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How to cook Crispy Fish | Buddy Oliver | 4 of 5 #KitchenBuddies

How to cook Crispy Fish | Buddy Oliver | 4 of 5 #KitchenBuddies

We’re gonna make crispy skin fish! Here’s
the mackerel I filleted earlier Lay it skin side down in the pan, a cold
pan. Now turn the pan on on full whack Now season it with salt and pepper
from a height, you do it from a height so it goes everywhere. We’re gonna cook the
fish skin side down for most of the time so the skin gets really crispy. Mackerel’s
quite a meaty fish, so it’s really good Make sure the fish fillet’s don’t touch each
other and don’t be tempted to touch it It’s gonna take about four minutes on
the skin side then we’ll flip it and about 30 seconds on the other side. You
can see the heat traveling up the fish and starting to get colour. People can get
really scared of cooking fish, but it’s really easy. By keeping it on the skin
most of the time, it will go really crispy, my brother loves it. The white
bit is cooked and the pink bit is raw, so you can see what the heat is
doing to the fish. When you kids are cooking with pans, make sure you have an
adult with you. Now this has had five minutes on the skin, let me show you how crispy it is, be confident A little bit of salt on the skin. Just 30 seconds on this side and a good squeeze of lemon juice, but don’t get it on the skin. Turn the heat off and give the pan a shake. Now it’s ready to serve to my brothers and sisters, follow me No we made it!
Do you want some River? – Give him a half. – He’ll have a whole. Is it nice River? Is it too hot? The skin is so crispy River You’ve got mackerel, mashed potato and veggie’s Really nice, I cooked it in the green house Told you he liked crispy skin. High 5!

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