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How to Cook Halibut Frozen or Freezer Burned Fish with Peach Salsa

how to cook halibut frozen freezer burned fish peach salsa easy baked halibut recipe cook white fish hi it’s AlaskaGranny do you have a piece
of halibut in the freezer no matter how long it’s been there if it’s very fresh
or maybe you’re not sure if it was freezer burned here’s a terrific way to
use it up take your frozen halibut out of the freezer take it out of its
original package and put it into a clean ziploc bag now pour in a few tablespoons
of a peach salsa peach pineapple is good peach mango is great look in your market
for what kind of each fruit flavored salsa you can find and try them with fish white fish halibut
is a very fine delicate white fish so you don’t want it overpowering flavor so
stick with something that’s a light salsa and a little bit sweet use the salsa as a
marinade squeeze all the air out of the bag zip it up squish your fish all
around so that the peach salsa fruit marinade covers all sides of the halibut white fish frozen place the fish into the
refrigerator and allow it to thaw once your halibut fish is thawed you want to bake it
at 375 degrees for 12 to 15 minutes it depends on the thickness of your halibut fish filet place your halibut in your baking dish with the skin side down the skin
protects the bottom of the halibut fish from burning and then it the skin slides right off when you’re
done preparing it no need to turn it the halibut fish over you’ll know your halibut is done
when it’s white and flaky try this easy recipe for a peach salsa halibut frozen or freezer burned fish brought
straight out of your freezer and see if it doesn’t help your halibut taste even
better it’s just delicious learn more at please subscribe to the
alaskagranny channel

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