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How To Cook Halibut in a Crock Pot- Foil Packet Halibut Fish

How To Cook Halibut in a Crock Pot- Foil Packet Halibut Fish

how to cook halibut fish in a crock pot slow cooker foil packet halibut easy recipe how to foil packets hi it’s AlaskaGranny Alaska Prepper did you know you can actually prepare cook fish halibut in your crock pot in a foil packet foil packets
mean there’s no cleanup so it’s a fabulous way to cook a meal including fish or halibut plug in your crock pot slow cooker on high you need a nice piece of halibut some olive oil salt and
pepper it’s a very simple recipe take two sheets of foil I like the Reynolds Foil Wrappers foil sheets from Dollar Tree store Reynolds wrappers foil sheets from Dollar Tree store are already a great size spray the foil lightly with olive oil place your fish skin side down then give it another
quick spray or drizzle with olive oil and salt and pepper that’s all you need for your halibut foil packet halibut is a delicious yummy light white fish and you don’t want to overpower it
with other flavors or spices fold over your foil packet at the top and then
fold in both of the ends leave a little air space at the top for the air to
circulate around your halibut fish crumble up a few pieces of aluminum foil and place the aluminum balls in the bottom of the crock pot that’s going to hold your halibut fish foil packet up off the hot surface of the crock pot slow cooker Nestle your foil packet on top of the foil balls put
on the lid and cook it on high for an hour it’s been an hour
I can unwrap thehalibut fish oh my gosh look at that tender moist and
tasty halibut fish try this easy recipe for halibut fish cooked in a crock pot cooked in a foil packet
it’s delicious learn more at please
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8 comments on “How To Cook Halibut in a Crock Pot- Foil Packet Halibut Fish

  1. Hi, We use to eat Halibut at least once a month. But it is now $18.00 to $20.00 per pound here. So, we have turned to eating tilapia and salmon. I bet they would do well cooked this way.
    Thanks for sharing this tip.

  2. Wow that looks so good and so easy. Can you do any kind of fish this way?
    Our older crock pot has a rack that can be put in the bottom to use for meat to keep it up off the bottom of the crock. (Didn’t know about fish in foil). The newer crock pot we have was a hand me down so the foil crumpled up is a great idea. Our crock pots are not the same shape the old one is round and the newer one is oval like yours. Thank you so much.
    Fishing is great. We used to go fishing years ago. We had a boat and went out in the Atlantic.
    Went shrimping also in another area. That was a lot of fun too. Don’t have the boat anymore but we still have our fishing poles!! Maybe one day! Have a blessed day!!

  3. Great idea! I buy ten pound boxes of frozen pollack from a local grocery store. Until now, I've cooked the pollack in the microwave for four minutes on each side, after adding a tablespoon of margarine and sprinkling with lemon pepper. I'll try your recipe the next time I want to eat some pollack, or any blue gills I catch. Much appreciated.

  4. Wow! I love this!! Very creative use of the ol' crock pot!
    I don't have any halibut, but I'm wondering if I could cook Cod or Salmon this way?? I will have to try this!
    Thanks for sharing and Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to you and your family!

  5. What a great idea for smaller portion sizes without the cost of heating up a full sized oven. Looks delicious.

  6. That fish must be so very delicious cooked in the crock pot and I have an Instant Pot and have to figure out how long I would have to cook it in there before it is finished.

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