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How to Cook Fish : Cook Batter Dipped Fried Fish

How to Cook Fish : Cook Batter Dipped Fried Fish

Hello this is Chef Sean Roe on behalf of
now that we have our batter set and our oil about 350 degrees we are going to start frying
our fish. Take a piece of fish you put it in a batter. Get it nice and coated. Okay
and drop this right into our frying oil and I’m going to put another piece of fish in
there for you. This should only take approximately 2-3 minutes to cook all the way through. You
should have a nice golden, flaky, and crispy exterior as well as I said before you could
use anything in the batter as long as you have flour, eggs, and milk you could add beer
or any other flavoring or seasoning that you like. This is just a basic batter that I’m
showing you today so please feel free to be as creative as you want. Here is the final
product. We have a nice golden brown, flaky exterior, very moist interior. It is exactly
how fry fish should look. Have fun and be creative as possible with this and that is
how we fry our fish.

46 comments on “How to Cook Fish : Cook Batter Dipped Fried Fish

  1. well,, if the fish is fresh,and the charcoal ready with no flames,,lemon+oliveoil+salt(mixture) on top with a spoon each time if it looks a bit dry,tell me the taste you get.
    i like it done in oven as well.
    the video is fine but,that butter is too much fat.

  2. That sounds fkin disgusting. I have had fish the way u say but im not big on mush and the texture is horrid. ILL PASS

  3. this vid makes me lmao.

    poor dude couldnt even get the batter to stick i seems like he dipped the fish in oil instead of flour before coating in the batter lololol 😀

  4. If you dredge the fish in flour first to absorb moisture the batter adheres better but you're Chef Sean Roe so what do I know, right?

  5. please feel free to be as creative as possible????? what does that even mean? Its fish and chips… 4 ingredients.. fish, potatoes, flour, beer… everyone is the same… get the bubbles into the batter..and don't burn the oil or yourself..

  6. Nice lol at least it's simple…..people these days talk smack just, because some cook trying to teach them how to simply fry fish smh youtube trolls

  7. this demo is right up there with Dan Ackroyd using the bass o matic on SNL in the 70s. You gotta be joking right? this cant be serious. Where does expertvillage get these people from? You should have made the batter a little heavier so you could have spread it on with a knife, idiot.

  8. @shortfatandcrass lol I agree he's like
    "Exactly how fried fish should look????" lol so annoying xD

  9. "Be as creative as you want?"
    Ehem, first it's sounds like he is asking questions.
    Second: creative? How creative? With cooking a fish? Oh, I know make a fish statue lol

  10. My Dad makes fantastic beer battered fish and chips, however, I somewhat object to fish and chips being done in a gourmet way, with mushy peas neatly arranged etc; the best fish and chips has been sat there for a few hours before being nonchalantly served in yesterdays newspaper at the seaside.

  11. @OlaCola03 – I hear that. All these ExpertVillage videos, the people sound like Tools. I saw one about Gyro's and the guy was cutting up potatoes. Feel free to be as creating as you want, dunking fish into flour/water. Thanks for the permission, TOOL! 🙂

  12. I think everybody should flag ExpertVillage videos for spam because that's what they are. Thumbs up and start flagging.

  13. you know? One day? I woke up? To find that everyone over 25 had starting talking like this? Like…every sentence uttered has an upward inflection? Like a question? You know? So maybe I'm wrong? but the only sentence uttered without this annoying affectation that will be with us forever like "shakycam" movies was the very last sentence? you know?

  14. Kinda worked for me. But I use common sense or my own thinking of how fry fish. Since I fry lot of food .. Such as Fry Bread

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