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How To Clean Used Aquarium And Put On Fish Tank Background (Like Brand New Tank)

How To Clean Used Aquarium And Put On Fish Tank Background (Like Brand New Tank)

Hi everyone and good to see you back on Fishaholic. It is always cheap to buy used fish tanks but they do require a bit of cleaning. This video is about how to clean a used aquarium. And how to put on fish tank background to make it look like a brand new aquarium. If you are keen in buying a used tank then I would suggest keep watching this video. This tank has been sitting dry for past few weeks. And I know about the history of
the tank. It was in service prior to that. That’s why I’m not worried about any leaks. If you buy a tank and you don’t know about the history of the tank. Then I would suggest you to fill that with water and leave it for at least a week
to see if there is any leak. It only takes little time and commitment to bring an old used aquarium back to life. That’s what I’m gonna show you in today’s video. Prior to rinsing the tank with garden hose, I damped the inside of the tank with a spray bottle. And now I’m using a replacement head from my dish washing brush to clean the tank. This is a brand new replacement head and it is always
important to use a new sponge Because you don’t want any soap residue entering your tank. I’m trying to scrub it hard and quickly
but at the moment I’m just focusing on one section at a time starting with the
top bracing and then I’ll move to the front panel side panels after that and
obviously the black panel and the outside of the tank that’s something
I’ll just leave it to the end. When it comes to cleaning a tank which may have
water stain, dried algae, calcium buildup. Water is your best friend the longer you
keep it damped and wet the easier it is to clean the tank. I’m not too sure if you
could see it clearly in the video but a lot of stains are coming off. After scrubbing the inside of the entire
tank, I’m rinsing it with the garden hose again. This will help me identify if I’ve left any area or there some hard stains that has to be removed. Since my tank is sitting on a garden turf and I believe that’s four millimeter thick that’s why
I’m not too worried about cracking the glass or scratching the glass. After draining all the dirty water, I’ll start scrubbing the tank again but this time I will use some salt to scrub. Because I found it very effective when
it comes to removing all the hard stains. Some people use vinegar
solution to clean the tank. And some also use razor blade. They are all good
method, people have been using them for a while. And it has worked for heaps of
people but I’ll just stick to the easiest way of cleaning the tank. This is
something I’ve done in past and it has always worked for me. There is no right
or wrong amount of salt, just use whatever you’re comfortable with. Salt
will get dissolved in water and can easily come off with the rinse.
After completing the inside of the tank now I’m just quickly working on the
outside because there were some water stains on the outside of the tank. Tank is clean now and I’ve got rid of all the stains. Now I’m quickly trying to dry it. For this purpose I’m using a microfiber
cloth and once it’s dry then I can show you how to put on a fish tank background. You can tell there’s a big difference between the tank we saw in the start of this video. The tank you’re looking at right now. And to clean this tank I have used an ordinary sponge and added some salt to get rid of all the
hard stands. Before attaching any poster to the fish tank, it’s always good to
give it a good clean. For this purpose I’m just using a normal glass cleaner
and as you can see I’m not applying too much of the solution. Because I’ve clean
this tank not long ago but I just want to make sure there’s no fingerprints or
nothing on the glass. And I will also suggest you not to use any circular
motion when you are cleaning the tank. Just do a clean sweep starting from one
end of the glass and all the way down to the other. For this project I’m using a blue vinyl background that i will attach to the back and bottom of the tank. I personally prefer black and darker shade of blue when it comes to the background
and the reason behind that is it enhances the color of your fish and the
Aquascape. Darker shade of blue is bit brighter than black. It offers a more natural look to the tank. And I believe it is a common choice for the marine tanks. Because they make them seem more like home. Cutting is really easy if you have
good hand-eye coordination. A sharp blade is recommended in order to make a clean cut. If you are struggling to cut straight then I’ll suggest you to use a long ruler Fold the background and then cut along
the length of the ruler. This will help you to cut straight. One of the most important benefit of applying a vinyl background is it is easily removable. And you can change it anytime you want. But just remember one thing they are not
cheap to buy. Painting an aquarium is really cheap, doesn’t matter if you buy
acrylic paint or a spray paint, they’re all cheap. They are easy to apply as well
but it’s bit hard to remove. If you want to learn how to spray paint aquarium background then please click on the link in the top right corner of this video as
I have already uploaded a video on that. We’ve seen this fish tank in three
different states in this video. The first state was when it was dirty, the second
state was when I cleaned the aquarium and the third state is right in front of
you now after applying a background to the tank. Aquarium is home to some guppy fish,
the water is bit murky because I’ve added that driftwood. I hope you have enjoyed
watching this video please give it a like and also subscribe to the channel
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my next video I will show you how I’ve renovated the stand and canopy for this
fish tank. Thank you for watching and have a good one.

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  1. I like to scrub with a vinegar mix in the water and at least one pure vinegar rinse as a disinfectant. Just white vinegar. It does not harm the fish with any residue of course. Might lower the pH insignificantly.

  2. Like 21! How are you? I always get used ones! Somebody is always either giving one away or very cheap! They are one of those things that when people are done, they are done and just want them out of the house! Lol! Great information! I do it pretty much the same way! Tank looks brand new again! Great job! I usually use vinegar! I have to try salt! I just learned something knew! Have a great day and happy fish keeping! 🐠🙂👍❤️

  3. i allways use razor blade to clean minor things. i wacthed your vid and adds complately my friend. seeing first time adds on your vids and it's perfect to you conqrats my friend, i will be waiting for new vids good luck to you

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    Other than that I like your videos good job.

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