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How To De-Skin A Fish Fillet | 1 Minute Tips | Bart’s Fish Tales

How To De-Skin A Fish Fillet | 1 Minute Tips | Bart’s Fish Tales

Hi Guys today I’m going to show you how to
de-skin a fish fillet so here I’ve got two beautiful salmon steaks and a hake fillet
skin on, to skin your fish use a large flexible knife so now at the end part of the salmon
you cut into the salmon and twist your knife horizontally if you use a bit of salt on your
fingers you could hold it more firmly so now you move your knife backwards and forwards
and let the knife do the work for you and guys as you can see a beautiful skinned fillet
of salmon so guys this is a hake fillet skin on, we start at the tail side cut it in move
your knife horizontally take some water take some salt hold the skin backwards and forwards
hold the skin like this more firmly move your knife towards the head side, this is the skin
and this is the fillet so this was how to de-skin a fish fillet to see more tips click
on the link!

41 comments on “How To De-Skin A Fish Fillet | 1 Minute Tips | Bart’s Fish Tales

  1. I put it on a hot pan for a couple of seconds, the fat under the skin melts and it comes off so much easier.Anyone else does that?

  2. So strange to see Bart inside haha. I love his videos. Please subscribe to him if you love fish and the outdoors!

  3. Hey guys, here from Perú. I wanted to ask you if you can do any videos on how to plant different things, like herbs or vegetables and give us some useful tips.

  4. Oh man, but the skin is the best part! Cook it really slowly then sear the skin in an ultra hot skillet; it's like chicken skin but easier and tastier.

  5. Guys, take note: this is a one-minute tip of how-to, which means Bart merely wanted to show us how to remove the skin of a fish fillet if we needed to do so. He didn't say we SHOULD do it, just that we CAN. Sheesh.

  6. I am not a "professional chef" but even I can do a fish de-skinning holding the blade of the knife perpendicular to the skin, not horizontally, when it leaves too much fish on the skin.

  7. This is sooooo helpful!!!! It has always been such a hassle for me to skin salmon! These tips are life changing.

    I often make my own salmon sushi and the hardest part for me is skinning the salmon. I also like to fry the skin separately to make it very crispy. Salmon skin rolls are one of my favorites 🙂 Skinning the fish is also useful for making fishcakes, not with salmon but some white fish like cod.

  8. for those that throw out the skin, you could cut it up into small pieces and deep fry them to make delicious fish skin chips!

  9. Get a haircut…. dodgy, crusty looking hairstyle…. just put some gel in it and brush it neatly back like Jamie… if anyone else agrees please like this comment.

  10. I found this handy-dandy, thanks for the demonstration.
    Why would you watch a video about skinning a fish filet if you don't want to skin a fish filet?

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