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HOW TO CUT ANUBIAS, 2 from 1 Species Sunday, How To split Anubias, How to split a sword

what up fish tank people
dustinsfishtanks bringing it to you on a Sunday yeah species Sunday it’s two for
one two from one species Sunday I got two things I want to show you today
actually three I’m going to show you the bonus first how about that
Brian’s over here is always on a Sunday helping me out cleaning out the tanks is
this tank look fowl but guess what happens when you’re clearing a foul tank
you find some babies where they a brother got some baby rainbows in here
that um where this tank was downstairs originally those real tiny rainbows I
don’t know if it boesemani or Mela Tenaya for the Fred Ricky’s oh man oh
they can see that little guy coming at us there’s one yeah say little dude zoom
in there guys you see that so uh there’s two is two of them over here okay yes it
definitely got some babies in here which we’re kind of excited about we’re also
kind of like great now I got to take care of some more fish because we had so
many thanks and what I just get them going so I wanted to show that this is
by the way a perfect environment for a big fish more or less I mean airstone
lots of just like algae to eat on and just plant just off they can just go
down there and housing all right so it’s definitely good stuff that’s the that’s
a bonus part let’s get to the meeting potatoes let’s head to the table show a
little something about Anubis Brides over here and he knows his stuff about
anubias like more than anyone I know so I definitely want to have his input on
this video a lot of people been asking me about how to split up tanks how to
split up sort of tanks what up boss species so we’re going to show you how
Brian would do it you had a tank that was only anubius for quite long do you
still have that all new via serviette other species there’s a few other
species alright alright but yeah for the most part pretty much like just I mean
anubius propagating it the old 125 I have inside we actually took all my
existing anubius and spread it out one time and this is how we did it here so
I’ll walk us through a bra you got the main you find the main kind of artery of
your plant and this is out of Steve’s tank by the way this is doesn’t like
come to me like this or anything okay yeah you find your big main rhizome here
and what I was trying to do is cut right beyond it so now we’re using a razor
blade here we’re not using scissors right yeah razor blades going to give
you a really clean cut on it then once you cut it and you just kind
of pull it apart pull the roots part and that’s a piece you can split that in
half if you want them how far how far down could you split that like that
little piece we just took off there how many pieces could you really break it
into if you were desperate you were like I got one piece of anubias I got to turn
into it like six I think you’d probably get four out of us
comfortably for a show show where they would be I mean we’re we’re winging it
here because you know it depends on what you’re trying to do with your aquascape
or whatever but like you got the little nodes yeah you could probably take these
first three leaves here I would cut right between them right in front of the
third leaf that’s gonna give you that three there and then I would cut again
here at the middle where it’s kind of starting to bend a little bit I would
cut it here that would give us about five leaves here and we’re looking for
natural breaks – I mean spots where it’s you know that’s exactly right and then
on this side you can kind of see where it’s starting to shoot up this way you
cut it right there in front of that that’s going to give you for peace if
you’re desperate you could cut it again here but probably won’t leave this piece
alone and then what do you do with the leaves that look so so when you cut it
you leave them on there till new leaves come on nucleus I don’t ever take off
the leaves I always leave it on the plant will absorb the nutrients and
thyme is even with the believes looking Krunk on like an Amazon sword where you
would want to take off the leaves and new leaves would be coming up exactly
myself I’ve always just left them on there because they’re so slow growing
even a leaf like this is going to do some good on a new visa Commission so
yeah keep cutting man show a little this all right so we got that on this one
here the plant started growing off on its own little angle here so we’re going
to split down here at the base and pull another piece there you want to
make sure you’re leaving roots on all these pieces if you take a cent that
many roots it’s going to be a lot harder if you get it going again and then what
do you do with the roots bro would you keep them long because I’m a trimmer but
myself I like to leave them longer I guess you could trim them but the plants
already grown to absorb nutrients I wouldn’t really want to take them off of
the anubius since they’re so slow yeah all right this one here is kind of
difficult because it’s like a big game SG seeing you know we’ve actually got
two plants here together I think and for me I just be yanking of the bride’s like
now I get a razor blade to a right so yeah and there’s there’s mixed debates
on that some people say like certain plants you want to cut and certain you
want to rip this plant here was already two pieces this wasn’t even show that
all right by the way these will be going out and some orders here in a little bit
so good for you yeah dude we got this show that and then I want to talk
absolutely turn that into one two three four yeah alright peace here can still
be split in half so that could still be going but I mean you guys get the idea
they’re coming along I mean that we just you know break that I made it stand so
that’s how you do a newbie Asst I want to talk about the other species here I
want to talk about Kleinert bar swords which by the way is available on
aquaticjungles right now I have a piece of paper somewhere I wrote down with the
variety between the two our hotel right there here we go it’s a cross had to
look it up it’s a cross between account of doors Bart the eye and condors
jörgen insists I don’t know if I pronounced was right and frankly I don’t
care but Connor bar sword I like these swords listen folks if
you’ve got a dirted tank like you owe it to yourself to get a big six sword you
really do because they’re big heavy root feeders love eating all the excess
nutrients you know are not excess nutrients they’re they’re big heavy root
feeder hence the heavy roots and I’ve got a
whole big thing on roots I’m going to do here in a little bit but on this plant
as far as dividing I’m actually not going to cut it but I just want to show
this would be one that could be cut if you needed to really do it see
how it’s kind of got and point out kind of what I’m talking about here so where
where would you cut this briar we’ve got Kyle we’re talking about maybe cutting
it here kind of getting this piece off here exactly I pull the leaves out a
little bit you can kind of see where the plant would match the natural breaks
that’s what you’re looking for and if you don’t have it don’t do it like it’s
like we’re not I don’t want to cut this because I don’t want it’s not ready yet
so it’s actually connected but somebody’s going to get a nice fat sword
in a couple weeks they can put in a two but that’s how you would with breaking
it up I will set in anubias a a Condor bar sword or any Amazon swords check out
video 3:30 3:30 – I can’t talk today 322 I did another species Sunday on a bunch
of swords a while back I like the Conor barb sword available on aquaticjungles
excited about it have these real red leaves in the middle and these will
actually once they get into a good substrate become the main center all the
leaves to come out and then once they get older they have like they keep the
green on the ends you got any thoughts on the carnivore sure to keep them herd
out of it a real big one for awhile didn’t he is that an ocelot they get
bigger the guys along yeah so person that’s what we’re doing and oh by the
way we’re getting the 125 roll in here we got all these plants over here we got
some onions in the face right here onions on aquaticjungles now I’m rocking
this kind of jungle Val I’m real pumped about it so I’m just having a real good
time I wish the temperature would either stay hot or stakeholders I’m like back
and forth being sick so that’s what’s up people having a lot of fun cut up your
anubias cut up your kind of doors if you can later

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