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How to catch a fish with a soda can without a rod

How to catch a fish with a soda can without a rod

One of the nice things about panfishing is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money. A lot of sporting goods stores have rod and reel combos for as little as
$20 and there nothing special but they work fine for fishing for panfish. But if you are even more frugal than that
but you can actually catch a fish without a rod and reel – you can just use a
long stick or, like I’m going to show this morning, you can even use a pop can. first I need to get the proper amount of
fishing line. I have some 4 pound test here that I’m going
to use and I’d like it about 12 feet long so
what I’m going to do is measure by stretching on my arms one to
each side, and just get about three times that length that should be about right for what I
want to do today Now I’m gonna tie the end of the line to the
tab of the pop can. I’ll probably use an improved clinch knot to do that but it
doesn’t really matter what knot you use here. OK, now I have it tied on Now I’m going to take the line and put it
straight back toward the back of the can and I’m gonna hold it there and then use a
piece of packing tape to make sure it stays there. I’m just gonna wrap the tape around the
can. Now I’m gonna take the line and wrap it
around the can and I’m gonna put it all on there except just
enough on the end to put my tackle on. Alright, I think we’re all set. I have my normal panfish tackle on here
which includes bobber and then a split shot sinker and a snap swivel and finally a hook with a european night crawler. There’s one there we got a little rock bass not too bad for a pop can rig another rock bass

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  1. I'll be going backpack camping soon, and I'd love to catch some fish for dinner – but I don't want to drag along a fishing rod the whole way. This looks like a great alternative – thank you for demonstrating it!

  2. I have made these for years. But the ones I make are made of 50lb test and I've reeled in 30lb catfish in numerous occasions.

  3. ok he said a 4 pound line is a 10 pound line good i am new to the whole fishing stuff (the items that is) so can someone tell me if its good or not ty

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  5. It works pretty good and to throw it u hold on to ur bobber and can then throw the bobber that's the easiest way for me to cast it

  6. If you're havingΒ  bad day and run out of "packing tape" on your way to fish, you can slightly dent the can in the center and spool the line in the dent.Β  lol
    Nice trick though. Thanks!
    Oh and if you have nothing when you get there, there is unfortunately always a plastic bottle along the edges of water ways today.Β 
    Tie your line to the bottle after capping it with air.Β  Toss out into the water, but add a drift line to pull it back in to you (tie the end to a short stick).Β 
    You should always have a small spool of fishing line when out in the outdoors, since there are so many uses for it, and it is much easier to take then rope.

  7. Wow thats cool.i never had a fishing rood .but i was with my friend's familly they took me fishing and they gave me a fishing rood but i just told them that i know how to fish without it .so they wer fishing and i just sat and watched them fish. But a big fish past and them and me saw it and they said letst fish it. And they all tryed with the fishing rood and they dident catch it soooo… i just waited untill it past right in front of me from the boat i jumepd straight at it and got it . πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ hahaha they told me i was wild but funny . And by the way im a girl sooo…i know is kinda stupid hearing that from a girl . But ill try the one with the can ✌

  8. WHy do you say soda can in the title but in the text below it says pop can and you say it as well? are you trying to attract americans? which is it, pop or soda? I'm Canadian so I say pop.

  9. pop can will crumble a 500 ml plastic bottle is much better just tie the fishing line on the head fill your spare lead piece and hooks inside the bottle and screw the cap on and the bottle lasts for a very long time

  10. where r u fishing I always go fishing still nothing but u gotta give me the location u caught fish quick all I ever get on my hook is creepy ainceint things I don't wanna see awesome for tho very helpful

  11. I have seen kids in Mexico that can outfish most folks in 50K bass boats using a 2 liter soda bottle, mono found in a trash can and whatever lures they can scrounge.

    Of course fishing because if you do not catch anything the family goes hungry is a pretty good motivator.

  12. That is how we fish in Puerto Rico when I was a kid. Soda Cans or a piece of PVC tube, fishing line, hook and sinker. Good memories πŸ™‚

  13. Could one try and use fiber twine/string (the one used to string parcels) as emergency fishing line?

  14. Go up to northern Manitoba lots of guys do this catching 30+ pound pike and lake trout. For a drag they just hold onto the can with a leather glove.

  15. really? just wrapping the line around a can, completely pointless when wrapping it around a stick would be better and there are more sticks than cans……………

  16. I never use bobbers or weight sinkers on every-single one of my freshwater fishing trips.. Bobbers and sinkers will just scare most fish away big time..

  17. Any object that is cylindrical would work. Beer can, pop can, chunk of table leg, a cut off baseball bat, etc. It's the line, not the object.

  18. People posted negative comments down this video which are of no use…i must tell you that you don't need expensive rods and reels for catching the fish. All you need is the method and technique to catch the fish.

  19. Mexicans were the first to invent this in the 50’s when we were poor this is the only thing u could fish and eat we mainly used a glass bottle

  20. Wow thats cool thought. I can't wait for tomorrow catch! I daw lot's of them..I'll update with you once I caught any ya. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘β€πŸ’‹πŸ†™πŸ†™

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