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HOW TO:  Build a very simple aquarium filter

HOW TO: Build a very simple aquarium filter

Hey guys Joey here again today, I’m going to show you how to make a very simple and [very] effective Aquarium filter using the bottle Method again Previously you’ve seen another filter. I made with a bottle using K1 [Calton] Media creating a fluidized bed within the bottle for those that cannot get the called [Mass] Media There’s also the option of using Ceramic Media Like this here. This is just your average ceramic Media used for biological purposes So supplies, you’re going to need for For this build is some airline tubing [a] plastic bottle. I’m just using a 500 milliliter bottle [a] sponge some Ceramic Media this stuff here is specifically made by Aqua clear haggans Power Filter Aqua clear Your suction cup and an air pump Now to start off what you’re going to need to do is Take the cap off [of] your bottle here and drill holes on the [top] Okay, I’ll show you why we do that in a moment [second] thing you’re going to want [to] do is I’m sorry drill a hole in the side of the in the neck of the bottle as you see I place mine directly in the neck and not up into the full bottle and last you’re going to want to drill one hole inside of the bottle and a few holes in the top Now the more holes in the top that you have the smaller the bubbles will be coming out of the top of the bottle [the] less holes you have the larger the bubbles will be now for [the] diameter [of] the holes the hole in the neck of the bottle should only be large enough [for] you to be able to fit a Airline tubing into the side of it and So going to get this one in here There you go [just] [into] the side of the bottle here and placement of the airline tubing is directly in the center now So that hole that I’ve made here is only big enough for the airline tubing to fit in It’s actually slightly smaller than the airline tubing so it holds in snugly [next] thing you want to do actually the first thing you’re going to want to do besides putting the airline tubing in is insert your suction cup now this is a specific type of suction cup there’s nothing fancy, but it has a little Ridge on it there as you [can] see right below the Nub there this will allow the suction cup to be inserted [inside] of the bottle and Get caught on its Ridge there So the suction cup stays on the bottle and doesn’t pop off You can pop off if you pull it off, but it holds it there in place, but now [second] thing you want to do is put all of your ceramic Media into the bottle The reason I’m using this kind of stuff here is it’s easy to get in and need you to get it You can get larger diameter ceramic Media, but it’s A it’s a pain – It’s not so bad [to] get in but it’s a pain to get out when the time comes if you have need to take it Out which you will if you want to use this long term you’ll eventually need to do some maintenance on it So once you have your media in there It really doesn’t matter the order you actually do this in you don’t have to do it in the order. I’m doing it You place the top on there again? We’ll put the airline back in and Then you take your sponge here and cut a line just straight across you don’t have to cut a hole there Just cut the line straight across there just to about the halfway point. I take a knife and stab it and then Move up and down and cutting them the inside of the sponge there And then simply insert that onto the top of the bottle Okay, I’m going to get the media in here and explain. How this is going to work okay, so there you have it [all] of the Media is inside of the bottle now everything’s put together Now the reason why we only have one suction cup as opposed to a couple is The Media [we’ll] have in here is pretty heavy And it’s going to weigh itself down the one suction cup [is] going to hold it in place against the glass So it’s pretty much self-supporting Now here’s the reason. Why we went ahead and cut the I’m sorry drilled the holes in the bottom of the cap [and] we’re leaving the cap on now the reason being is eventually you’re going to want to clean your sponge Now if you didn’t have the cap on there Obviously water could not get into the bottle So when you take the sponge off all of your media would’ve fell out But because the cap is there it’s going to stop from [doing] that Now the way this works is Air is going to be pumped in through this Airline [Via] your air pump It’s going to cause bubbles to rise To the top of the container now in doing so it causes suction behind those bubbles Now that suction is going to suck [water] in through these holes at the bottom of your bottle [but] before the water can get into these holes it has to travel through this sponge So this is going to [pre-filter] the [water] out taking the particles out of the water and clearing your water up before it gets to your media from there if the air bubbles will release go to the top of the bottle And that’s it Now in a moment. I’m going to hook this up on an aquarium here, and you’ll you’ll see. It actually working But there’s a reason why I like to [use] this type of a setup Okay, now the reason being is that anybody that has a hang on the back filter? Is especially like the Aqua clears or a canister filter running their tank is using a ceramic media of some sort? now a lot of people are worried about power outages, [and] that sort of thing and Are wondering what they can do when their power goes out? Well? This is what you can do You can do is make one of these in advance and just store [it] away when your power goes out take the media out of your Canister or filter and throw it in the bottle and turn this on you’ll need a battery out operated air pump But that’s really all you’ll need extra And what that’s going to do is it’s going to keep your fish alive it’s going to keep the Bacteria present on your media that you’ve already established alive and The power outage really isn’t going to mean a whole lot You’re not going to have a lot of stress and worrying about your fish dying Another thing I like using these for is to quarantine new fish or to seperate another fish again I just take previously cycled media throw it into the bottle put this on a tank I don’t need a bunch of expensive [equipment] or to have a bunch of extra things to run this extra tank, so I just throw this on it and because it’s only a temporary setup and just take the media back dog out of it and throw it in my [other] filter that it was came out of and throw the bottles away Or keep it or what have you you should always have one on hand though and get yourself a battery-operated air pump for those power outages if your equipment fails filter breaks things like that, you’re wearing if What your fish are going to do without some sort of filtration? [well]? This is your answer here? This is a bit of a solution and keeps your bacteria alive and more importantly your fish alive, so anyways I’m going to hook this up on a tank now, and you’re going to see it in operation Okay, so here it is in the tank as you can see. It’s just pretty much self-supporting the sponge is actually Touching the bottom of the tank because of the weight [of] the Media it has to do that Or the suction cup is just going to let it slide down And then the suction cup all that’s doing is offering support not not letting it fall back or forth or frontwards So I’m going to go ahead and turn the filter on Again there you have it a nicely oxygenated filters you see the air bubbles rising up through it a closer look at it, and this could potentially if you have a If you have a battery operated air pump this could potentially be your fishes lifesaver Where as it keeps your bacteria in the filter alive as well as keep the fish alive Like during a power outage. You don’t really have to worry about temperature so much as you do ammonia and things like that so this is not only going to Solve your ammonia problems, but it’s also going to keep the surface of your aquarium well oxygenated For that gas exchange is going to be needed So yeah, you can use it during a power outage [put] it on a quarantine tank [put] it on a separation. Tank like a fish that’s being bullied [or] something like that, or simply. [just] use it all the time Anyways, that’s it. I hope you enjoyed it you

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  1. what are the white ones(K1 or ceremic)?I am don't understand what are this?where this one sold?please clearification.Thank you.

  2. Such a great idea!c: I just have a question, as all the filters need to move more water than the actual volume of a tank… does the air pump (in this case? need to do this, too?

  3. if make and use this in a 60gal tank, with 2 oscars, do i still need some other filter as well for the solid waste? ( there just babies now, and looking to save some money untill i can afford a new one down the road) 

  4. Hi King of DIY, i have a 5-6" silver arowana in my 2x1x1 tank, he's all alone in there and i made a filtration just like what you did here in this video (bottle 16oz with ceramic rings). Just wanna ask for how long can my aro survive with this kind of filtration? (my aro is already here in my tank for almost 3weeks with the simple filtration) And i will move my aro into a bigger tank 6x2x2 when my aro reaches 12" to 14" and by that time i plan to make 2pcs of simple filtration in it one with ceramics rings and the other with k1 media is that ok? (bottle size both 1liter or 1.5liters) will these filtration be good enough for my aro? or do i still need to put another kind filtration system? which is i'm trying to avoid because of high electricity bill (25watt for a small filtration system from my LFS), coz air pump is way too cheaper regards with the electricity bill (only 3watt for my air pump)..

  5. can I stuff this with the pot scrubbers you recommend to get for the diy wetdry in one of your videos ?

  6. Hi I a beginner I love this video, I am wandering the ceramic media and sponge do I need to change every month? Can i find the ceramid media at peco?What type of sponge you suggest some has chemicals, does the bottle need to be changed monthly, thank you so much.

  7. Hi Joey, question I have many bottles from water I drink except the plastic is Green transparent, does the color mater?  or must it be clear?  Thank you! Rick

  8. Please answer my question, what is the alternative thing that I can use for the stone like inside the bottle? may I use stones?

  9. Love your videos aswell as those rays in the tank aha, in your opinion do you think it would be a good idea to use 2 of these filters aswell as a 30 gallon hob filter for a 55 gallon tank ?

  10. Works great! My fish are happy in their tank. One question do you need that media stuff? I don't have and I don't know where to buy it.

  11. wow, that's quite a fish you've got there. Can't see the the entire tank at the end of the video but I hope it's big enough for that guy. Does that species actually get that big in aquarium captivity, or was it caught in the wild?

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  13. So, basically I can do this for my 40 gallon aquarium and don't need these bulky filter system that spills out allot of water that I cannot control? This is really all I need for my aquarium?

  14. You are an AMAZING young man. I am a 65 year old grandmother who has had aquariums all of my adult life and it has been a burden at times to afford a new filter when they eventually fail. I am sending you many grandmother hugs- thank you, thank you.

  15. Hey Joey,

    What are the different media we can use in the bottles other than ceramics??

    Can we use this technique and place 3 bottles one with carbon, stone/rocks and ceramics. Do we have other media that help developing useful bacteria??

  16. This is for how many gallons? I really want to make this for my 20 gal tank but not sure if it will be powerful enough to filter my tank.

  17. I am also a senior. where can I get the ceramic pieces you show at an inexpensive price or call I use something else in its place?

  18. I made my using some left over gravel and poliester fiber the one you use to fill pillows and works good! Great video thanks for sharing.

  19. Is this pump allowed when you are using co2? Because normally air pump takes out co2 from aquariumwater.

  20. Hi, so I am starting a very small outdoor guppy pond (more like a puddle) and I am trying to find a suitable filter for it… I can’t purchase pond filters because they are way too big. I can’t purchase aquarium filters because the cords aren’t water proof. I was wondering if I could run the tube from outside into the garage and then the cord would be in the garage and not exposed to rain… would this work? Would this filter be suitable?
    Thanks in advance

  21. Great tutorial easy to follow I would like to teach my aquarium Club how to make these filters for a charity project we would like to make fish tanks for people who are shut ins so my question is where in the world can you get those suction cups in bulk for inexpensive I can only find them for sale one or two at a time if anyone has a link where these can be found in bulk please share it thank you

  22. Hi! I just made two of these and hooked them up… but I’m not sure they’re working (sucking in any water). It kinda seems like air is just flowing through it. Suggestions anyone?

  23. I'm late but someone tell me, can I do one with a smaller bottle cause I have an 19 liters and it would take all the place in

  24. I made some for my tanks and hooked it up to a 18w 6 split air pump and they each have an air regulator to adjust amount of air and also hooked it up to an ups 1080ma APC and it gives me 4 hours of back up incase a black out and I am not home.

  25. Ok, I'd like to make one of these for my 36 gallon tank, But i'm not sure how much water this filter will cycle. Is there any way for me to find out how many of these… or if i'd need a 1 liter bottle of this stuff to filter that 36 gallon tank permanently?

  26. Who still watching 2019 – By the way Sir why ceramic rings media lots of bubbles on my Aquarium ? Is it on my live Plants got the bubbles ? or the ceramic rings water filter ?

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