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How to Fillet Fish : Remove the Stomach of a Fish

How to Fillet Fish : Remove the Stomach of a Fish

Hi, this is Bruce Marnie again for Expert
Village. Now that we have two nice fillets from the fish we’re going to show you how
to prepare them for cooking. So now that we have both fillets roughly removed from the
fish we’re going to trim the fillets up and prepare them for cooking. Specifically we’re
going to remove the belly section which can contains a lot of bones and gristle. So we’ll
take both fillets left and right lay them out on the cutting board and remember I said
earlier don’t worry about this dark colored area in the belly. Because we’re going to
remove that take your pointed knife this point it works best with a pointed knife, and insert
the point near the anal opening against the rib bones of the belly section. You’ll be
able to feel them if you feel in here you’ll see those bones and you’ll feel them all you
have to do is insert this knife blade against those bones. Work its way up as such to just
gently remove these bones from the rest of the skin bones that are down here on the fillet.
We’ll do the same with the other fillet gently following the rib bones along the belly section
like so, like that. Then we’re going to turn the cutting board so that the head portion
of the fillet is towards me. Again it’s important to moisten our knife to keep it nice and moist
so it doesn’t drag on the flesh. And with the initial cut that we made we’re going to
put our blade in that cut following that cut we’re going to turn the blade against the
rib bones and remove the belly section, like so gently cutting down and the entire belly
portion comes out with bones and gristles. We’re going to do the same for this fillet
following the cut that we initially made from the anal opening following the belly and take
it right out in this fashion now notice that dark colored area comes right out and we throw
it away. Now we have two beautiful fillets absence of rib bones ready to cook.

27 comments on “How to Fillet Fish : Remove the Stomach of a Fish

  1. Today my friend called and said "I've got a mess of porgies, a bluefish and a blackfish that I won't have time to gut and eat. Want 'em?"
    I've never gutted a fish before. I figured it was time.
    Wish I'd seen this series before I did it! It would have saved a lot of mess and time. Great video.

  2. It's pronounced Filley xP. the T is silent. Just as it is in Buffet, but some people pronounce it with the T, so I could be pronounced either way.

  3. Your supposed to remove the visceral before you even think about filleting. Why? Because the entrails break down the flesh during rigamortis if they are left in for too long.

  4. It's much easier if you use a flexible fillet knife if you want a better yield. Plus, if you make a mistake with a chefs knife you could destroy your fillet.

  5. The Americans cant pronounce anything right 🙂
    They say paper mache "pay-per mas-hey" Totally incorrect. The word is a derivitive of the French 'papier mache' "papy-er mash-a"
    Oh and it's "aluminium" not "alum-in-um"

  6. Well, I do "speak" English. By "our" I mean Americans.

    Anyway, back to the video! This is supposed to be about preparing fish! 🙂

  7. It's got fuck all to do with an 'accent' BUDDY. An accent is an intonation – a certain inflection on how words are prounounced from area to area. This is a generic word. You all pronounce it this way…………….get used to it!

  8. @1313kf You do know they did all these episodes back to back right, I mean they don't just keep the fish for later…

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