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How to Cast a Multiplier Fishing Reel for Beginners.

How to Cast a Multiplier Fishing Reel for Beginners.

Hi guys so today im going to do my best to show you how to cast a multiplier its the perfect conditions today to use a multiplier when you need that little bit extra distance because you need to get passed the breakers so hopefully im going to explain how to use a multiplier reel today right guys so we are down at the beach ive got my multiplier all set up ready to go ive got my rig on with my bait and im ready to cast out the first thing you want to check is to make sure you’ve got your breaks on i would suggest putting these on full if your new to casting a multiplier the next thing you want to do is put your thumb pon your spool to stop it from moving disengage the spool by pushing your leaver down or pushing your button in what this will do is disengage your handle from your spool so you can spin that and as you can see its not moving there once your set up and ready to go if you let go with your thumb obviously your weight is going to hit the floor so you have to click that back on and take that back up if you have got a leaver on and you plan on doing a bit power casting make sure your leader know is either to the left or right to the right depending where you put your thumb on so because im not power casting today im not using a knot im not using a leader sorry so basically put your thumb on disengage your spool and then go and cast out when your casting use your thumb on the side of the spool there to slow it down before it hits the water make sure you stop your spool otherwise you’ll get a bit back lash once you’ve cast out re-engage your spool and you’re ready to reel in when youve got a bite right guys when it does come time to reel in if you’ve got a fish or something all you would do is strik as you normally would like that when your relling in with this try and get this as level as possible for your next cast if you end up bunched up on this side or this side its just going to make your cast over rund the next time so if you can try and get it as level as you can just use your thumb and guide the line from one side to the other depending how fast your reeling in just reel in guide the line from side to side after a little bit practice you will get quite good at it and you will not really have to look just on a ight time its a little bit more difficult but when youve got your head light on you should be ok if youve got a leader know make sure you end up with it to either that side or that side first thing you want to do when casting your multiplier out is set the drop of your rig everybodys different everybody likes a different drop after youve set your drop make sure youve got your breaks on if you are using your breaks i would suggest you put these on full and as you get better at casting justloosen then off one by one untill you no longer need to usae them so what we are going to do is.. we’ve set our drop put our thumb on use our other had to disengage the spool and now its ready to cast out we are going to put the rod behhind us cast out as the rod comes forward you let go with your thumb obviously thats going to let the line out if you keep hold with your thumb to much you are going to end up burning your thumb and if you dont move your leader knot to the side you will end up slicing your thumb ive done that quite a few times so basically onve your all set up and youve got your drop click it out of gear and then cast as your casting you can just use your thumb there on the side of the spool and that will stop it hopefully stop you getting any over run i would suggest stopping it just befor it hits the water aswell if you dont all this will just bubble up and backlash ill show you what a nest looks like on the other multiplier because i dont want to use this one because this is the one i use for fishing all the time right guys so on this rod here im going to show you what a nest looks like if you dont use your breaks and dont controll the cast properly you’ll end up with a nest so hopefully im going to wack this out and show you what a nest is

9 comments on “How to Cast a Multiplier Fishing Reel for Beginners.

  1. I don't usually use a shock leader and don't get no problems it all depends on location and my local area don't need no leader for casting just lifting lol.

  2. been focusing on mullet last few week with loads of successful days. good few rays small eyed and thornbacks, mackerel thinning out whiting are in, few codling being caught around aswell

  3. awesome video. wen i used to use overhead my favourite setup was the vertias low guide and the penn squall 15. really casted a long way out

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