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HOW TO: clear aquarium water – POLISHER FILTER

HOW TO: clear aquarium water – POLISHER FILTER

Hi everybody, joey here again and welcome
back. So today I’m going to show you guys a cheap and easy way to polish your aquarium
water. Now the benefits to polishing your aquarium water are obvious. We all want crystal
clear water with no floating debris. This project will allow you to accomplish just
that. So to accomplish this project you’re only going to need three things. You’re going
to need a water bottle, you’re going to need a power head and you’re also going to need
some polyester filling. Commonly known in the aquarium hobby as filter floss. For a
water bottle, all you’re really going to need is one of the smaller sizes. Approximately
five hundred milliliters. You’re also going to need filter floss and this is where you
will save money. Typically speaking, you can get filter floss at a pet store. Filter floss
is filter floss though. It’s all 100% polyester. So what I like to do instead is go to a local
Wal-Mart or fabric store and buy a large bag of quilt batting. This will cost around five
dollars. This will last you months. All you need to do is make sure it is 100% polyester
filling and it has no additives like mold or mildew resistant additives. You will also
need a power head. Now the preferred brand is the maxi jet power head. This is due to
its design. You don’t have to get a maxi jet, but one with this design will be ideal. You
can pick up a small power head for this project for around ten to fifteen dollars in most
cases. So let’s get started with the project itself, and then we will move onto how and
why it works. So first of all you’re going to need your water bottle. You will want to
cut off the bottom of the bottle you don’t need the bottom; you just need the top half.
Cut it right around the bottom. It won’t really matter where you cut it as you just need enough
room for the filter floss and you will see why in a moment. That’s really the only step
you need to take. From there, it gets really easy. The next step is to take your power
head. Now the maxi jet comes with a pre filter on it that protects the impeller from debris.
The reason why we want to use a maxi jet brand is very specific and simple. When you put
it on a bottle or a bottle end, it fits really snug. It’s not going to come off any time
soon. It’s the perfect fit. The next step is obviously putting the filter floss inside
of this bottle. Just like that. That’s it. It’s very simple. So when we turn the power
head on once installed into an aquarium, obviously it’s going to work like a regular power head.
It’s going to suck water in through the intake and recycle it back to the aquarium through
the output. But now that we have this bottle filled with filter floss it’s going to have
to suck the water through this filter floss before it can be pushed back out of the output.
So that’s it. We just basically install it into the tank and let it polish the aquarium.
When you’re done, take the power head out and remove the actual bottle. You can put
your power head right back in. The overall cost is really just going to lie in the actual
power head that you will need to purchase as well as the actual filter floss. The filter
floss itself is going to last you two to three months or probably a lot more if this is all
you’re using it for. The power head, you only have to buy it once and like I said, it’s
going to have multiple uses. You can use it for a lot of different projects. So that’s
it folks. I hope you enjoyed the video, I want to thank you guys for watching and we’ll
see you next time.

100 comments on “HOW TO: clear aquarium water – POLISHER FILTER

  1. I just did this to my 55 gal fish tank. Same exact power head and everything…Now, how long should I keep it to have a crystal clear water in my fish tank?
    Thanks in advance ☺

  2. Will beneficial bacteria grow within the filter floss to provide biological filtration for your aquarium as well? Otherwise, I believe you may have also recommended something like Fluval biological media (those little circular ceramic rings) in addition to the polyester filling. What about just inserting a sponge instead of polyester floss? But would that burn out your powerhead motor? 

  3. will this maxijet sucks any of my aragonite sand?
    and how should i clean my aragonite sand? will this be ok?
    very helpful vid btw 😀

  4. this worked really well for my tank. Only setback i had was one of my three stripped damsels got himself stuck in the filter part. Putting a ziplock and poking holes in it helped me keep fish out and still clear the water up. This really does work. Thanks King of DIY

  5. I thought my canister filter would polish water… Ordered this same powerhead from Ebay. Cannot wait for it to get here, want to try this so badly!

  6. Just did this…in 15 min it cleared up so much!!!!! Forgot to take label off bottle though. Only gonna let it be in there a hour, then taking it out.

  7. Anyone know…If I can use a uv sterilzer on a fresh water tank that I used before on a salt water tank?  I spent like $150 on this big thing, used it for like 5 months…Any help would be a blessing!!!!!!!

  8. I have 2 turtles which are messy and i put this setup in my tank. great as a pre-filter, picks up most of the larger particles which helps the main filter. I am in Canada so the prices you are reffering to are off for me. the powerhead i got it for $31 including taxes and i got the very same filler bag for $14 at walmart. for the price i am pleased with it and the powerhead is multi purpose which is great! i got the 900 model, but the 1200 would be better for more suction power.

  9. I clean my aquarium every 6-7 days 50-60%water change and clean the media and sponges in the dirty water as to not lose the beneficial bacteria, but within 2-3 days it clouds up again and becomes green, I only run the lights in the evening but there is still quite a lot of algae build up. Any tips or help?

  10. I been through hell and back trying to find the EXACT powerhead you're using can you provide a link to a online store or site I can purchase one I keep finding other power heads that are $80.00+ for something I am going to use maybe once or twice a week. Much appreciated!

  11. THANKS JOEY!!!! WATCHED every single video!

    I been meaning to do this for a while now and tried it last night. Morning came and I couldn't believe how clear it was. It wasn't crystal clear but it was significantly cleaner.

  12. I went through 20 years of not polishing the water in my cichlid tanks and have simply put-up with debris in my tanks and I could have fixed this mildly irritating accepted situation for a coupl'a bucks and a bit of elbow grease?!
    Cheezus Cripes!

  13. Hello Joey I am having trouble with this I did everything in your videos but it didn't work so I need a bigger power head?

  14. I have been trying to clear my aquarium water for the past few weeks, and this did the trick. Awesome.

  15. Thank you for this video. Last time I cleaned my month old tank a TON of gunk got stirred up and settled on the decor before my canister could start up and the tank looked horrible! Yuck! I assembled this thing and put it in before I started cleaning and it looked MUCH better than after last week's cleaning. I could see it pulled out a ton of gunk and the floss turned brown before I even finished. Than you so much!

    One thing you should probably add to the description is that when taking it out, you should flip it so the opening of the bottle faces up. I made the mistake of having it face down and a ton of the gunk went right back into the tank making me have to start the polishing process all over.

  16. Dude this is awesome, I ordered a powerhead, and purchased the polyester filling from Walmart.  Can't wait to get that crystal clear water. I also used your painting the background DIY tips, thanks for all your tips. Subbing to your channel.

  17. hi joey … i use a fluval 406 external filter ….and i use floss in 2 ways in the canister and were the water comes out …meaning that i put floss in a tight and catch the particsls in there …. but i need 2 look for another way canister im sure ive seen u make something like this .. and also ive got gutter protectors plasic gtid type what can i use them for .. any idea …. look forward to hearing from u joey keep ip ur good work … nice 1

  18. well spotted the point about buying floss or similar Thats been through factory and anti mould ect additives. surprising how many videos I've seen saying nothing about your point.

  19. ……however. most plastic bottles are made from bio degradation plastic. and will eventually crumble into dust. I've seen this over and over at my allotment when I made wind rattlers to keep birds off the crops. after around a year and a half..they fall to bits.

  20. joey can i email you a video of my tank ? its a 5 2.5 2.5 with 7 aros and some other fish. The water is always full of debris i would need ur help urgently …

  21. I had a huge fungus leeching issue with my new driftwood aquascape ….normally I usually throw some filterwool in my canister intakes but this was beyond that…so I got a super over powered rio powerjet and did the bottle thing ..the only problem was the filter wool wouldn't stay in the bottle without some modifications ….anyway the whole 150g tank was transformed in under an hour and crystal clear. I will probably purchase a lower power powerhead … make the whole thing black and tuck it at the back permanently while leaving my filters free flowing as they always should be…great tip diy!

  22. Just save yourself from buying a power head. Just drop some in your hang on filter and it'll do just fine

  23. I had no idea that a floating skimmer pump was available on the market. I saw one from Jardli. The price was very reasonable. However, after viewing your video on this diy skimmer pump, I was off to the store for a bottle of water. THIS pump is very very very effective. I added bio balls and the floss and within fifteen minutes, the entire surface was clear. Thank you for you videos!

  24. Tried this on my tank today and my 3 and 1/2 inch tinfoil barb got caught in there. Did get the water clear but complete harmful for fish, I recommend watching your tank severely while doing this method Rip Juno.

  25. It is truly amazing the lack of common sense when some of these questions just KILL ME!!!..You have the patience of JOB..Joey..I simply can not believe that you would also have to explain to someone that if they are going to use this while fish are in the tank then I would think that there would be certain precautions that are necessary for keeping your fish OUT of the home made system here..Get with it people..ofcourse you would cover it with the guy said below place a plastic baggy or some netting so your your fish dont get caught up in it..LOL

  26. Can anyone tell me if you leave this on a full day, clean or polish the water will it take beneficial bacteria out when you throw the filter floss away thanks if anyone can answer

  27. This video was posted in the year that MCR broke up……

    Sorry I just made you cry..

  28. can i know how much filter floss to use please? I am currently running this on my 10 gallon crayfish tank. Any suggestions please?

  29. To improve the design, you could add a coarse sponge to the entry of the filter. It would catch some of the larger debris, keeping the floss good longer.

  30. How to changed the water colour, my tank water colour become light red which is the colour of fish food , how to change it to normal

  31. That wont work on gray water..bacteria shoot right through that. It may work on deep green algae water. Nice idea for small tanks!

  32. Very good advice, but one does not need a powerhead and a bottle… You can use a Top Fin Internal filter and fill it up with filter floss.

  33. Was watching water polisher reviews, and was about to buy one when I saw your vid. Had all the parts laying around, and built it in 3 minutes. Thanks mate!

  34. For a tiny fraction of the price of this, forgo the powerhead if you have already have an air pump. Buy a cheapo box filter (Lee's or Penn Plax) fill the bottom half of the box filter with gravel, and the top half with filter floss. Let it run in the aquarium for a couple days, and your water will be crystal clear.

  35. I have a 25-gallon tank, fresh water, and some fish 7 to be exact. I also have a pleco. Will he be ok if I polish the water? thanks

  36. I think I like this type of video more. You are seem more calm. And straight forward. In your recent videos you are always jumping around usually out of excitement or what not.. ones again love your videos . Very informative

  37. I think it would be better used vertically, this way not only would it be easier to remove keeping the gunk in the top it could be used closer to the surface to skim!

  38. Good idea im going to do this but in a dilemma of what size powerhead to get for my 450ltr 4x2x2 tank to do this with any recommendations please?

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