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How To Fillet A Fish – Easy Instructions

How To Fillet A Fish – Easy Instructions

I’m about to demonstrate the way to fillet
a rainbow trout. So the first thing you do is you want to set
the trout on your fillet board with the back facing to you. You then want to slide the nose up into the
clamp on the fillet board, and that way it has a good hold of the nose. You then want to pull back the pec fin and
then you’re going to take about a 45 degree cut until you reach the backbone. Once you reach the backbone, you’re going
to turn your knife slightly sideways and kind of poke just the tip of it until you can feel
the spine and then you’re going to lift up the tip just a little bit and push all the
way through and then you’re just going to slowly but surely move your way down the backbone. That will remove the one side. You then will grab the fish, flip it over
to where the belly is facing you. Again, get it back into the clamp and it’s
always easier to fillet the fish with the back to you. So, you rotate your board. Again, lift the pec fin. 45 degree cut. Turn the knife sideways and down you go. And what you end up with after that are two
nice fillets of that rainbow trout. So, it’s always good to go ahead and rinse
your fillets after you’re done filleting them, removing any possible intestines (remaining
intestines), any remaining kidney and you end up with a really nice fillet.

3 comments on “How To Fillet A Fish – Easy Instructions

  1. “What you are left with” is no meat. Wow what a butcher job! So much meat left on that fish. I could do a much better job with my eyes closed. Sorry not trying to tear you down but this is a very poor example of how to fillet a trout.

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