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HOW TO build a Ghetto Aquarium Stand, building a fish tank stand

HOW TO build a Ghetto Aquarium Stand, building a fish tank stand

you on a Sunday baby how’s everybody
doing hope you’re doing well listen we go working on the ghetto today
I want to show you how to make it work so here we go I’ve got this ghetto
40 frito right here and I want to show you how to do a ghetto stand the first
thing you need to understand with aquarium’s is that a gallon of water
weighs about 8 pounds or a little less than 4 kilos if you’re pushing rhymes
like weight so we want to have something beefy I recommend cinder blocks cinder
blocks rule these cinder blocks are dollar 25 apiece I’ve got just five
dollars in these four cinder blocks cinder blocks did a little less than I
eight inches tall and you want to actually stack them with the holes life
so they’re great they’re cheap they’re beefy the problem is they will scratch
the hell out of your hardwood floor you think water does damage garden imagine
what your wife Beyonce or mother would do if you scratch your hardwood floor so
there’s all kinds of alternatives you can use to pad the bottom of cinder
blocks this is the ghetto aquarium stand I’m going to give you a ghetto padded
solution simply take a piece of cardboard cut it to the size of the
bottom of the cinder block and place it in between the floor and the cinder
block this will keep be careful with it but this will keep your cinder blocks
from scratching up your wonderful hardwood floors now we’re going to talk
about the top of this standing we’re going to set our tank on to and for the
top of this ghetto aquarium stand I’m using pressure-treated lumber
this is actually an 8 foot long 2 by 10 cut in half this is a an 18 inch
aquarium by 36 I had an 8 foot long one cut in half because I might actually use
this on the 75 this was going to be your only stand you can cut it 36 you’d have
a little extra wood ah one note here if you don’t have the money to spend on a
whole 10 bucks for a 8 foot piece of plywood you can use two by fours
although I would be careful on how far of a spread you have across if you’re
using like a 6 foot tank this is kind of cool and you want to leave open space
under or fit another large tank under you can use a hard lumber and you can
actually a fix it with the 90-degree metal pieces right here drill
holes in it put screws in it and you can reinforce it along this area right here
that’ll give you a little more structural integrity and give you a lot
more space underneath or you could just use another set of ghetto cinder blocks
in the middle right there like I’ve done in my 125s in the greenhouse so we’ve
got our wood down if you want to roll like this you’re good to go but I’ve got
to get away to spruce it up underneath and give you a tad bit of non-visible
storage I actually learned this from my baby mamas mommy you take some of your
fabric color of your choice because remember folks ghetto can be any color
black or white and you attach it to the wood like so I’m using a vinyl fabric
here I got for like 2 bucks a yard at the local fabric place no you’re going
to want to move the actual tank back quite a bit or off the stand prior to
doing because let’s be honest things happen when you use a hammer and you’re
nailing it towards the glass so take the cloth like so fold it over at the top
for a little better looking edge you can use black tacks or whatever you’ve got
so there you go and then one final note on aquarium stands this in my humble
opinion here if you’re worried about the look of your aquarium stand you got
something wrong in your tank when your tank sit up and roll it should look good
you shouldn’t be looking at the stand so that’s what I got going on drop me a
comment about the most ghetto sedan you’ve ever seen used or whatever if
you’re watching this on Facebook show me a picture of it if you like what I’m
doing subscribe click the link to join me on one of those free live webinar
never a riot back to the she fries headings now let
me drop some more than King

74 comments on “HOW TO build a Ghetto Aquarium Stand, building a fish tank stand

  1. Ghetto is back! no more hood! Although your neighborhood back drop needs some ghetto improvement. You need a local convenience store and busy street corner just past your fence with some old crime scene body marking tape on the sidewalk. Oh and your fence needs to have some planks missing with it leaning halfway over with a "beware of dog" sign barely nailed on. Your real neighborhood looks way too quaint and peaceful.

  2. Thanks for this video! I just picked up a 25 gallon tank for free so unfortunately it came with nothing. I've been trying to find something that could hold all the weight because I know the TV stand my 10 gallon is on wont hold it for sure.

  3. had a 40 breeder on an old antique dresser. while doing a water change one day a leg blew out on the dresser. Water everywhere but the tank seals held long enough for me to empty the tank and fix the dresser. Nailed some 2x4s in as legs on the dresser and it was brand new lol. Also back in the day i kept a 10 gallon on the floor. that didnt last long because it got kicked and cracked lol

  4. I think this should have been the first video in the ghetto tank series, as you want to make sure you have a sturdy stand to put your tank on before you start setting up the tank! 🙂

  5. Truthfully, I don't buy anything to use as a stand. I just search for a good surface. I have 2 20gal tanks set up that aren't on stands. One is in the middle section on an old china cabinet. The other is sitting on an old TV stand. Why should I spend money (even if it's only about $15) if I can find stuff people want to throw out to use as a stand.

  6. My ten gallon fry tank was held up with two five gallon buckets that I saved from the trash until I had room for it by my main tank.

  7. Milk crates..Nuff said friend! With an old bed sheet.Dairy queen or ant restaurant will have these. Great channel man!

  8. i had a computer desk i cut the shelf and frame that was attached to it and sat a tank on and it still had the draw for the keyboard and it was made of MDF and it was really unstable hahahaha and it hung over the edges so the tank was still to big for it lol

  9. Yahoo do I know how to throw a tank together, but what I'm not so sure about is all those caterpillars that come to eat my plants. I had one eat a whole begonia overnight! Can I spray cayenne pepper water around where my fish are? Is it good for them, like people?

  10. Just received my plant order in the mail today. Looks great in the 29 gal I found on the side of the road. My fish are quite pleased.

  11. I love your Ghetto series……. I am setting up my first 10 gallon tank and found your tutorials very easy to follow. I dont want to invest a whole bunch of money in this new hobby so I am following your lead…… I'm a senior citizen on a fixed income and sometimes Ghetto……. Thanks Son…….

  12. I did my 55 3 high and 3 across. 9 blocks altogether.
    For my 125, it took ALOT of damned blocks. Sould I put blocks in the middle? Please, can u do one for that 125 u have on blocks?

  13. I went into my aunt's dirt basement and pulled out a kitchen table from the 1920s for a stand and all I did to it was put a fresh coat of paint on it.

  14. dude ur awsome i just came acrossed you and this is the only thing iv ever subscribed to on youtube

  15. I have been doing a bunch of Facebook LIVE as
    it fits my quick style – Click here to follow me on Facebook: EVERY DAY I do 30 second
    videos on Instagram: Click here to follow me on Instagram:

  16. Dude!, Thanks! I'm really feeling a tad stupid! I've been using cinder blocks forever to "raise" tank stands – BUT it never occurred to me to do what you've done here …. and I'm fairly creative. I t0tally appreciate running into your vid here! ~ "It's all about wet sleeves!"

  17. This is super!…, I have also been so swamped honing my woodcrafting techniques. Just got Woody Hyezmar's Woodworking Bible (google) I have to say I'm happy with the projects 🙂

  18. Dude! Looking to buy me a 125 on the cheap (Clist) and no stand….never knew you had cinder block on yours? How many blocks and what size wood plans you have supporting your 125? I want to avoid 125g of water on my floor

  19. Good comment about the tank vs the stand. I agree, a nice-looking tank or fish community should catch the eye better than what the tank is sitting on!

  20. I remember using a broken couch as a stand for my 20g tank. So ghetto I just scooped up fish from the creek and a broken clip lamp. Used the moss and rocks from the river to aerate and decorate the tank.

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