Bee Man resistant, that’s what it needs to be. But anyway. (laughing) I’m just wondering, should
we cut the insulation before we take the box off and stir’em up? Nah, we’ll be all right. What’s the worst thing that could happen? Anyway, hopefully they’ve
orientated themselves a little bit. We’re gonna get rid of this bit. We’ll get rid of their old home. Hopefully, there’s not too
many people still in there. Nope, they’re all gone. That’s good, we’re pumping over there. Then we’ll pop the rest of our tops on. You could have at least cut
them square, couldn’t you? Sorry, ladies.
(bees buzzing) He’s a ruffian, this bloke, isn’t he? I think my wife is gonna have a fit. We’ve got a whole veranda
full of bees now. (laughing) Hopefully they’ll settle down in a minute. They’re just a little
bit upset at the minute. Yes, I guess I would be
too if someone had just ripped me out of my home and
stuck me in a glass cage. Could be a bit exciting. Should we put the lid
on, and then the wrap? Or the wrap before the lid? – I think we–
– I think we’re gonna put the lid on, and then
wrap it up, I think. (laughing) They’re a bit excited. So I’m reckoning if we make a little bit of the Sisalation between there and there, and then we’ll put our
barbie cover over the top, and then we’ll leave
them alone to resettle. What do you reckon? You reckon that’s gonna work, or not? Or is that just crazy? Right about there somewhere? Now there. (chuckling) You reckon we can cut in a straight line? Probably not. Probably a bit more than we need. A bit like the lunar landing. Look out, here comes the
Bush Bee man! (laughing) I’m not volunteering for Mars. That’s not happening. I don’t think there’s
many flowers up there. Shouldn’t we double check
this before we cut too much? We probably should just double check that it’s gonna be about right before we cut too much of it. That’s gonna give us plenty, so we’ll trim it up. We’ll make it pretty afterwards. Look at it’s going straight,
even without cutters. Any ideas how much we’re gonna need? Oh! Look at that, I’m getting
a speedup. (chuckles) Bah. (laughs) Victory! Or death. (chuckling) Here you go. In my mind, this was a good idea. (chuckling) I don’t know, we’ll see. Oh dear, dear. I thought this might be easier than doing the whole other bits of excitement. Especially since the wife said that if we put a barbecue cover
over it, she won’t be fussed. If the Bush Bee Man’s wife’s approving, you just run with it. That’s what I reckon. (chuckles) Go with the yes. It wasn’t really a yes, it was more of a grudging
“You’re going to do it anyway,” I think was the comment. (chuckles) Shit. All right. That’s sort of going to work, except we’ve blocked
their entrance in now. So we’ll have to trim that bit up. I don’t know, John, this is a bit silly. I think this might have been a silly idea. And just make it the right length and stick it on there. Like, stick it to itself. Do you think, maybe? I don’t know. – [John] How do you get it off then? – I don’t know. Pull the little sticky thing apart. Yeah, yeah, well, what’s your bright idea? You got any better ideas? – [John] It’s not my project. – Well, you’re here involved. I mean, take some responsibility. (exhales heavily) (Mark whispering to self) I don’t know, I suppose you
could put a clothespin on it. That could work. I think in the short term,
we’ll just get some sticky tape, and we’ll just stick it at the back here, and that’ll be fine. That’s the cameraman’s
solution to the problem, so… Anyway, very good. (chuckles) I reckon that’s probably successful. We’ll put that lid back on. (chuckles) God. Then we’ll find out if
our barbie cover fits. It might be… Let’s… Oh, come on. Well, I think that looks all right, ’cause it’s sort of
sitting on the edge there. And they seem a little bit less confused now that they’re in dark. Rather then having all
that glass to look at. (bees buzzing) So hopefully our
four-burner barbecue suits, it says two suit or four-burner barbecue. It doesn’t mention
anything about fish tanks. But still. (chuckles) Oh my lordy. Come on, come on, come on. Out you come, out you come, barbie cover. Oh shit. (chuckling) (Mark grunts) I think it might be a bit big. – Maybe.
(Mark chuckling) – See this? It’s going to be a bit of a big cover. Aw, well. I might just send the
bloke to get another clip, the way we’re going. Uh, man. It’s all right width-wise, I think it’s just a bit long. And a bit too far down that way, too. Oh, this is not gonna
work too well, is it? (Mark chuckling) Yep! That’s a very big barbecue! How are we gonna fold it up so it doesn’t look completely ridiculous? I think one decent wind,
I’m gonna be in trouble. Hang on. We wiggled it out a bit. Ping! (chuckles) Now we’ve gotta cut a
hole for’em to get in. Shit. You realize if we cut
it, then it’s no return? They won’t take it back if
they’ve got a big hole in it for a bee entrance. (Mark groaning) This is not gonna last long
when I do this to it, is it? Come on, they’re just being ridiculous. I might pull it away from
there, that’s just stupid. Stop it! (Mark groans) It’s a small earthquake for
chicks, reckon? (chuckling) And then putting that paper
down there, or something. (Mark grunts) Have you got any of that UV black tape? Where’s that live? – [John] No, you stole it all. – I stole it all already, did I? (Mark sighs) Well, I’ll see you in an hour. I’ll see if I can go
and find it. (chuckling) God. Err. (Mark grunts) Oh, man, it’s still freezing. Well, it sort of looks neat, does it not? Or does it look ridiculous? Shut up. (laughing) Now that is surprising
wasn’t it, I even found it. (Mark sighs) It didn’t even take me an hour. As a matter of fact, I just happened to kick
the right thing over, and there it was. (bees buzzing) This is not quite how I
envisaged this, but still. Dear, dear, dear. I wasn’t exactly sure what
I thought was gonna happen, but I should’ve known, shouldn’t I? Anyway, this’ll be a bit temporary, but at least it’ll get it covered up, and I guess when we’ve
got some more spare time, we’ll come back and change it up. Probably this cover will
shit itself before too quick. Or too long. (chuckling) “Too quick.” Oh god. Anyway, you know what I mean. (wood squealing) Oh shit. (wood squealing) (Mark grunts) Oh, man, poor old knees. Righty-O, we’ll tuck it all together, and there we have it. Our barbecue, fish tank,
observation bee box. (chuckles) (Mark sighs) So there you go, that’s
how you can put together, to convert a fish tank
into an observation hive when you’ve got nothing much better to do in the middle of winter. (chuckles) I’m not exactly sure where I can tell you where you can just grab a
bunch of bees out of a tree, but anyway, this all
happened to come together. That was the start of
this whole excitement. We found that blooming bees in a tree, and we thought, “Well, what do I do? “What have we gotta do with them? “Well, what the hell, let’s
put’em in a fish tank.” Anyway, thanks again for watching. Don’t forget to share us with your mates. See ya. (gentle music) (bees buzzing)

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