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How-to Choose Fresh Fish

How-to Choose Fresh Fish

Choosing to include fish in your diet can
be a great idea. But knowing how to select fresh fish in the grocery store can be a little
difficult. Today I’m going to show you a few tips on what to look for to buy good quality,
fresh fish. if you can, try to buy your fish from a store or market that has someone working
in the fish section like a fish monger or a seafood specialist. They’re there to answer
any questions you may have about the fish and they can also provide you services to
clean the fish, remove the skin, they can filet it and remove the tiny pin bones. That’s
usually a free service, or they might charge you a small fee but it’s definitely worth
asking to save you a lot of headache and mess at home. It is always a good idea to inspect
the fish yourself before buying it to make sure that it is fresh. And not every grocery
store has a fishmonger, so it is important to know what you are looking for when buying
a fish. Use your senses. First, you want to smell the fish now not all fish you’re going
to buy is going to be exposed and whole like this, most probably in a package with plastic.
So you should be able to smell through that, It should smell fresh, it should smell like
the lake or the ocean. If it has a very stinky very strong fish odor, then it’s probably
starting to go bad and you shouldn’t buy it. Next you want to use your sense of touch,
so poke the fish if it’s nice and firm and if it bounces back that’s a good sign of
a good quality fresh fish. If it leaves a dent and it’s kind of soft and mushy, then
again it’s probably a fish that’s getting old and you shouldn’t buy it. Now when you’re
buying whole fish, there a few visual signs you want to look for. First, for the eyes
they should be raised up off the head, and they should be really nice and clear, that’s
a great sign of a fresh fish. If they eyes are a little cloudy, a little murky or even
sunken in the head, then again that’s a fish that’s getting a little old. Next the
gills, they should be vibrant red, really nice and fresh- like this. If the gills are
a little brown, a little dull or grey, not a good sign it’s getting old. If they’re
missing, then that’s not a good sign. They’ve been removed for a reason, probably been old
and it’s not a good fish. Lastly the skin of the fish should be moist and shiny from
the natural slime of a fresh fish. If you see any dark spots or dry edges on the skin
you should avoid buying it. Remember, fresh fish doesn’t last long at home, even if it’s
kept in the refrigerator. Try to cook it within two days or you can also freeze it and that
should last for up to 3 months. When you’re ready to cook it, check out
for some incredible fish recipes. And for even more tips, techniques and recipes check
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  1. Great tips. I am a big fan of seafood. I usually can tell the fish freshness by applying pressure around the middle of the fish. Thanks again.

  2. I'm currently studying hospitality industry and catering level 1 onto level 2 September 2018 and would like to see more culinary skills please so that I can practice and learn how to be a professional assistant chef one day

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