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How to Catch Flathead on soft plastics mostly Dusky Flathead Fishing Video EP.220

How to Catch Flathead on soft plastics mostly Dusky Flathead Fishing Video EP.220

Andy’s Fishing on Youtube Hi everyone, I’m in a saltwater creek and I will try to catch some flathead for you. Flathead like sandy, muddy and even rocky bottoms. I have caught them on reef and under jetties too. The easiest way and surest way to target Flathead is… is on sand spits like you see behind me right there. I will use the Sienna 1000 reel on the Agility Shakesphere 5 piece travel rod. This is a 1/24th oz jig head And a Squidgee soft plastic 3″ long I will fish this sand spit and in about a foot of water. Maybe up to 2 feet deep, but no deeper than that. I can just see the bottom, here it’s 2.5 feet deep, but I will fish towards the shallows. This is very light to cast, ops, almost fell in there. Let it sink to the bottom. Flathead sit on the bottom and bury themselves in the sand a little. They like to eat lures near the bottom. In the shallows, maybe 6-8 inches. Yes, that’s a flathead, got him! That was about 10 casts and we have a flathead. That is what people call a Dusky Flathead or Mud Flathead. There we go, just a small one. You can see the blue on his tail. With a spot on there as well. Dusky or mud flathead. He ate the soft plastic lure and we will just let him go. I catch these fish up to 60cm and 70cm regularly. Let the little ones grow. Off you go little buddy. There are two easy places to catch Flathead… one is these gutters here. And another spot is current coming around a point. So I wanted to show you this. Lets see if we can see evidence of Flathead here. I can’t find really fresh ones, but , look at these marks here. This is where Flathead have been sitting. This one here, his tail comes out like so. This is what you want to find when looking for fish. They will always sit with their heads into the current. They will always sit this way. This one was 30-40cm long. If you see these, you will find fish. Also take note of the tide direction. They will return to this spot. Even year after year! Maybe different fish, but the same spots. The crabs have been balling up sand. It’s hard to see. That cross, is from a 45cm Flathead lying there. I should have been here earlier. Here you see the gills, the nose, then down towards the tail. It;s quite hard to see that. That was defiantly a flathead lie. Very hard to see, the current has softened the imprints. But if it’s not round, it will be a flathead. Round holes are from stingrays. Here is the action I’m using. A little Tap, tap, and my finger gives better control. Tap, tap, and slow turns of the reel. I want that lure to be just 4 inches off the bottom. About 100mm. Use bigger jig heads in deeper water. This isn’t ideal, but you will get Flathead on this area. A sandy area like this holds good fish. Current pushes bait to them. Yes, yes, nice Flathead, nice. Yes it is a big flathead. Just lift him in, there we go. This is not know as Flathead country, but it works. Mud banks work really well for fish. A 40cm Dusky Flathead again. Look at the eyes on this fish. Amazing looking eyes, really cool. He is actually 43cm. He’s off, see you fish. Oh, that is a big Flathead, ohhh…. He came from over there, wow. There is lots of splashing, and these muddy areas work well too. Current helps, but that was a big fish. Straight away, nice flathead, very nice fish. They like to sit near logs too. Look at that! Bigger than the last one, we will measure it. There you go, 48cm fish. Lets get the hook out. You can hold them in the mouth like this. Watch out for the spikes on the side of the head. Very sharp spikes. Off you go little buddy. Got him, yes, a nice Flathead. I’m getting a few fish now. It’s very windy outside. He is about 47-48cm again. I have trimmed that down and a new hook. This is the same plastic I caught all the fish on so far. Off you go buddy.

100 comments on “How to Catch Flathead on soft plastics mostly Dusky Flathead Fishing Video EP.220

  1. Pond guru mentioned your his friend and I subscribe. Always want to see what kind marine life are in Australia. Check you. Great video.

  2. Reminds me of the flounder I catch here in Florida! Pretty fish! Amazing work as always. Enjoy these videos.

  3. interesting fish…i went to the seaside last weekend. the water was similar in that there was sand everywhere. No visibility at all.. perhaps i should have dragged a jig along the bottom too. Oh well.. maybe next time.

  4. Thanks for another great video Andy. Stupid question, do you retrieve the lure with the current or against it? or does it not matter?

  5. Another nice video, Andy! Those barbs/spines look like they can deliver a real sting. Thanks and best regards…….Kevin.

  6. can you eat these?

    Looking at the fish, it is clear that they have large bones and by design, small fillets?

  7. first video i have watched from you and i have subscribed already only 9 mins into you video i will watch more of you cus im a bait fisherman but im gunna start using soft plastics when i get my baitcaster

  8. +Nathan Currie that really depends on a lot of things, how deep, what size plastic, how much current, how fast you want to fish it, etc,  you will have to experiment. Start off with a 1/8th.

  9. can i know when is the best time to catch flathead??is it when low or high water??i just caught once using micro jig…

  10. Don't just lift them in the boat use a net because flathead have really hard mouths and will often just spit the hook out when they r in the air

  11. Hey Andy really enjoy your videos! Just wanted to ask where you got your lip grip from and how much it was? Thankyou!

  12. I am one of your biggest fans and I really love 13 fishing and in Need a new rod and reel and can you get back to me

  13. Thanks, this was a really helpful video for someone like me who just started lure fishing, I managed to catch a nice sized dusky and filmed a catch and cook for my own channel.

  14. Hey Andy , I love your videos always so informative . I've just moved up to Queensland from south Australia, trouble is I'm struggling to catch fish up here . I've also started using only lures. What time of what tide are better for flat head ? I've tried first light lure fishing with not much luck I've been searching the Coomera sand flats because that's closer to where I live ?

  15. I cant believe how shallow it is. Back home in Melbourne i tend to catch them in 2-5m of water however i did catch my largest in around 1m.

  16. Hi Andy I love your videos and although I do not have a boat I have to fish off piers in Melbourne and can not cast to far and I am to high up to have the lure in the water long enough

  17. Is a Shimano 2-4 kg travel rod with a sienna 2500 with 8 pound braid and 12 pound fluorocarbon leader good for flathead

  18. Hey mate when your chasing flat head what lures do u use I recently bought a kayak and landed my first metre+ barra thanks to your vidios and as I was saying I trust your vids the most out of my subscriptions and just wondering what preference of lures are

  19. Nice video mate there’s sand flats like that where I live and you won’t see a flathead lie in the sand it’s get commercially fished all the time and recreational fisherman have to have I license to fish the same area which is raped and pillaged its bull shit

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