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How to Fillet a Salmon or Trout | Jamie Oliver

How to Fillet a Salmon or Trout | Jamie Oliver

Okay all you lovely people at Food Tube! I’m going to show you how to fillet a whole salmon. It applies also to a Sea Trout or Trout. Same method. I’m using this knife. This is a – This is a filleting knife. I’m using this because it’s quite standard. I’m going to need some little tweezers for taking out the pin bones. And I need, erm, some scissors. The scissor I just use to remove all of those little fins Er, get yourself a nice plastic board. Get yourself a wet cloth underneath. So lets talk about how we cut this fish. First up, lets just have a little look. So can you see that natural line behind the fishes head? We want to follow that with our tip of the knife and I’m going to run that knife behind the neck like so. I’ll then fold it over, and I’ll do exactly the same but this time I’m going to give it a little tap and go all the way through. We’ve got a cross-section of the fish here. We can see nice and clearly we’ve got the fillet and the spnie here and we want to cut through there. So we’re going to put the tip in and I’m going to do a nice confident cut through. Once I get into that ribs that’s good. Then I’m going to turn it around and can you see there’s the backbone going all the way down there. See the dorsal fin here. I wanna stay on this side of the dorsal fin. And ti’s really important you do long movements. Okay. Even if you get it wrong better to go long than big jaggerdy bits. Okay, so be confident. Clean knife. Start on top of the spine and I’m going to run my knife down the length of the spine, and you know where it is, cos the Dorsal fin is there and you’re kind of locked in now, keep your hands out of the way. All the way down to the tip of the tail. Now what I want to show you is a little trick is the bottom is here, and I’m literally going to stick my knife through to th bottom. See it’s come through and then all I need to do now is slightly angle the blade into the spine and if I just do that what I’ll do is have a nice clean cut and we won’t waste too much. Half the fish is taken off the bone here Right so we’ve removed the spine and now I’m going to angle the knife into the ribs and as I’m doing it I’m just easing away the blade is not facing the meat it’s facing the ribs. Then it goes quite close to the ribs and then you get the ribs off. Like that. I’ll do this other side of salmon. Stay on the top of the back bone, past the Dorsal fin. Right up to the spine. I’ve hit the spine there and then we’re going to look for the bum hole, and we’re gonna go straight through hold the blade down, and angle it down, beautiful. We’re gonna go up to the spine once more. Just rib ti against the rib bones and come out. I’ve taken the ribs off now. We’ve got this little bottom fin here. So off with the fin What I like to do is face it away from me, clean up that angle there. I’ll use my knife and I’ll cut down the length of the fish, like that. This trim you can use for mousse’ and bits and pieces like that. But we have got pin bones to deal with. The pin bones are like the little ribs. If you scrape this fish you’ll see them, and I just simple use a little pair of tweezers, or you can use clean pliers. Just to remove those bones. It’s nice to remove that. And then there we go. We’ve got our lovely fish right there When you buy a fillet of fish it’s been touched and bashed around and kind of exposed more if you want to enjoy the best of fish you learn to master it yourself. It’s really good fun. Let me show you another little technique. Go to the end of the fish Go down to the skin. And you can actually angle the knife under the skin, and what I want to do is achieve two things. Pressing down of the blade and angling of the blade to the skin. And then do the kind of little, beautiful gentle action. And then we’ve got that skin that comes off like that. So we’ve removed the skin there See how close that is, almost look. Right off. And of course once you’ve got a filleted piece of salmon again cut it into littler scallops. There’s another couple of ways of treating this as well. You might want to slice it into steaks, little 6oz steaks. Give it a light little score, so we can season in there, and also it looks quite pretty. This little slice of salmon gets cooked in a minute’s time. A minute! In a hot pan. This is what my wife uses all the time for the kids. Very, very beautiful. That’s how to fillet a salmon trout or a sea trout. You can see down here a whole bunch of different preparations that hopefully you’ll find useful, and remember if you want to see any other talent from Food Tube er, cooking beautiful fish dishes then check them out down here. And if you like it, like it. If you want to comment, comment. And of course please share it on your social media, so your friends know how to fillet a fish. And you never know, they might cook it for you. Bye guys!

100 comments on “How to Fillet a Salmon or Trout | Jamie Oliver

  1. This chef looks like he's always high or what? It's like he has this perpetually dazed look with half open eyes.

  2. Is it much harder to do with a chefs knife? If so, what could I use in place of a filleting knife to achieve good results?

  3. Plastic cutting board, odd standard knife, uses scissors to cut fins…
    I don't know what you'd think, but something seems a little fishy about this one

  4. We've often just baked smaller (other) fish whole and not had bone problems, complete and easy separation when cooked. Can you do with salmon or are the pin bones a nightmare?

  5. Thanks, but where do I get a filleting knife? Is there a special type of store you can get it from?
    If anyone could help, please reply to this comment with help. Thanks!

  6. He didn't showed the spine removed so we couldn't see how much waste he left behind. Very bad technique Mr. Oliver, I appreciate your work but teaching people how to fillet a salmon that way is just bad, don't do that, you are a good chef and is ok if you are not good with fish, just be honest and don't try to pretend you know what you are doing, you don't need that.

  7. 奧利佛

  8. A Norwegian chef demonstrated how to get all the scraps off a salmon skeleton – drag the edge of a fairly large spoon along the spine and bones to scoop up all the scraps, not hard to figure out what to do with the paste like meat, omelettes, spreads etc. Shocking amount of fish meat is wasted by not doing this. Don't forget the cheek meat too.

  9. Can you please do this video again Jamie Oliver but with an actual trout? This is an old video on your channel but if you still look through them and this comment, please helper by doing it with a trout.

  10. Caught two salmon today for the first time! Messed up filleting the first fish, so I have one more chance to redeem myself lol

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