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HOW TO: Build an XL aquarium canister filter with a 5 gallon bucket – 1 of 2

Hi, everybody Joey here again, and welcome back so today’s video is actually inspired by the [ehime] 2262 Easily one of my favorite canister filters. It’s huge pushes a ton of water, and it’s simple design makes it easy to care for But have $500 it quickly loses its appeal to many people so in today’s video I’m going to show you how to build the main component to a [monster-sized] canister filter of equal size For under $25, so let’s jump right into it. You’re going to need a bucket and chances Are you already have one, but if not Walmart sells five-gallon buckets for about [$3] that’ll work for this project I’m personally using a [six] gallon bucket in this example You’ll also need a gamma seal lid and this is what makes this project the way this works is simple There’s an outer ring that snaps [onto] the bucket and forms a waterproof seal Due to the gasket in it then the top screws into the ring and this also forms a waterproof seal due to its Gasket now we have a truly waterproof Bucket with a removable lid [I] do find that after you snap the ring on it won’t come off [it] will basically be permanent I also found that lubricating the screw on lids gasket also helps to create a watertight seal now I tested a few of these lids prior to moving forward with this project And I did find that the only downside was is that you really have to tighten the slid down really tight So not to leak under pressure with that said if white is not your favorite color for this canister They do come in a variety of colors personally. I like the blue or the black now. These lids are actually surprisingly Easy to find as well well I got mine on Amazon for about Eleven dollars they are also sold on places [like] Lowe’s and Costco and while they’re not difficult to find they certainly are a Specialty item so you will have to do some looking around But at this point I’ve invested $15 now to turn it into a filter Remember the time we use those Uni seals to do projects like the inline heater Well, we’re going to use [them] again If you don’t remember these are just like bulkheads But have many more places that they can actually be installed and are easier to install in fact for example This side of a curved bucket now I used a pair of one-inch Uni seals for this project and I drill a hole in the bottom of the side of the Lid and Install those Uni seals now I can pass PVC pipe into the bucket and form a watertight seal around it Now having a hole in the bottom and the top means that one can be [the] entrance and one can be the exit Now [onto] the inside all we need to do here is build a platform to hold your biological media above the UnI seal So we don’t clog it So I simply cut some PVC pipe slightly taller than the entrance of the UnI seal and built a stand with lighting diffuser Now you can silicone the PVC pipes in place if you like But once you place the media on top they’ll stay put now water can be pumped into the top through some mechanical Media and like some filter floss and then down [through] your biological media like lavrov for example and then out through the bottom and back up to the tank or simply reverse it all and pump water into the bottom and Out to the top cleaning it is as simple as shutting your pump off twisting the cap off removing your mechanical media or replacing it and putting the cap back on turning the pump back on so obviously we’re missing the return and input as well as the pump but to be honest I simply didn’t have enough time to [get] it [done] this week as I’ve been working on a massive project But you guys are going [to] see next year as well as some home renovations around the house however I just wanted to introduce you to this project to get you started there are Countless ways that you can do an input and output as well as the pump placement But if you guys want to see me do something more with this let me know in the comment section [below] or feel free to Take matters into your own hands and get creative with it personally [I] would love to come back to this project and finish it off in the future But I just don’t have time this work again though the main component of it is finished for [$25] anyways. I hope that you guys enjoyed today’s video I also want to thank you for watching and I’ll [see] you guys next Sunday for a new do-it-yourself project

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