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How to Cook Fish in Oven | Bake Easy Healthy Tasty Fish

How to Cook Fish in Oven | Bake Easy Healthy Tasty Fish

hi mom I you sure you really tasty way
to make a quick dinner tonight I’m going to be making and I chose talapia fish
because the fish has a lot of grams of protein per P actually has twenty grand so it’s
a really good choice if you’re looking to get lots of protein in do is just
show you how you can prepare really fast and quick with your shirt and you don’t
need a lot of calories just to me think he’s good at what I do they started with
some extra virgin olive oil and I just put just a little bit around to use it when I’m using me
because it can be washed the only match and I you share it with all the how to cook fish we
the best known when you were getting fish you can do either pressure but
sometimes you get fresh or crisis in issue works just as well when you use
frozen though I like to the first before I could give you can’t have you ever
tried to cook frozen fish fish and draining a look at it like your fishes
kind of fish become a little bit hurt first and even drive the paper towel the old oil on industries and now they
just put a little more colorful if you have dried parsley and it was really
good and parsley is good for you anyways so that’s what it is so I have all the
power and you can also add the dried parsley flakes and then I have to 350
and on the new do is put the idea in the oven and I know every five minutes until
it’s like it so enormous and in order to know when fish is done cooking just take a piece of broken apart
and when it’s nice and soft play he and like all the way through then your
fishes finished show you how to check it when it fifteen minutes or so and I just
took the fish out of the other than just to cut into its double check that it’s
cooked if you take a look here I’m just gonna cut into the thickest part of the
fish and it’s Nathan flaky that’s right all the way through so I
would try and pick up with a pretty much taking part in Plano it’s nice and
cooked and there you go so there’s your fish done in 15 minutes and you can use
it with are you can deal with any other side dishes that I had in the views and
like I said just make it quick that would happen if you have a complete meal
won’t be like this

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