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How to buy Aquarium Fish: 6 tips for Buying new fish

How to buy Aquarium Fish: 6 tips for Buying new fish

What’s up fishtank people., new sexy look is live on selling plants on there now. Aquaticjungles
is going away soon. It’s all on one spot for you folks. So I am sitting here, I am home.
Wife is at a work, kids are at the day care. Chilling today, and I am doing some big picture
thinking and I am just like chilling, I am relaxing. I am six months into this mess having
a lot of fun, going through just kind of like high level stuff, where I am, hit a few goals,
came short on a few goals. But I am pretty excited about six months in and all the feedback
I am getting from people, the love like people buying combos “Oh yes, I have seen your tanks
dude. Give me whatever the heck you got. Here’s what might setup. Just do it!” it’s a lot
of fun, you know just stuff that I am coming out with is a blast, is being well received.
You know repeat customers, I shipped out like 16 orders yesterday, which probably if you
got plants from me get them, because it is freaking cold and half of them were customers
that bought from me before. I know that I am going to make it, and I am excited about
life, so sentimental Dustin. Decided to bring it to you today in the middle
of the week video. Doesn’t happen often, but I got six months under my belt. I got six
tips for you, when it comes to buying fish. 1. Don’t buy fish out of crunk tanks okay?
– If all the fish in the tank look crappy. You don’t need to be buying fish out of there.
That’s the first thing. Just don’t do it! If there is other dead fish in there, all
those big setups are all connected most of the time. If you can find a local pet store
that has individually sectioned off tanks. Those are the people you want to buy the fish
from, because then if one tank is infected with something, the rest of them won’t get
it. 2. Buy fish that just came in and look. People
are always like “this just came in, this is sweet”. Cool, guess what, this fish just traveled
like god knows where okay? I shipped these fish from Peru, that guy and that guy, and
angels, and whatever. I don’t know how long they were travelling. Three of those angels
didn’t make it right when they came out of the gates. Let the fish sit, let them share,
let them have a couple of days and then come back. You can pay for them! That’s cool. Pay
for them, but then don’t bring them home, if they die while they are in the shop.
I didn’t scrape the algae, because I didn’t want to scare the fish. Apistogramma caught
with my own two hands in Peru. I really need to go back there.
3. It sounds gross, but it’s worth talking about. Don’t buy fish with stringy poop. Weird
looking like pinched in, like stomach or whatever. There could be internal parasites. It’s gross
to say, but when the fish come and they take a poop and the other fish comes and swims
in it, parasites travel like that folks. You really don’t want to buy fish with any kind
of funky looking poop hanging out or pinched in stomachs or anything like that.
4. Ask the people to feed the fish. If you find a good princess say “I am about to buy
these fish. Feed them for me” and they feed them for you, and the fish eats good, that’s
a good sign. That was one tip that I really took home. If a fish is eating in a store.
It’s going to eat when you get home. If it’s not eating at the store, you are not bringing
it home. 5. Air in the bag! Oh darn! I forgot to do
this. I had a cool trick going to the show people with a bag. All right, I am going to
show this and this is just showing off right here. Let’s see how you pet store folks you
really are. Make sure they put enough air in the bag. I am going to take this bag, and
I am going to put some water in, I am going to pretend like I am bagging a fish. Like
I am at RMS aquaculture or Pets Surprise, because that is where I used to work. Here
is what you folks. This is just a lot of air in the bag. You want a ton of air in the bag,
and a whole lot of water. I am sure the people bagging your fish now this, but I just want
to show this trick here. Check this out here. Let’s see if I can do it. I can hold the camera
and this is going to be hard, but the trick is to grab the bag and get a lot of air. See
that? One handed grab, lots of air. I challenge you to do that! See if you can do that. Grab
the bag and get a lot of air in it. Wanted to show that. Make sure they have that kind
of a thing going on. Especially if you are travelling far. Tell them, hey you I am going
to far distance or whatever and make sure they leave lots of air. Separate the fish
when they bag them. Make sure they give you a brown bag to put clear bag in so the fish
don’t go all freaked out watching everything as well as reflections coming through.
6. Acclimate really slowly. When I get fish home, I take them, I set them in here. I open
the bag, and I let it sit, and I let it kind of like drape over like this and I let the
fish sit, and I make sure I got something like this or whatever. Something heavy to
kind of keep it there. That’s not heavy enough, but for the sake of this video that is what
I am doing. Let it sit there and don’t add any of your water until that bag is set for
like five, ten minutes to get the same temperature as the water. Then you add a little bit. I
would add only like a tiny little portion at a time. Small cups worth like that, every
five-ten minutes or so. I like to keep the fish in the bag for I don’t know, half an
hour, forty five minutes if I am adding anything and so burp the bag periodically. You can
take the bag and go like this, to get more of your water in there, just a little bit.
And then once you have more of your water than their water in there, this is the big
tip folks. Get in that and do not pour that nasty fishtank aids water if you will into
your tank. Do not pour the water from this bag that you have your fish in and you traveled
home. Don’t pour it in your tank! Take it, get in that. Pour the water into the sink,
into the net. Take the fish from the night and quickly put them in your tank. Do not
put them in your tank. Do not put the foul gross water from the pet store in your tank.
That water is foul, the fish have been pooping in it and god knows what is in it. That is
very important! I felt like doing a video in the middle of the day. I hope you got some
value out of it. I am having some fun. I t’s not for sale, but I have got some anubias,
which i am having it’s a fun worth over here so.
Then the tanks in the mix! Aaron , I am hope you enjoying your crinum. But that is what
I am doing. Welcome new subscribers. If you like what I am doing, subscribe! Also March
28th, Columbus, Ohio. Ohio boy is going back to Columbus for the cafe Columbus Area fish
enthusiasts, maybe. I think that is what it is. They are having a thing. I need to reach
out these people. I am going to be there chilling. Too close for me not to go, so mark your calendars
on that. If you like what I am doing subscribe, check out new look, looks
good on an iPhone, iPads and all that good stuff. Download the top ten planted tank tips.
You will also get a video with that, where I go through them and yes. That is what I
am doing folks. If you like this, I got thirty three tips in a forty three minute long video.
The top 33 biggest mistakes is available on there as well. Welcome new subscribers, loving
doing a middle of the week video while nobody is around. Have a blast folks. Tank on! Later!

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  1. Thanks!!! Awesome tips! Have my tropical 29g tank for 9 months now and its doing great! Thanks a lot to your videos! Thinking of doing a planted 55g. Will have to get some beginner advice from ya! Maybe you could do a video on it. 55g planted starter tank! Would be awesome! Thanks again! Mac.

  2. lol I do not know if I am crazy or not…. but when I go buy schooling fishes (tetras, rasboras, etc)… I tend to want to pick individual ones out of the tank. I remember I bought three Harlequin Rasbora's once and the salesman just netted three random rasboras… one of them I did not want b/c it had a deformed tail…

    So, 7th TIP! If you are a picky person and you want to pick out fishes from the school of fishes in their sale tanks! DO IT!!!!!!!!!!! shoot they still getting paid regardless. So just do it!

  3. I learned the hard way to transfer my fish with a net after adding tank water to their bag. Hey I really want an answer with this question, how did you go about importing those fish from piru, my mother takes trips to Cuba and I've been wondering if there is anything special you did to import the fish?

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  6. @sarai kindred
    Then that is your fault for not quarantining your fish, especially if you have expensive and/or sensitive fish in a tank. I mean no offense but you really can't expect them to pay for your mistake.

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  8. Hey Dustin… Love the vids. You inspired me to dirt my tank when I recently joined the hobby. You also seem like a swell guy who probably doesn't like to intentionally offend people unnecessarily… so lay off the "AIDS" jokes, eh? It's not super funny, like at all.  Take care, man. Keep up the good work otherwise 🙂

  9. Gotta quarantine fish when from one of the "p" stores. Ich and parasites are rampant there and often dont show for at least the first week. When I can, I treat for parasited right off the bat. I mean, if we do this to dogs and cats, why not fish? Helps them in the long run.

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  11. great tips dustin, i got yesterday a pearl gurami and its been 24 hours and he only swims in one corner of the aquarium, doesnt eat either, what can i do?

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