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How to Combat Stress Naturally

How to Combat Stress Naturally

if you have stress in your life and I
say if doesn’t everybody I think so this is it is called vitamin code this is
garden of life that’s one of my favorite companies garden of life they are a
great company that makes very good pure products this is a raw B complex I like
raw anytime you can get that in your vitamin again health 101 will talk about
raw vs non raw things vitamin B’s are amazing now I’ll be honest with you I
may not take this every day I evaluate what kind of day I’m going to have today
if I’m video taping I’m taking vitamin B because we burn a lot of nutrients from
our bodies when were under stress or when we have a busy day or when we r you
know in a wedding let’s say you’re putting on a wedding or you’re having an
event those are stressful even though they might be happy times and they don’t
seem stressful they take a lot of energy from us right those are the times I take
my vitamin B which for me to be honest is most days the other thing that’s
really really important today we have all this stuff with this Alzheimer’s
disease and our and our minds not being strong there’s something called a myelin
sheath and that is what deteriorates when we have memory issues fish oil mine
happen to come in a they come in a big jar but I have this nice little
compliment of four different strong oils in my Omega threes my omega sixes but
fish oil get a good solid fish oil those are really my staples thanks for watching me on youtube today
and remember this is a series so you don’t want to miss the next few days
stay tuned share this with your friends and above all out live an amazing life

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