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HOW TO: Build an aquarium (GLASS TUTORIAL)

HOW TO: Build an aquarium (GLASS TUTORIAL)

Hi everybody, joey here again and welcome
back. so in todays video, i want to show you how
to build a fish tank… Now i have shown you guys how to do this plenty
of times.From making plywoord aquariums, glass aquariums, acrylic aquariums, auariums of
different shapes and so on. I suggest watching some of those videos if
you want to learn how to do this. In todays video i have unseen footage of a
previous build. Basically the extended version of tank i built for a seperate video. I thought a lot of you would enjoy it.

97 comments on “HOW TO: Build an aquarium (GLASS TUTORIAL)

  1. Cool video , i want to make my own tank but glass and acrylic is really expensive in the states. If you kn8w of any thak have better prices let me know thanks

  2. Nice lines on the silicone even though he wasn't using masking tape to keep a straight line on it.
    Thanks to Joey I've been brave enough to build my 40 gallon tank and sump. It's still holding 🙂
    Now I'm planning to make a 125 gallon tank. I don't know If I should do it, or let a pro glue it together.

  3. Sourcing glass is the hardest part of building a tank I'm my case….I want to buy polished accurate cut glass not some half ass job by some cutting fool

  4. Hello Joey, I absolutely love fish aquariums. I was born and raised in a small town in Georgia and I had the opportunity to see my very first fish aquarium when my family moved to Atlanta Georgia in the early seventies. There was a pet store that we frequently visited at the mall and they had a large aquarium in there and I spent a lot of my time just staring at the .different types of fish that live in the aquarium and every since that I wanted my very own aquarium in my home. Now I own my own home and is not currently working due to a forced early retirement. Joey I would love to build my very own Aquarium myself, I subscribed to your channel and I have become very intrigued about looking for materials to build my own aquarium, Joey here's the thing I am now blind and I don't know if I would be able to enjoy the aquarium like I would if I was able to see! I am up for the challenge, do you have any suggestions about building without site?

  5. This was the first time i had a continuous/multiple shot of a tank build. Usually i turn the camera on and off at times and only use one cam. I thought this was unique enough to share. Hope you guys enjoy!

  6. Why don't you use tape (painters tape) to cover those places you do not want the silicon to go (placed the thickness of the glass away from the edges on the inside of the tank and close to the edge on the outside of the tank). This way you will be able to get really nice clean corners without the need for cleaning…at least not cleaning much…, but maybe you have a reason why you don't use it.

  7. hello 
    Thanks for all of your videos, I have a question, usually most of glass tank is connected together above the base glass, and I have noticed you made it from side, so what is more strength and rigidity??? and why?
    also if I want to make one 200*40*70 with glass, which way do you advice me to do?

  8. hey joey i was wodering if you would know how to build a diy protien skimmer im going to give saltwater a try and dont want to sink alot of money into my system incase it doesnt work out

  9. I live in the US. You wouldn't happen to know where i can get that acrylic from. Ill drive to Canada and pick it up one day if i have to! I have a 55 gallon glass tank. Its big enough to raise fish in and that's it. I want a 8' Long 3' High and 4' Wide acrylic aquarium. I seen baby Silver Arowana for 55$.. Cant pass that up. Id love to mix him with a couple Tiger Oscars, a couple Jack Dempseys, and a couple Large mouth bass. If possible. Those stingrays are great as well. couple of them 2 😉

  10. I would love your ideas on a filtrated multi betta system. I have built a few of these in the past with not much success like a drip and gutter system(takes up too much space) Even a 55 gallon tank cut down to 6in high with compartment but failed on proper water flow, and pressure to strong for fish. I would however like to use your overflow idea.
    Please help as i am back breeding bettas again and need to get it right this time.
    Thanks in advance

  11. How can you know if glass is appropriate for an aquarium? I have thick glass from a table top that has been sitting for years it might be a good (and very sturdy) viewing window for partial plywood tank. It's very heavy. Is it possible to use it?

  12. hey Joey, is there a reason for putting the panels together AROUND THE bottom pane rather than on top of it? just curious

  13. hi joey i plan on making a 12×12 cube tank i was wondering would that work because don't the tank walls need to be offset?

  14. Hi

    Helpful video. I have tried the method and have the following issue any help would be appreciated.
    – get air pockets or bubbles on the base mainly and some places the silicon uneven ( no silicon).
    – all the excess glue from the bottom goes under the tank and gets stuck to the base on what i m building the tank.

    Thank you.

  15. Could I do like your doing but with water proof dividers? So like glass for the aquarium and a water proof divider for a gecko and hermit crab tank?

  16. hey Joey, helpful video & thanks for the awesome work, quick question – for a tank size 100cmx45cm (8mm glass) is it safe to put the panels together around the bottom pane rather than on top of it?

  17. can I build a 500 liters aquarium like this ? I seen other aquariums that have the glass pieces sitting on the bottom one. How it is better ?

  18. Here you are putting the side glass near the bottom glass, while on another video you place them over the bottom piece. Is there a reason?

  19. Hey Joey love what you do keep doing it! I was wondering where do you get the glass and acrylic for your tanks from?

  20. Is there anything i could use on the base and also the back and sides if possible that is cheaper so i only have to get a front pane of glass

  21. I recently tried to do this with some custom cut glass and although it looks easy, my attempt was a complete and utter disaster. Silicone was everywhere. My glass kept sliding and the tape wouldn't stay put. So, my task now is to clean off the glass and try again with new tape and a steady hand. Any special tips?

  22. green sides mean iron in the glass — this is not a quality fish tank, poor visibility, look for BLUE sided glass

  23. While making 4 feet new glass Aquarium how many rounds of silicon application is necessary for whole tank? My Lfs guy is applying second round silicone coating after 24 hours on Dry first silicone coating. Give me advice on this method

  24. Is there a reason why the walls stick "next" to the bottom piece instead of sticking on top?
    I hope you understand what I mean

    I always make my aquarium by sticking the walls on top
    Not on the side

  25. I want to make a little 5 gallon tank I found picture frames that have thick glass that have the perfect dimension for a 5 gallon would picture frame glass work?

  26. I’m late but how thick should a 100-150 gallon hexagon shaped tank be? I don’t want to buy one because I’ll end up spending more than I want to.

  27. Does the glass stay together just with the glue? Is it strong enough once the water is added for a large tank (around 5 foot)?

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