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How To Cold Smoke Fish, Alewife / River Herring  Day 4 of 8 Maine W.L.C. / Catch And Cook Survival

How To Cold Smoke Fish, Alewife / River Herring Day 4 of 8 Maine W.L.C. / Catch And Cook Survival

– Yes, y-y-y-yes! They are just big enough
to be good right now. That is two inches of delicious. I am excited about this! Chris was already in here trying his out. His finished earlier on the rock and he was all, ah, this is so good! So, I’m gonna find out if
he was tellin’ the truth or he was just fibbin’ me
so that I go and take a bite and find out this is disgusting. I’m Zachary Fowler! – And I’m the Wooded Beardsman. – And this is the Wilderness
Living Challenge Maine. (shouting) The point of the challenge
is to gain or maintain our body weight while eating nothing but wild foods for seven days. Last time we did it in Canada, this time he’s come down to join me in
the coastal state of Maine. (yawns) Good morning. It is day four. And I slept in, everybody slept in, I can hear ’em out there. They were up before me, but
I think it’s 10 o’clock. I’m trying to sleep off that cold. I am feeling better though,
nothing like a good night’s sleep out in the woods
to make you feel better. Time to get up and have some of that, I guess we got porcupine,
lobster bisque going on, ever-stew started, and coffee. (thoughtful music) ♪ Woke up to the morning light ♪ ♪ Only to realize that my
day was a pitch of dark ♪ ♪ Yeah ♪ ♪ I got up to the sunny day ♪ ♪ Only to realize that I was the rain ♪ (zipping) ♪ See that all the rainbows
dropping like a shadow ♪ ♪ Yeah ♪ – [Zachary] (grunts) Mornin’. – Good mornin’. – [Zachary] How’s our
crazy stews goin’ here? Cookin’ away, huh?
– Stewing. – [Zachary] Stewin’, it’s
stewin’, it’s stewin’ well, it’s stewin’ well, thanks for askin’. It’s stewin’ well. Mornin’ Chris.
– Mornin’. – [Zachary] Smells good, I guess. (laughter) What do you think Malcolm? – Delicious.
– Delicious? – Havin’ a blast. – Best part of wakin’ up is porcupine bisque in your cup. – [Malcolm] Sorry, I messed that up there. – Not at all, it was messed
up to begin with. (chuckles) ♪ Woke up to the morning light ♪ ♪ Only to realize that
I’ve been outta sight ♪ ♪ Yeah ♪ ♪ Always they dreaming of a new hope ♪ (thoughtful music) (sticks crack) There. I think I gotta fix the smoke thing today. – [Zachary Voiceover] (laughs)
Ah, man, that’s Malcolm. He makes the Hidden Woodsmen backpacks I’m always rolling with,
but look at how big he is compared to me, the wide angle lens makes him look like
he’s my dad and I’m 12. – We’ll see if I can’t dig that trench I keep sayin’ I’m gonna dig that runs out and brings breather air into the fire so it
causes better drafting. – That’d be cool. – It works great, it’s
just when the fire’s in those in between times
that it starts to smoke up. The camera’s up in the smoke
layer so it looks more smoky. – Yeah, you can see the
smoke layer, it’s right here. – And it’s like clear,
clear, and then you go up, and you’re in the fog
zone, the smoke zone. There you have it, now the fire’s going. You see you can see
perfectly clear in here, it clears right out,
needs that heat to draft. But it would help if I put
an air line in somehow, bring in the outside air,
so maybe I’ll go collect some stones, dig a little
trench to the outdoors, and make it a little air line. Time to say goodbye to
Malcolm, he’s headin’ out. – See you later.
– So we’re gonna head down and these guys are headin’ out. The Chris and Chris, the Chrisettes. (laughter) – Chris squared. – The Chris squared is heading out, they’re gonna go up and get the alewives while I do some sticking around
here and making some stuff. And then we’ll join back up later and head out and get out some clams while our clamming
licenses are still good. (determined music) – Yeah, it’s like having a Jeep, but way more roomy, it’s a better ride, especially when you’re driving. – Oh, man, this is so
much more comfortable. I’ve tried a Jeep, and I
was like, this is awful. A friend had it, I didn’t try a Jeep, a friend had a Jeep, and I
was like, this is ridiculous. I was like, this is so uncomfortable. Even down the road, it’s just like, rrrr. – I just wanna say that’s
the balance between off-road car and adventure car. You want something that
can go on the highway drive around in town,
plus you want something that can off-road and
drive like we’re doin’ now. Usually most vehicles
are one or the other. You don’t usually get
a good balance of both, but Subaru has done a
good job where they– – Ah, man, do they ever. – To do both things, you can
drive in town no problem, drive on the highway, good gas miles plus you can do this and go off-roading. – I think I’m a Subaru for life now, ever since I bought
that one for my ex-wife and Chris and I took it to Canada for the first Wilderness Living
Challenge I did with him, Season Four, link below
if you wanna watch that, that was our first adventure together, the Wooded Beardsman and I and that started this in my mind, I wanna build a Subaru adventure vehicle and I sent some messages
to LP and some other people and they’re like, we’re on board! Bath Subaru, we’re on board, we wanna be part of this, and here it is. The dream come to life. – And I’m sittin’ in it right now. – Yeah. It is such a nice… – Didn’t you do a truck
commercial at one point? – Yeah, for Ram, for Ram. – [Zachary Voiceover] Surviving
out in the wilderness alone you need the courage to brave what mother nature throws at you, the strength to overcome any obstacle and the conviction to know you have what it takes to make it. – [Narrator] Stay tuned all month long for stories from America’s longest road powered by Ram trucks, America’s
longest lasting pickups. – Too bad you didn’t
just keep that one, huh? – Yeah, no I didn’t get to keep that, I didn’t even get to
keep the videos I made, I had to take ’em down. Yeah, they got all mad about me doing a vlog from behind the
scenes, it was ridiculous. – Get outta here, that’s
like promotion for them. – I know, it is, but
they were like, ah, no. In the vlog, I pretended to
be like Matthew McConaughey, and I was like, drivin’ along and rolling the booger,
like Jim Carrey did when he’s making fun of the ad. – When I’m done rolling up this booger, should I eat it or
throw it out the window? Feels good. Like a tiny little tennis ball. Hi there little fella. Ain’t you a vision. – [Zachary] All right, buddy, take care, it was great seein’ ya, have a great time. It’s five days in that direction. – I got about a five day walk. I’ll see you guys later. – [Zachary] I’ll see ya at Blade Show. – I’ll be there.
– Couple weeks. (birds chirp) All right, Malcolm’s off,
I’m all to myself now, and I’m gonna head back up and do some stuff and things I guess. There we go, a cup of ever-stew, and a cup of coffee, have myself some quiet time,
Sunday morning after all, I’m missing church with all my friends being out here, but that’s all right, I’ll see ’em next week. And I am really, really lagging today. Having a bit of a cold while doing this is really making it a
little bit more difficult. It’s awful early to be lagging too much from lack of calories, at least for me. – [Zachary Voiceover] Dear Diary, I notice yesterday that the Fish Whisperer got 13 million views in two weeks with the video, I strapped
a GoPro on a turtle, and then Monster Mike
came out with a video called I strapped a GoPro on a fish and got a million views in three days. I wonder how many views I’d get if I strapped a GoPro on a grizzly. – My first goal for today is try to reduce the amount of smoke that builds up in here when the fire is a little
bit on the lower side. It needs that heat. And I think fresh air coming in down low will create a better draw,
it’ll draw the air from there and instead of pooling
around, it’ll help it draft, and then I’ll pick up some more rocks too and maybe I’ll build up a little bit more of a ring around it, that’s
what I had done in Patagonia in my shelter was the same size as this except it was over against the wall and the hole was more
on the side of my roof and I never had a smoke problem. You couldn’t stand up in there, and not feel like you
got your eyes started to tear up a little bit, but you never saw big clouds of smoke inside there. I’ve been putting this off for a while and just making do because
as soon as the fire’s hot it really drafts up through, pulling air from everywhere though. If I make it pull from a certain spot, a little trench coming out through here, cover it with rocks so it’s a tunnel for breathing, pipe for the fire. Wood stoves at home have
these, you know, good ones a lot of times ’cause
otherwise your wood stove is trying to draw air, right,
for your fireplace at home and where’s it gonna draw that air from so it can go up the
chimney, it’s gonna draw it through every crack
and crevice of your house, like your windows, any outlets, if you have an old house like I do, you go put your hand by an
outlet and you feel that air that’s blowing in through
the walls, you know, like how is that happening,
it’s ’cause the heat goin’ up the chimney is
pulling air from somewhere, it’s gonna pull it from the outside when it’s all said and done. I think I’ll put this to sleep for now so I’m not getting all smoked. My way of putting my
fire to sleep at night, if I’m not smoking
something, I put fresh logs on top of coals, bury it
over and leave one end open, and it’ll go for 12 to 24 hours, and you can open it back
up, and it’s nice hot coals all ready to go, it’s still
putting off a good deal of heat. We call it bakin’ the fire. (upbeat music) There we go, it’s done. (upbeat music) All done, now I just gotta build
some sort of rocks over it. (upbeat music) That’s what we’re looking for right there. Yes, y-y-y-yes. They are just big enough
to be good right now. That is two inches of delicious. Yummy cattail shoot. Look at that, no knife
needed, snap her off, and it’s all clean. Oh, that is so good, that is so good. It’s been a couple days with
fishes, fishes, clams, lobsters and then when you get to a dirty spot or it starts getting tough peel out another outside
layer, another outside layer, don’t mind the cars, this
is down toward the front of the property, a little
closer to the road, and then you still got another little bit of fresh shoot there. That is so good right now. I was just thinking what’s
my first meal gonna be? I think it’s gonna be a salad,
a steak salad after this. Not that we aren’t having fun, but that just came to my
mind, what’s the first thing I wanna eat, as always
steak salad, or maybe wings. Ooh, I do love wings. Maybe I’ll try ’em with a
peanut Thai sauce this time. I don’t think I’ve ever
even tried it like that. I usually just have the
plain old buffalo wings dipped in blue cheese,
but a peanut Thai sauce sounds really good
right now, but I’m gonna harvest a bunch of these up,
so when the guys get back I got a message from them, and they said they’re going clamming, and I said, I’m pretty beat of running all around. I wanna just play out in the woods, finish building my stuff, and I’ll harvest some greens
for us, so let’s do it. Oh yeah. Fortunately, I always got my wrist one and some ammo in my Wazoo belt here. What do you give me on odds? It’s been a little while
since I shot the fingerless, it’s not fingerless, frameless slingshot, fingerless is when you miss. (laughs) You go like this, and like that, and you’ve made yourself a slingshot. I don’t recommend you
try it unless you really, you know you’re gonna hit
your fingers at some point, that’s just the nature of this kind of a, playin’ it up like this. – [Announcer] Game begin. (8-bit music) – Ooh, nicked it. Oh, that was a solid thwack. (8-bit music) Oh, got it, ha, ha! (8-bit music) Ha, ha! Hi-ya. Cattails make such fun targets. I better get back to work. All right, I figured out the trick to ’em. See at the beginning I was
not getting ’em pulled up ’cause some of ’em are a little older than others and as they get too old there’s more fibers around the outside, so the trick is to slide your finger down underneath that first heavy fiber that wraps around the outside and then give ’em a swift tug, and they pull right out completely clean. You can just pull one
or two more outer things if they’ve got any dirt on ’em and they’re ready to eat without any dirt or any muck on ’em. And completely, well, completely clean. I’m trying to think of what
to tell you it tastes like. I’m gonna say watercress or something. Of course, who knows
what that tastes like? It’s just really good. It’s not heavy vegetable
flavor like brussel sprouts or asparagus or something like that, it’s very light, more like a cucumber. It’s more like the center of a cucumber, but with more fiber to it. It’s juicy like a cucumber, and fibery, but not like you’re chewing through a bunch of fiber until
you get too far up it at which point, you just
peel back more of the petal. (sighs) Ah, that feels good. (groans and then laughs) Phew. That is a lot of rocks. Need to add some more water. I just want juice, I just want juice. Ew, little bit of something on there, a little bit of porcupine. Ah, that’s good. Mmm. (pleasant music) Just gonna put some right over the top so the runoff comes off, majority of the water anyways. (pleasant music) Cool, I’m happy with that. Once again, I underestimated how much I can get done in how much time. I’ll give this a try and
then I gotta fix the fish. I don’t know if I’m gonna be
able to do my table today. Maybe I can start on it. Phew, tuckered, tuckered out. Tomorrow morning, hopefully
I can get a turkey and change that calorie
intake, increase the calorie intake, get a
turkey, eat some of that, head out haul the lobsters,
we’re doing pretty good, little winded. You’ll have to go over and watch the Wooded Beardsman’s channel after this to see how their doing
with their clam digging and alewife harvesting today. I’m gonna throw a fire in
here, see how well it worked. Let’s see if I got any of these hot coals like I was hopin’ for. Oh, yeah, nice hot coals in there. Put the fire to sleep, wake it back up. Better get some stuff to get it goin’. (sticks crack) – [Zachary Voiceover] Whoops, and I forgot to turn on the mic, ah, geez. Well, all right, we’ll throw some of these coals all up, pile ’em up. They’re still hot after
I unbanked the fire, been about seven hours, build up a fire and get ready for the guys to come back, get both fires goin’ here, so we can cook the clams when they return home. – Takin’ right off, how’s
the smoke situation? Whoa, that’s nice. Pretty clear in here. So far, so good. My little air vent’s
over there in the corner and it should make it
so that the air draws in and the higher rocks get
hot, create the better drafting method, drafting
thing happening, and (whistles) up and out the chimney hole. So far so good. Nice. Usually right after
starting a fire like this it’s very smoky in here, I
think I might’ve nailed it. What a day. Nice having a little bit
of quiet time to myself with the guys are out
doin’ some other stuff. Today was a hard day. It’s one of those days
where, well, it’s Sunday so we couldn’t be doing any hunting so there wasn’t a chance at
a turkey or bigger stuff. The alewives, they’re a
pain in the neck to eat, but they’re food, so we got ’em smoking, so we can try and turn
’em into another fish stew or something like that if we need to. And then there’s the clams,
but I am just so beat today with the cold and then
there’s the mental hurdle of this is normally the day of the week being that it’s Sunday,
I’d be going to church, resting, spending time with my kids, going out to lunch with
my friends after church, and then we’d head home, my
girlfriend would come over and the kids and we’d all
go for a walk or something and then make dinner, and put
our feet up, watch a movie and go to bed rested and
getting ready for the Monday. Man, I’m stuck with a
cold, and low on calories, and I think too, it’s a hard thing to do a seven day adventure when
any of these adventures take seven to 12 days for your
body to kick in to high gear, mentally for you to kick in over the hump, there’s a definite hump when
you start doing something like this and your diet is
completely changed to wild stuff and so that hump is kind of in the middle of your seven day adventure,
so you’re pushing through that, trying to have fun, and
have your adventure, and a cold on top of that all at once is kickin’ my butt today. But I think we’re doin’
good, I made it happen. Got a nice, new little fire pit. I should deal with
those fish and make sure that they don’t rot and
that they smoke enough. Oh, I hear the boys, they’re back. Let’s go see how they did, how’d ya do? – [Apprentice] We each
got our half a peck. – [Zachary] Oh, really? – [Apprentice] Yeah. – [Zachary] So we were just wasting our time with the little survival shovels? – For sure. – [Zachary Voiceover] Don’t get me wrong, we’re not saying the
survival shovels are useless, it’s just that there’s always
a right tool for the job and that right tool has one purpose when you’re trying to use it for a job whereas a multi-tool,
multi-tools Phillip screwdriver is never gonna be as good
as a real screwdriver. At least in most cases. – Bag of fish, two bags of fish. – [Zachary] Wow. – So we got egg. – Sperm and egg.
– Sperm and egg. – Rinsed ’em better this
time, so less dental care. – 12 hours of foraging. (laughter) We’re tired and hungry. – [Zachary] I can imagine. Well, I got the fire
going, so we can get things right into the hot and get ’em on. We’re gonna start out
by trying a couple clams in the ever-stew and what it’s
like to fish ’em out of there and if that adds some good flavor to ’em or if it ruins it, we still
got 2/3s of a bucket of ’em, they really nailed it this time. Whoops, I was trying
to put the bucket lid, the plastic bucket lid on
to the lobster pot there, that’s no good, where’s the
cover for the lobster pot? There it is. – [Wooded Beardsman] I’ve had
enough porcupine to be honest. – That’s the end of it anyway. As soon as we cook the clams
in and decide to flavor the clams with the broth from
the lobster broth and stuff all the dirt and stuff
that comes off the clams, we don’t wanna eat that again as broth. So we got one more use
out of it, which I think was pretty handy and so
now we’re gonna dump it off and have some clams and
we still got a whole ‘nother half a bucket
so we’ll cook those ones in saltwater, we’ll have a
taste-off, find out who’s clams are the tastiest, no,
just kidding. (laughs) We’re just gonna have
a feeding frenzy here. It’s gonna be like a couple
of raccoons at the dumpster. (Zachary growls) Take it over here and dump it, dump it by Chris’s tent
and bring the raccoons in. – I think this is my new favorite food. It’s getting up there. Yeah, this stuff’s awesome. It’s really good. – What do you think Chris,
better than catfish? – It’s close man. – It’s hard to say, right?
– It’s hard to say. I mean if I ate this every
day I might get sick of it. – I don’t know that I could
ever get sick of catfish. – I know, I don’t think I could get sick of this either to be
honest, it’s hard to know. It’s really good. – I got sick of ’em the other day ’cause I was gettin’ sick of the grit. – Yeah, the grit’s
bothering me a little bit, but I mean we could do a better job. – Did you tell him about
the netting that we found? – [Wooded Beardsman] No. – So we found this netting that
had washed up from somewhere and we literally pulled it
back and just below the netting probably in the sand a half an inch there was just clams sitting right on top. Good sized ones too, not just babies. And then at one point towards the end, yeah he was flipping out
the holes in that area and then I grabbed them and
tossed them in a bucket, but yeah, it was interesting. – I keep smoking these fish,
but nobody wants to eat ’em ’cause they’re full of
bones, but we’re not gonna be able to eat
’em if’n we choose to, at least wanna try eatin’ ’em
a little bit from the smoking, but if they go bad it’s
not gonna work at all. So I’m gonna make two
slits down their sides to expose more of the meat,
seems like it’s working. I see a smoke penetrating
red until about, I dunno, halfway through the meat already. I’m gonna make a slit to
expose more of the meat and allow that smoke to get into there. Down the fish there and
then again, just below that. So that way there’s two
slits running down the fish so it’s open to get more smoke into it and prevent them from going bad before they get finished smoking and that should help ’em to dry out and it still smells good, it smells fishy, and they feel really oily. You see it penetrating,
well you can see it on the inside too by the
bottom of the ribcage where the stomach cavity is open, see how golden they are down there? So the smoking’s penetrated
in to a certain degree and from the outside to a certain degree. – Let’s see how she goes. – Yeah, I’m curious to see if the smoking makes it any better. – The amount of oils coming off them is– – Oh, that rock’s really, really hot. – Yeah, maybe the rock’s the way to go. – [Zachary] Hey look, oh you can see it. Look at how glisteny they
are, they look really greasy. I went for the small one ’cause I figured if they are thicker and
they’re goin’ bad in the middle if they’re cooked through
they’ll be safe to eat. Anything cooked through is safe to eat. It might not be tasty,
but it’d be safe to eat. So I picked one of the smaller ones that was more in the center
of the heat to be safe. We’ll find out, we’re
taking one for the team. Is smoked alewife delicious or
will it destroy the challenge by sending us to the
hospital in the morning? – It’s not like it’s a
big deal if it falls in because it’s already full of ash. (laughs) – Oh, yeah? There we go. – That smells like burnt hair. – That smells like burnt hair. This is gonna be great,
they smell like burnt hair. – I wouldn’t complain to
be honest if they fell. (laughter) It means I wouldn’t have to eat it. – Here, hold that for just a sec. – The problem is obviously
all those pin bones that don’t belong in the
spine, that’s the real trick. – They’re floating, right, the pin bones? – Yeah, I don’t remember if we showed it earlier or not, but it’s a problem. – We tried to show it,
but they’re so small. And they’re just like a Y-Fork too, there’s little pin bones
with a little Y on each end. It looks so oily. If this works all of a
sudden all those fish are now viable food. All right. I am excited about this. Chris was already in here tryin’ his out. His finished earlier on the rock, and he was all, ah, this is so good. So I’m gonna find out if
he was tellin’ the truth or if he was just fibbin’ me so that I go and take a bite and find
out this is disgusting. If it’s good, I want a little
Woodobo on it of course. Let’s see. It’s pullin’ right free
of the spinal cord. Mmm. Mmm. This is good. This I really good. It’s like there’s this
really rich smoky flavor, I see the bones, but as I
put the fish in my mouth to chew it up, those
little hair bones that were botherin’ us so much the first
time we tried to eat these and we found them completely inedible, it doesn’t even matter. Just like I was sayin’ with the sardines, you feel like you can taste them just the tiniest bit
but they chew right up. Same thing with this
fish, alewife now edible. It has a very rich flavor to it, almost like it was already
fried in olive oil or something. It honestly tastes like I
bought a tin of smoked herring at Reny’s or something, you know to bring on a little day hike with me, and I opened up the little tin, it’s in the oil, I’m munchin’ on that on some crackers or somethin’ on a hike. Mmm. That smoked flavor just imparts so much and then that Woodobo, ahh. Now I’m glad. Boy I am glad I didn’t choose to just go to bed and that I
decided to give it a go. That was really good. And now we can eat the rest of those. That was really good! I’m goin’ to bed with a full belly. I think I need to brush my teeth first. Then bed. Redmond’s, made from minerals
mined deep in the Earth. Lemon, lemon twist toothpaste,
the best toothpaste ever. Made by Redmond, the same
people that bring you real salt. They sent me this after a
loan and I’ve been using all their minty ones and
somebody sent me a message on YouTube like, ah, I love Redmond too, have you tried the lemon
one, it’s my favorite, and I looked in my cupboard
with all the other stuff they sent me that I still
hadn’t gotten to yet and there was the lemon
one, and now I’m addicted. I don’t even wanna use
minty toothpaste ever again. You can clean your teeth with something that tastes like a lemon drop without any sugar, it’s so good. No fluoride, from the Earth. There’s even a happy little lemon on the front, look at that. This makes me happy, lookin’ at him. He’s smilin’ away there. Might be gettin’ a little
loopy, it’s 11 o’clock. I need to go to bed if I’m gonna get up at four and go turkey huntin’. (zipping) Ah, feels good, I wanted
to be here three hours ago. But I’m not regrettin’
staying up for those guys to come back, bring clams
and then the smoked alewives we caught, that one tasted so good. I only ate one, but goin’ to bed full. Gonna set my alarm for four,
and if it’s not pourin’ out hopefully goin’ out for turkey. So (yawns) yeah, yeehaw. Got my little fire goin’
in my new fireplace, got some wood next to me so I can wake up and load it in the night. And the alewives are smokin’. This is goin’ pretty well. Get some rest, hopefully kick this cold, it feels like I’m turnin’ the bend on that and really rock these last three days with some building and some
catching some more lobsters and gettin’ a turkey and who knows what else we’ll get up to. Anyways I’m goin’ to bed. Thank you guys for watchin’ and I’ll see you in the next episode, Fowler out. – [Zachary Voiceover] This season of the Wilderness Living Challenge
has been brought to you in part by Bath Subaru in Woolwich, Maine, LP Aventure for making the
adventure mobile a reality, Hidden Woodsmen backpacks,
the best backpacks made on Earth of the best materials, iunio survival shovel, Gerber Knives and multi-tools,
made right here in the U.S, Outdoor Vitals, the makers
of my favorite jacket, sleeping bag and this really cool pillow, and Hoo-Rag, have Hoo-Rag make you a custom company hoo-rag today. (chuckles) Links in the description below.

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