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45 comments on “How to Dress Up Ramen Noodles in a Tuna Casserole

  1. worthy of undercreative and below-average IQ freshman (presumably male) trying to find food on the gloomy afterparty morning… he'll eat third of it, leaving the rest to catch mold, feeling pressure of his pitiful condition… next time skip terrible natrium glutam(in)ate powders and try tuna, black pepper, fresh olive oil, some basil and parmesan cheese… or chopped black olives, tuna, cooked garlic and parsley…or sweet chilly, soya sauce and cheddar…whatever…hot pepper and miso soup…

  2. How funny, I actually have done this before, almost exactly like that, I thought it was going to be amazing….. after eating it, I couldn't even look at ramen or tuna for about two years. And I still can't eat them together without getting sick.

  3. this realllllllllly unappetizing. i mean, who puts tuna with ramen?! they do NOT go together!!!!
    i think ramen tastes great alone!!!!

  4. that looks gross. i rather just switch brands or flavor when i get tired of 1 kind of instant noodles. or simply eat something else

  5. i'm a hiker/backpacker and i can tell you that mixing different variations of pre-packaged tuna/other meats to easy-to-cook noodle dishes to add more taste, protien, and much needed energy is a common thing among long distance hikers. its lightweight, easy to prepare at the end of the day when you're dead tired, doesnt take alot of time or effort, and while it may not be 4 star, it can be rather tasty — especially when you're burning that kind of energy daily.

  6. that's the only way I eat either of them…together. I just searched for this vid cause i knew someone else had to be doing this delicious combination i had discovered

  7. this is good, you just have to get the canned tuna that is low in salt and actually looks like fish instead of that hypersaline mush crap that most canned tuna is. I reccomend the albacore

  8. Can't go wrong with a good casserole. I use Sherry and curry in my tuna casserole. Hope you'll take a look sometime. Thanks for a great video!

  9. The noodles taste better if you add the seasoning after draining the noodles. They're just wasting broth there.

  10. I do this a lot, but I use the stove to make the noodles and wait to add the seasoning pack.I add sharp cheddar cheese, tuna, milk, and pepper.So easy.

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