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How to Fillet Salmon, Monster Kings, Coho and Pinks! (By Captain Cody )

How to Fillet Salmon, Monster Kings, Coho and Pinks! (By Captain Cody )

captain Josh killed it today with some
monster king’s all this, this this whole strip right
here is oil. This is where they store it all. This thing when you cook this it
turns white there’s so much oil. What do you do different with a pink salmon. You want to scoop all that out. Captain Josh he was a lead
fileter at a lodge up here in Sitka Alaska for three years and he’s gonna
show you what he just did made quick work out of all these fish.
Hears the four different types of salmon we got a king or a Chinook coho or a
silver a chum or a dog salmon and a pink or a humpy Alright guys we are out here with troop 10 from Michigan and we caught a bunch we got
some fox really nice king salmon to clean here five of them two of them are
over 30 captain Josh is gonna show you how it’s done
start with a little one warmed up this one you’re gonna do the two cut method
ain’t yeah they’re all gonna be two cutting method just to go a little
deeper on the big ones yeah I don’t go all the way to the pin bone so right
here I popped all the pin bones so I opens it up there’s a bit of
awaking there we go
king salmon and delicacy I don’t think it’s quite a white but it’s a light one
yeah I think these lighter ones have a higher oil content in them yeah mm-hmm
that’s what makes them bad in oily way for the big boys make way man those are
awesome looking food yeah might be the one we got first lady was huge I got a
picture of me holding the two Oh am I so this is how to clean a big king
salmon beautiful that’s like pumpkin orange
looks like a pumpkin swordfish almost so it’s harder to go all the way up to the
pin bones on that because there’s a lot more so you just going up to him on the
first cut I just go just inside of the body so that I don’t disturb anything on
the way through just cuz there’s so much more meat to go through mmm so then when
I come back here I can use my knife to make just one smooth cut here all the
pop and bones mm-hmm and opens up nice yep
Hey working spark hot 92 pounds there 92 or
94 I think it was caught in the Kenai River I think don’t quote me though but
commercial guys up here used to get like hundred some pounders there was a run of
fish they would go way up into Canada so they had to get crazy big so they can
make the journey they needed to be last or enough but then in like the 1950s and
60s they introduced dams on like the Columbia River and some certain other
ones had dried up there there are tributaries that they would
make it into so there wasn’t there was any reason for them to go there so they
couldn’t grow as big or they didn’t need to there to switch up there whatever
genetic plan so be it you’re gonna trim that later
I’ll just that one look bone come this way
same thing along the backbone great through now I know I’m good now you’re
gonna come back now I’m access I have access to the
spine right now we’re those pin bones sir mm-hmm I can just draw one line pop
them all that’s opened up nice it avoids that now that your pin bones are pop
it’s just a nice yeah it means way from me matter and these bones in the ribs
you popped those later these you have to leave in because if you take take these
out you’re just gonna screw up all your meat so you just cook the fish with the
bone in okay but just this part right down here there’s no bones left here
these are all gone okay they’re all they all start like right at the top of this
line mm-hmm and they go up they would go up the ribs are come to hang over and
they touch down this is like the fat layer but this belly is all good D is
all goody no bone in here cool nice lying on the backbone so some people pull the pin bones with
tweezers maybe they pull each one most time you get them whenever you’re eatin
ya latest flake open so nice that you just pick around them anyways and if you’re missing me this film in
your throat pretty much beautiful oh so $40 a pound that’s over $1,000 worth the
fish easy might have close to 100 pounds of meat
there and I might be like four grand worth of salmon yeah when we added your
king there barely get my knife through we chat see that guys these Kings from Sitka are
some of the best eating salmon in the world these big ones you got a caller and
belly em because that’s just too big of a slab of meat so call her up take belly
are you keeping that color yeah that’s good beat right there oh yeah all this
this whole strip right here is oil this is really startled up in here this thing
when you cook this it’s it turns white because there’s so much oil in there cuz
they store so much in there this is like the best eating part callers and bellies
are mutton what I’m alright you know it’s a good day when you got a
belly most of your chance here because they’re just too big be hit in the back yeah this is the to cut method on a coho that’s it you got to worry about
pinbones they’re in there but you can’t remove so
that pops all the penny bones opens it up straight that’s the to cut method nice right there shall the meet
somewhere orange meets more orange on a chill yeah sometimes you get a red one
but the red ones would be the call this will be the Chung Scouts a little one
orange okay still a good eating fish alright guys we just showed you how to
clean king salmon and coho salmon right here we have a pink salmon and these are
actually typically the worst tasting salmon but if you got a fresh one
it’s not bad so what do you do different with a pink salmon really don’t get
these with even pull so you have to do you end up leaving the bones in but it’s
just the method we do just cut down to the backbone open up the knife right
this is how they commercially filet on you see what that fillet it looks like
and what happens if you they’re good fresh but what happens if they go
there’s an enzyme in on their releases so I’m just gonna open up this side so I
get my knife started so first long-term storage and enzyme releases and it just
turns the meat to mush is on not very desirable okay interesting yeah normally
we get and gilliam right away bleed them out mostly though they don’t that’s how
they do it is hack them off like that okay I leave everything that’s cool it
that’s how quality I think does it and sometimes people will take pinks to
smoke but we got a cooler full of them and this is gonna be our halibut bait we
got alright guys so this is the salmon we’re gonna be cleaning this is a pink
salmon you can tell it’s a pink salmon because it’s got these ovals on both
sides of the tail I’m gonna show you guys how to gut and Gill a salmon the
first thing you do whenever you catch a salmon is you actually want to pull out
your fish club this also has a gaff on it but this is the fish club that we use
it’s actually a commercial fish club and you want to hit him on the top of the
head go wham and you hit him really hard on top of the head at first I thought it
was actually inhumane to do that to a fish but it’s actually the nicest thing
you can do it knocks him out and then he doesn’t know what’s going on after that
so right after that happens the first thing you do is you actually cut them so
that he bleeds out to cut a fish or to bleed a fish what you do you sort of
just grab them and you just slice in there all the way until you hit a gill
and sometimes you can actually cut a gill grab your knife cut back on them
just like that and now he’ll start to bleed out that’s a good cut so you hit
him on the head now he’s bleeding out after you after you bleed him out you
want to give them at least two minutes so that he bleeds out and then you’re
gonna gut and Gill your salmon to gutting Gill your salmon this is the
type of fillet knife that we use it’s got a scoop on one end to clean out
the bloodline so I’ll show you the gut and gilding process now so the first
thing you do is you take the gills out to take the gills out and come behind
here kind of cut an oval just follow on the body now that you’re all the way up you got
that top Gill off so that’s his gills Emily just throw
those away and normally you can find the heart sitting right here here’s the
salmon heart if it’s a fresh salmon it’ll still be beating in this case it’s
not still beating but the next thing you want to do is you want to you want to
gut them usually I’ll have them down here in this fish tray but I’m just
showing you said it got them it’s pretty straightforward cut all the way up there we go you can
see this guy’s been eating some herring this is what was in his stomach some
herring that was the stomach that we cut and then knew though it’ll have eggs or
in this case it actually has sperm sex so a funny thing is I always ask people
what these are and they always say oh there was Asura’s lungs but these are
actually sperm sacs if it doesn’t have sperm sacs they’ll have eggs but this is
a male so this is what’s gonna fertilize the eggs if they’re really close to
breed they’ll have big sperm sacs like this if they got a long ways to go
before they’re gonna breed you hardly be able to see them but if it doesn’t have
eggs and it’s a male but you see this this is the bloodline this is what you
want to cut cut this out just like so certain fish have a certain fish don’t
have a big thick bloodline like this but Sam and do you want to scoop all that
out all the way out and the next thing you can see it’s got some parasites on
it so you always want to scrape these parasites off just like so to rinse it
off we just grab it this is saltwater we’re rinsing them
with and there we go now he’s ready to throw
in the cooler and throw on some ice this one up tops the king you can tell it’s
got flat gums dots on the tail there’s other ones to sell her this one’s a
chime you give us a tug who’s got the big guy and this one here is a pink or
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all right guys we’re done halibut fish in and we’re gonna feed some birds here comes an albatross you you

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