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How to Catch Flounder -Galveston Texas Flounder Run Fishing

How to Catch Flounder -Galveston Texas Flounder Run Fishing

Flounder are very elusive they’re hard to
catch they’re sneaky they hide and they will test your
patience in this video I’m gonna quickly summarize some of the most important
aspects of flounder fishing especially during the runs we’re gonna discuss
conditions spots places to fish channels passes lures rigs and baits in this
video I basically condense everything that you’re gonna need to learn to catch
big flounder so the flounder run is basically all the flounder within the
basis that are moving out for the winter into the open water to spawn what
triggers the flounder on our shorter winter days colder weather older fronts
and dropping pressure those are the optimal conditions for flounder run one
of the other important things regarding the flounder run is they move during
tidal movements incoming or outgoing tide especially are one of the best
times to fish for flounder in passes channels the mouths of open bays and all
that stuff after you find the optimal conditions for the flounder run the next
question is where are they going how are they getting there the best places to
fish our channels and passes in the mouths of bays and the open ocean in the
Galveston area Texas City Channel Texas City Dyke Bolivar roads the
ferry-landing Sea Wolf Park around the ship that general area holds a ton of
flounder during the flounder run once you’ve found a channel that connects the
Bay to the open ocean these flounder love the structure fish the edges of the
channel during incoming tides or outgoing tights like I said before tidal
movement is key the next place that flounder run through
or passes passes are some of the best places to fish or flounder
it’s a fish Highway everything’s going through there when you’re fishing a pass
the current is especially heavy you might have to use heavier weights
especially if it’s a really deep pass with tons of current like sound loose
pass the inner bar channel the south and north jetties Aransas Pass etc another
spot to look for a flounder or jetties flounder are at the bottom of the jetty
when you’re fishing jetties consider fishing the beach pockets when your surf
fishing for flounder fish the guts especially the weight guts during high
tide on a low tide when you’re fishing the beach you would have to fish between
the first and second sandbar which is also known as the first cut when you’re
fishing the beachfront piers flat like I said before a flounder love structure
fish near the pylons especially fish the pylon in the Wade gut and in the first
cut those pylons on the piers old giant flounder a lot of the founder that are
on the beach are flounder that have already exited the base system the next
most important aspect of flounder fishing are rigs most effective rig
fishing with lures for flounder is the tandem rig here’s a picture here’s an
example right here fishing with bait the popular rig is the Carolina rig which it
works best when you’re fishing with live mullet for shrimp if you’re wanting to
learn how to tie a Carolina rig and at anna-marie give it a youtube search
there’s plenty of good videos out there that’ll teach you and give you the
correct information and visuals on building these after you’ve picked out
your rig the next important aspect if not the most important aspect a flounder
fishing lures in my opinion boat is probably the best fishing lure for
flounder goat colors vary by water quality
and you’re fishing dirty waters chartreuse virtually well your fishing
at night use darker colored gulps if you’re fishing cleaner waters white and
natural colors work best the tenon rig that I use usually has the puck tail on
the bottom rig and either night strike jigging on the top just assume once
you’ve selected the right color Wars the next important aspect is a lot of work
then so most beginners actually like to slowly drag the lures
on the bottom which works it’s really easy
you’ll get hits eventually if you hit the flounder or drag the lure on the
flounders body or head to eventually strike it let it sit for a couple
seconds 10 to 15 seconds then you set the hook low drag put the slow drag once
you get to thumbs you chew wait 10 15 seconds then set the hook the second method I use is a constant
jig twitch and real slowly like this this constant retrieve actually allows
fish to be hooked on the jaw rather than a gut hook which is
especially important responsible sustainable fishing especially catching
under slots a fish when you’re doing the constant jigging flounder actually
attack once they attack you set the hook immediately major saddle black or
flounders up there I want you to catch fun this is why I’m making this video
this is exactly everything I do go out fishing please let me know in the
comments are you Felicia founder I would like to learn too there’s something that
I don’t know that’s gonna help me catch the bigger flounder let me know in the
comments if you liked this video like comment subscribe share it with the
world so they know how to catch flounder be sure y’all watch

81 comments on “How to Catch Flounder -Galveston Texas Flounder Run Fishing

  1. Elitist? So I moved to Houston in 2014 and have taken the time to learn the spots etc. for everything wading or kayaking, and then you make a video called “Elitist” flounder run spots?

    First, none of the spots are elite. People fish from shore or wade.

    Second, many people took the time to learn those spots, plus the tide and temperature conditions.

    Teaching people to fish is one thing, but teaching lazy people where to stand in the water and when is not fishing. Many times I fish my spot and people wade directly in front of me. I blame it on you tubers like you. Have a video on fishing etiquette before giving away “elitist” spots that are mainly

  2. You made this video way to specific for the upper TX coast. These conditions only exist there. Down here by SPI there aren't any of these conditions and the Flounder are in the bay. This is like the thousandth Flounder video made from people in that upper coast area in like the past 3 weeks, and they're all the same.

  3. Bro., that's real! Thank you for sharing this info , flounder is one of my favorites. But there is one place you should really go try out. It's in Seabrook on Toddville Rd, there is a small bridge that goes into the ocean there. The flounder hang out by the piling of the bridge. Check it out when you have the chance. Again, really enjoyed your video and information brother, hope to see more, til then…Tight lines never stop!

  4. nah bro, you gut hook because you're waiting 10-15 seconds to set the hook. flounder eat the whole bait on the initial hit. watch john skinner on youtube he has underwater videos of them striking

  5. Been doing this exact thing and easily catch my limit. Just remember, if you catch a small one and it's keeper size, if you release it and it's bleeding, it will swim off and die. So if bleeding just throw it in a cooler on ice so it's not wasted.

  6. I like to use Berkeley Gulp swimming mullet -for halibut which I'm sure will work equally well for their flounder cousins

  7. What else works like a charm is a zoom white ice fluke in a dropshot rig – it's so effective it's like flounder radar – if nothing bites you know they're not there. Great video bud.

  8. You just revealed like 8 of my secret spots bro LOL JK man but yeah I have fished all the spots before good video hit me up if you want to get some fishing footage together one day

  9. Man, I appreciate the very important info you gave us. I've never been able to catch slot flounders, now maybe with this information, I can try it. Tell me, do you think a buggs lure would catch flounder? Please let me know. Tight lines never stop!

  10. Just letting you know, your thumnail text says, "What they dont you to know." Sorry it was just bothering me lol

  11. Nice video bro im new to this area of water hmu if u have any good tips about where to fish in galvesten area la porte baytown ext.

  12. man i was watching this , recognizing galveston, but then you were right there at shell beach! i live right down the street from it in la porte. haha awesome seeing that spot on here. small world!

  13. Thanks to fisherman like you helping us out it helps revive the sport that would otherwise from old misers trying to withhold secrets from future gens idk why they do it.. the hopes we give up and more fishing territory for them?? Idk but thanks man your vids help alot

  14. Lol that place is junk Sea isle is way better or isle delsol even coming off San Luis is better then your place. Sea wolf is junk

  15. Even at the flood gate in Texas City is good if your not fishing the gate side but walk a little further to the end of the island

  16. by far the best video on how to catch flounder and specially since ur sharing spots most ppl dont do that …. BAD ASS VIDEO MAN THANKS!!

  17. I always wonder what kind of effect (accurate) videos like this will have on fishing pressure for some of my favorite spots, & you did cover a couple of them in the video but I really don't ever see added pressure of artificial lure fisherman, especially on the N. Jetty

  18. I was born in Galveston that island was used to house leper’s …most locals won’t fish or crab there …stay out of dirt and sand

  19. Hey by the way.I know you said gulp. you said chartreuse and white what about pink I like the hot pink and I'm wondering if it's affected for flounder as well

  20. Awesome video!!! All those places you mentioned which place would you recommend for someone like me? (First time fishing for flounder)

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  22. Best Video Ever! I got no flounders when I went to Galveston a month ago. Should have watched this. wondering what your take on the fish finders. worth buying it?

  23. I put all my fishing friends on to your channel. Informative, great edits and entertaining as well as you actually catch fish lol. Awesome tips, maybe I can catch more flounder this coming season

  24. I use to fish the Galveston flats while floating in my tube using squid for bait and I would catch 20-30 a day easily.

  25. Consult Texas Parks and Wildlife Fish Consumption Bans and Advisories before consuming a single gram or ounce of fish from some of the areas noted in this video. The following official information may be helpful.

  26. What kind of rod and reel would you recommend for flounder fishing and what else can it be used for?

  27. Thank you friend I’m a beginner with two boys having fun. But the knowledge you give you bless people as myself more than any founder out there.

  28. I know how.put your yellow jig before your white one .and don't use to large of a plastic tail. Watch those rocks …. oops snag

  29. I think I heard your voice a couple weeks ago at Texas City Dike (in the bait shop) Your voice is very unique 😊 Great videos by the way 😊👍

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