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How to FILLET a FISH – ( BONE FREE ! )

How to FILLET a FISH – ( BONE FREE ! )

hi fellow fisho’s it’s Roger
Osborne in today’s video I’m going to show you how I fillet a whiting and
then following that on making a new video on my famous beer batter best ever, never fail, no measure beer better so make sure you click subscribe or like
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use all the time when I cook fish I like to keep things really simple
and when I eat fish I like to eat my fish like a piece of steak with no bones I just want
to relax and enjoy my fish I don’t even scale or gut my fish I just
bring them home and whip the fillets straight off and especially you need to
leave the scales on if you’re skinning the fish which is what I do.
Before you even fillet a fish it’s super helpful to know where the bone structure of the
fish is so I’m going to fillet this whiting and then once I’ve taken the
fillets off we’re going to have a look and see where the bones are which will
help you in your filleting so let’s get into it so you can see this whiting it’s
unscaled and I haven’t gutted it first of all I’m placing a cut across the top
of the fish here I go as close to its shoulder as possible
because I don’t want to waste any of the fish I’m not trying to push right
through a cut through the fish I’m just cutting through gently until I hit the
backbone I’m now placing a cut right near the tail of the fish just straight
across the fish like that once again just touching through to the backbone
next using the tip of the knife really just the first centimeter or so of the
knife I’m running along the edge of the bones here all the way to the top to
meet this first cut that I made next thing I’m going to do
keeping the knife at a slight angle I’m following the bones and running the knife up to the top listen to the tip of my knife as it hits the bones there is a central row of bones
just here which come down to about this point now I’m turning my
knife the other way and I’m running it through like so because there are no
lateral bones at this point that come up they start at about this point in the fish you can see that I’ve separated the flesh for most of the fish at this point
now I’m going to turn this around and I’m going to bring a knife into this
first cut and I’m going to cut through that row of bones which exist just here
okay so we have one fillet there now I’m going to turn the fish over and
repeat the process I’m going to put a cut through there a cut at the end
then I’m going to carefully run my knife along the backbone here filleting whiting is a fairly delicate process because they’re such a small fish and it would
be easy to cut through the bones cutting through that row of bones just there you can see I’ve wasted a bit of meat on the
shoulder so it wasn’t perfect job actually that’s okay I’m just taking
this bit of flesh off so that we can see the bones better so with this
whiting here you can see this is the backbone of the whiting that runs down
here these are like it’s a rib cage if you like where it’s gut cavity is and
there’s another are bones which come up here which is now in this fillet that
I’ve taken off and after we’ve skinned it we’ll be removing that row of bones
when your skin it you sacrifice a little bit of flesh at the end of the fillet
because you need something to hold on to and you put your knife in like this you
hold the knife at a slight angle and run the knife along the flesh like so and
you can see I’ve removed the skin from the fillet and you can see the fillet
like that it looks beautiful so that’s how we skin it I’ll just do the
other one as well I’m holding my knife at a slight angle holding on to the end
of the skin just see-sawing that along and you can see there’s that there’s
that whiting skin let’s come off perfectly and then you’ve got the fillet without the skin so you can see my lovely
skinned filleted whiting I’m just going to flip that over then we’re going to
remove the central row of bones now if you run your finger along here you can
actually feel the bones and all you do to remove them is you you run your
finger along there first to feel them and then you just put a cut down there
like that so there’s no bones here and the row of bones is actually just there
trying to sacrifice the least amount of flesh
I’m just cutting that little row of bones out actually I think you’ll probably see
the way the bones go like that now this fillet here is a perfectly
boneless fillet of whiting so now we’re going to do the other side of the whiting so I’m just going to run my fingers along
here to feel the bones you can also feel them with your knife
as well when you cut it’s always good to just
check run your finger along there see if you can feel anything you can see we’ve
taken the skin off the whiting you’ve got these two beautiful fillets while we’re
at it I’ve got a couple more fish to fillet so I will just quickly do them whiting bream salmon ready to cook if you’ve got any questions please put them in the comments section I really would
like to hear what you’ve got to say about this filleting video I hope it’s
been helpful and make sure you hit subscribe because my next video is my
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  1. great! Well Done, Roger!

    BTW when do you normally go fishing in beach? Do you catch beach worms during low tide and then go fishing during high tide?

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