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19 comments on “How to Cycle a Fish Tank

  1. =/ There are much more humane ways to cycle a tank.
    You can fish-less cycle by feeding your aquarium with either fish food, a piece of raw shrimp (preferably wrapped in a piece of pantyhose to avoid a mess), or PURE no chemical additives WHATSOEVER (if if foams/bubbles when you shake it it's no good) ammonia.
    Doing a fishless cycle is also much quicker and less labor-intensive in most cases than doing a fish-in cycle.
    For more information goolge "dr. tim's aquatics fishless cycling"

  2. OMG, don't ever just throw fish in a tank that hasn't been cycled, no matter how hardy the fish is, it'll still get stressed so much, and it's such a waste of money if they die (and also, the poor fish flippin die!). Just do a fishless cycle, it's so much better! Or if you can get a filter from an already established tank and put it in the new one, it's the best way to do it.

  3. my friend did this…. ALL THE FISH DIED…. let the tank cycle for at least 48 hours then put the bag with the fish into the water and let the temperature in the bag be the same as the tank then pour some of the aquarium water into the bag (letting it sit for a while) and take the fish out of the bag and u=into the tank… then remove the bag from the tank… and viola. ps: make sure ph and ammonia levels are where they need to be!

  4. ok ive had my new 125 up for 2 weeks my ammonia test says 2.0 but my ph is under 7.0 so its not toxic but will my tank stillcycle with it being ammonium?

  5. Wow this is so aweful, hardy fish.. What the fuck is this some kind of torture method.. this fish will be dead or hurt… dont do this its cruel

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