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Hi, everybody Joey here again, and welcome back to part 2 of my planted tank build series in today’s video I’m going to show you how I built the stand for the aquarium [you] see when I was Renovating my office and adding in the new aquariums. I had one real goal in mind I wanted all of the aquariums to match and to do so that kind of started with their stance for example the 375 Gallon Stand Matches the Office aquarium Shelving to an extent. It’s the same type of wood and same stain however I first actually built the planted aquarium stand and that matches the 375 exactly so basically all I had to do was build another stand to replicate the 375 But just on a much smaller scale [and] building an aquarium stand is much Easier [than] it might sound you first start off with some two by fours [and] cut them to [size] You really just want to focus on creating the top and bottom frames to Be the exact dimensions of the aquarium if you want the aquarium to be flush with the stand Then you need to add in some guides that will set the height of the stand and for this one I chose 29 inches tall however that is much shorter than the 375 Gallon stand but it’s actually the exact height of my desk now putting these in place means that all of the weight of the tank would be put onto the screws and Even though most screws have a shearing strength of about 50 pounds And you’re adding in a lot of these screws that can tend to be enough especially since we’re going to be wrapping this in 3/4 Inch plywood which will add tremendously to the strength however It’s so cheap and easy to simply add in some more supports and I do with all of my stance and Now these go in between the top [and] bottom frame and take the load of the tank Now an upright 2×4 of this length can easily support 800 pounds each so [if] you do the math just the uprights alone can support 6,400 pounds not including the several hundred pounds of shearing strength the screws offer or the additional strength that the plywood Offers so if you were ever interested in building your own aquarium stand and we’re not sure if it would bear [the] weight I can Assure you it absolutely can luckily I have a lot of screws left over from previous build so I don’t really incorporate these [into] the cost But I really only used about five dollars worth as for the two by fours I only used $15 worth so the frame itself has only costed me 20 bucks [and] if you only need something to hold your tank up that’s where I would probably stop I would most likely also paint it black. So it looks a little bit better But ultimately you get the point you can build a really cost-effective stand for very little money however I needed to make this look a lot better and given the fact that this is a flat bottomed Aquarium with no bracing around the perimeter of it meaning that there’s nothing holding this tank up I need to ensure [that] I support underneath the tank You can do this with two by fours but I also placed a sheet of plywood on top as well followed by wrapping it in the same type of plywood which was 3/4 Inch Birch Now if you decide [to] have a door on this one of the easiest ways [is] to simply cut out a hole Where you want the door to be on the front panel or wherever the case might be? However, [it’s] going to take you a little bit more plywood because now you need a piece of plywood that’s bigger than that hole or If you’re really good at cutting these holes out you can use the piece that you cut out you Now hardware for doors is surprisingly expensive so a lot of the times I try to avoid them when I can but it’s difficult to deny yourself a door on your stand and the accessibility that it gives you and When it comes with a planted aquarium, and I will be putting a lot of equipment inside of it I decide to go with the door the hinges and handle ran me about $20 Which is the cost of the frame? But it is what it is these things are [expensive] before installing the door I decided to route off the edges of the stand again. I use the exact size beveling bit that we used on the aquarium and this will make sure that the rounded corners on the stand as well as the tank are identical and Symmetrical I used a beveling bit for the door as well, which was slightly different now at this point I’m about [$80] into this stand luckily I had tons of stain left over from the 375 build as well as the office aquarium build although I could have bought a small container of the same stain for about 10 bucks again I’ve shown you guys how to stain these stands in the past, but this takes me about four days now My office is a lot different [than] it was when I built the stand however here You can see that the stand nicely matches the 375 now I know a lot [of] you might notice that the [colours] in [my] office might not match perfectly But I’ve said this in the past. I’m color blind so it looks great to me [I] never noticed these things until my wife says you know that’s not the same color right as soon as I build the stand I immediately have to get the aquarium on it just To see what it looks like obviously at this point It’s not in his final place, but I had to have a little [area] within the office to work around the tank And that’s really where I set this tank up besides filling it with water and in next week’s video That’s exactly what we’re going to do We’re gonna move on to the equipment portion of this build completely setting it up followed by the very last video We’ll be planting it and [stalking] it and going from beginning till end So if you’re not subscribed to this channel And these are things you’d [like] to see make sure you do so you don’t miss any of it anyways Hope that you guys enjoyed today’s video I’d also like to thank you for watching and I’ll see you guys next Sunday for part three of the planted tank build series

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