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How To Catch BIGGEST Lake Michigan Perch Fishing Fish Instruction Video Demonstration

How To Catch BIGGEST Lake Michigan Perch Fishing Fish Instruction Video Demonstration

We’re out here Lake Michigan its April 29 in the Perch
are finally here good friend the Hewkinator is going to show us how exactly it is
that he catches so many of these fish, so follow along, pay attention and he’s gonna show you just exactly how
it’s done not only that we got Rosco P here today and he is the
minnow bitch We’re going to show you how to rig your lines up so you can catch these perch just about a three foot piece of line and it
can be twenty-pound test or it can be six lbs test, whatever you think you need the waters really dirty
now so you don’t need heavy line I mean small piece of line 6 pounds test is way too light. You need one ounce sinker take that tie that on one end of your line whatever kind of knot you use is fine tie that on that end, take a swivel and tie on the other end swivel will keep the line from get all tangled
up, it’s like a drop shot swivel helps a lot there’s what you have to begin with swill sinker down about two and a half feet now take
your bottom book bottom line pull up about ten inches making a little loop slip through wrap around twice pull it, put it tight like this get the loop
right there a little further up the line about a foot
up from that one do the same thing again just double your line up slip it through twice pull it tight the same way now you got two loops just take your hook run your line through this figure out where is about the same as the sinker tie it off it can be longer it could be shorter it
doesn’t really matter and believe it or not sometimes it’s better to use heavier
line on your hook line because it stays straight so if you want to use eight pound test for you drop a line 15 pound test for your hook line that’s
fine bite that off so it’s nice its passed a little bit but your dragging so hook going to be out so it’s not going to hurt anything just wanna make sure this line doesn’t
get into this line. take that tie that up pull that up where it’s above that you can see tie that off and that’s it right there. Pretty simple You have your 2 hooks flip it up everythings perfect simple enough. if it’s windy you can go with ounce and a quarter weight or some thing like that but nothing
bigger gold Mustad hook just a cheap hook
it doesn’t cost anything to buy the stuff you don’t need a fancy rig trust me this works perfect catch 2 at a time a lot of times another little trick i will show you when you got your sinker and your hook up here the other hooks wedged in down here so your stuff is spread apart take your sinker and wrap it around your line piece black duct tape tape it to you rod so when you get done you can see where it’s been on the rod. tape it back
down to the bottom of the rod when your done at the end of day tape it backup everything sets perfect nothing gets in a mess that’s it excellent reflexes Peco that’s Rosco P
Co Train just to get that straight for all you
viewers out there what do you got there Mark? Is it a monster? That’s a little minnow He said his was 15 inches. I said it wasn’t that big. lol … Than when I caught one, Mark asked is pretty big? So I said yeah 15 inches. All 3 guys laugh hey people on youtube love that when you guys were disputing the size woo woo Trent says: nice! Mark: it’s 2 humongous ones Mark: wait until you see this Mark: You see that Trent? Trent: Nice ones! Mark: look it’s barely hooked yeah Russell: not a big one Trent: not a big one? that’s what she said is that what she tells your Russell? Russell: No she never said that! Trent asks: She never said that? Mark: she said Russell is very sufficient
Trent asks: He’s sufficient? Mark: Just like this little fish he just caught, very sufficient. Trent: man oh man Russell Trent: Russell … Russell now that this one
not too big Trent: let’s practice with this one holding it
up so we get it down pat Trent: repetition is good Russell: Trent you’re just the camera man, Mark is the director. Russell asks: Mark how do I do it? Mark instructs Russell: you want to hold it out in front of you so it looks big. Trent: hold so I can zoom a bit Trent: you want to give me a nice smile? that’s nice! Trent: Russell you might just be the star Of HawgTV before to long. … Russell’s reply: I am … you know I am Mark asks: Is something hitting your rod? Mark: you gottem. Mark: hook’em! Russell tells Trent: Trent take that. ok starting on I courtship yep my rust bring up up up yep is a nationwide it is a car few it’s a carp look at Castle you Russell thanks thanks for thanks for coming in today
ross Rex online a chilly night keep looks good people up up we’ve been or yep up up up up ok up alright what like watch Nick oh yeah I was tagged you track there Italian he’s you know you listen
so happens it’s pretty big talk okay I don’t care what he did like up I Roscoe what we get today with limited
out RI but see what you’re gonna a slow say once told the officials source did used are pretty good up

100 comments on “How To Catch BIGGEST Lake Michigan Perch Fishing Fish Instruction Video Demonstration

  1. Thanks for the info… Looks like you guys had a lot of fun… The fish look delicious too, as a matter of fact, i think im going to go eat some fish today haha… Nice video.

  2. @drift4ever11 … Anytime! It was great fun & the fish were tasty! Enjoy your fish & thanks for your good will! Have a great season!

  3. @HawgNSonsTV2 Brother, I would be honored to take part in a small scene in the Greatest Outdoors Production on TV and Youtube. I'm a big Hawg and Sons Fan, for life!! Thanks

  4. I haven't been perch fishing in years, I never seen anyone catch perch like that in Michigan in well over 20yrs. Would love to get in to some of that action!! I have seen pictures of my grandfather with perch like that when my father was a kid. Miss the family fishing trips to the Saginaw bay ice fishing or out on the boat. Thanks for showing those mouth watering perch. Keep up the great work!!!

  5. Great Videos Guys!! I bet they were good eating!
    Really enjoyed watching this video. Two thumbs up from me.

  6. What is the depth you were fishing? Do you use that same rig for suspended fish? Anchored or drifting?

  7. @Atyriss95 perch like to hang about near trees and underwater branchs and they hunt in packs,
    good tip from the uk use live minnows for perch youl soon find the daddy

  8. Does this rig work from the shore, or would it have to be dropped straight down off of a boat? I am only 20 and I don't have a boat.

  9. He's basically doing what us shore guys call "Perch Jerkin" or Vertically fishing for perch. I grew up perch jerkin in Calumet Park at the end of 95th St. using cane poles or extendable poles, 5 gallon buckets set up with rod holders and our 3 assortments of bait. (night crawlers, minnows, and soft shelled crabs) My father and I spent alot of quality time down there… some of the best memories I have of him.

  10. Hawg-n-sons

    I use to fish Montrose horse shoe In Illinois . with my dad back in the 1980;s and the jumbo perch was great off shore up until the 1990's when the dnr put a limit on how much you could take home pre day .. I just wish the smelt would come back as it was back then too . I hear that most guys wont go smelting anymore . That's what Im told , but you know Chicago yuppies are not fishermen just wimps .

  11. Very nice! I haven't seen a limit of perch like that up here in Muskegon since I was a kid back in the late 70's or early 80's. I will probably go to my grave before catching a limit like that. 🙂

  12. 10:24 … "you didn't hookem you fag." thats was unexpected… Funny.  11:48 They got the Hmong move done to them. Happens every time we go fishing. We start catching fish and there they are… Start casting over are lines with there big ass carp poles.  

  13. Those are some really nice jumbos. Best double I ever got was first time ever on detroit river. Had a 13" & 14" double. It was in 8 foot of water & thought I had a sheephead on at first.

  14. It's sad seeing u keep big spawing females and then people wonder why there isn't as much perch in lake Michigan

  15. I am new to fishing, what is that bait? medium flatheads, I don't know what a flathead is, could you enlighten me please?

  16. Hey guys. I love your perch videos. However I am looking for a video, for perch mid winter not really ice fishing for them but from the back and the lake not iced over.  So let me know

  17. What would it take to go with you or someone at this place? Or get more info on when and where? Tkx for the great vid!!

  18. Great! Please fillet 'em, freeze 'em and send them to ME . . . I will eat them. Now everybody's happy!

  19. Nice jumbo's, I use to perch fish the lake back in the 70's-80's. I fished mainly from the old armory pier (which is gone now) up to Oak St. Beach off the concrete. Olive Park terrace was a hot spot back then. We would catch 100 a day sometimes. We would use a seine in the Des Plains river and catch soft shell crawfish and pinkies with maggots for bait.

  20. Sorry, tried to watch on the big screen but your vulgar conversations was inappropriate for others in the room, so had to turn off.

    no thanks

  21. Suggestion for rigging. Based on my experience… Instead of tying your sinker directly to your line. Use a snap swivel. Then you can remove and/or add sinkers as needed for traveling or when water conditions dictate a heavier or lighter sinker based on water conditions, without having to retie. Basic drop shot rigging can also work better for connecting hooks versus making loops and and adding more leader line.( use the standard Palomar knot for adding hooks) This will help reduce tangles by about ninety percent.

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