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How to create a waterfall in the aquarium

How to create a waterfall in the aquarium

The sand flows into this area and the water which is connected to the pump, will push the sand to flow around continuously The sand flows down to this position, next,cut the pipe at a 45 degree angle to prevent water from spraying into the sand flowing area The pipe hardly glued onto the glass allows easily putting into the tank Follow the steps in the video Sand has many types, so choose the white sand Click subscribe to watch more videos

80 comments on “How to create a waterfall in the aquarium

  1. Do you know what grain size the sand you used was? Or what grain size is generally used for underwater waterfalls?

  2. Awesome…
    What size pump are you using. LPH / GPH ?…. I'm having an issue where I'm not getting the flow and the upright is 22 cm high….

  3. I did the same system, but the air goes out of the sand to get the sand does not get the system can you help the system

  4. Awesome aquascape and concept for building a sand fall. I like that it utilizes a water pump instead of an air stone. I will definitely do it like this when I get my 50 gallon mbuna tank going

  5. Can you show what mechanic you use to made? you use air sone or other pump? I need now how you made to send water, i see peoples mading with air compressor, but your i think that is with a pump 300 L/H is this? and thanks to sharing this.

  6. Olá amigo ,como faz as rochas e qual potencia da bomba
    Hello friend, how does the rocks and what power of the pump??

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  8. I've followed all instructions but my sand comes out from where I put the sand in (t-joint middle part) instead of it going way to the top part. What am I doing wrong? 🙁

  9. Bro , i am not understand anything
    Please tell where is the inlet and where is outlet and what is the use of 45" of cut and ftom which terminal water falls does it from upper pipe or from 45" hole and what is use of sand here,
    But i am very confused if it is underwater fall then how it looks white water of fall than surrounding i am confused plz make video with sound otherwise plz reply me i am thinking to built this

  10. Привет из Риги. молодец.классно.хорошая идея.продолжай… 👍

  11. Apa lubang tempat pasir masuk sama turunnya pasir harus 45 Drajat soalnya punya ku gk berhasil maka air keluar dari lubang pasir masuk

  12. ola amigo vc pode me dizer qual o numero dessa areia branca e que tipo de tratamento eu faço pra elas ganharem peso na água
    hello friend can you tell me what is the number of this white sand and what kind of treatment I do for them to gain weight in water

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