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How to Buy fish for Aquarium

How to Buy fish for Aquarium

An aquarium is like a holiday at home. Colorful activity inside the aquarium and
the mysterious beauty of the underwater world will distract you from everyday’s stress. Keeping an aquarium provides plenty of variation,
is fun, and there is always something exciting to watch at home. Natural aquarium setup and maintenance causes
little work if you comply to the basic rules We wish you plenty of joy and success! In most cases, different ornamental fish species
are kept in an aquarium. When doing so, you must consider how fish
live in their natural environment. Which fish harmonize, and which water properties
are required? An important tip
Ornamental fish live in different water layers. There are ornamental fish species that mostly
swim near the surface, in the middle or near the bottom of the aquarium. In order to have fish in all water layers,
try to consider this when selecting the fish. Also, you should know about the size of your
aquarium before selecting your favorite fish. A basic rule is: 1 cm (0.4 in.) adult fish per liter (1 US quart) of water. It is almost impossible to get an overview
about the ornamental fish in your retailer’s store, at least for beginners. Fish of all colors, shapes and sizes live
in retail aquariums. Many beautiful fish are easy to keep also
by inexperienced aquarists, other species are suitable only for specialists. Just like in real life, also in aquatic environments
every fish species has its special characteristics and requirements that do not comply with all
co-inhabitants. Therefore it is important also to consider
territorial behavior, calmness requirements, sleeping and eating habits of the different
species, and to keep species that harmonize well among each other. An important tip
Most ornamental fish live in shoals in nature and should be kept in groups of 6 – 8 specimens
also in an aquarium. The fish will also be more attractive optically
this way. It is always an advantage to combine fish
that stay in different water layers. For example: guppies, gouramis, neon/cardinal
tetras and armored catfish, or platies, barbs, dwarf cichlids and armored catfish. In both cases, introduce some algae-eating
fish. Small to medium-sized specimens such as Bushy
Mouth Ancistrus (Ancistrus cf. dolichopterus) and the Midget Sucker Catfish are especially
recommendable. These fish constantly scrape off algae from
the inside aquarium glass,stones and plant leaves. Also, livebearing toothcarps (guppies, platies,
black mollies, swordtails etc.) eat algae. Most ornamental fish are comfortable with
water temperatures of about 25°C (77°F) and a neutral pH value (6.5 – 7.5)

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