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How to Filter an Aquarium Fish Room

How to Filter an Aquarium Fish Room

what up fish tank people
dustinsfishtanks bringing it to you baby from denver and i was thinking to myself
like how can i bring the most frequent value and bring as much education as I
can – Bob’s fishermen we’re going to talk about to fish we’re going to talk
about how he sets up his fish room I’ve actually scripted this out I’m not going
to be s it like this is a good stuff wanna make sure we hit every topic so
here we go Bob’s fish room love it love it love it dude all right so I’ve got
this flipped around here it is dude how long have you had this room bro this
room has been setup for 12 years 12 years okay and the design of this room
like how long did you plan going into it like what were you know what I’m
thinking like you’ve been in the hobby what was the brain thing I’ll tell you I
was in the business I got out of the business I had no fish tanks for five
years no fool I didn’t know that I knew were the business I did it was a
sabbatical why not go back and then I took a bedroom upstairs and trim it into
a fish room and when my wife wanted to do stained glass I turned her stained
that room into the stained glass studio and I said I’m gonna take half the bases
Hey and it works well chance to get back arrey arrey is finally the wait on him
so but but like the planning so you’re moving down from here what did the
planning look like in your brain like I’m going down here Hatton because if
you got to have it fundamentally zaps certain things we got the air valves
watery so what’s the what were the fundamental things Friedman started well
I had to decide how big it was going to be and the way the space really is set
up half of it just seemed to work perfectly so I took and made the plans
to do that I took the side that was less encumber i insulated the ceilings
I put 40 mil plastic around to keep the heat in there and let’s just let’s just
go high level that you’re heating the whole room I’m heating not the
individual tank so he’s got it all up here while I’m looking around central
air is it an open-loop Jamaica close close excuse me close up so it’s a
little circle all the way around to old school fish tank ninjas have told me
that you I think I don’t know Gary mentioned it or not but also Mike barber
so obviously that’s the way it’s done it looks like it’s working well we’ve
unplugged it doing it hey it’s working and it’s been working a long time way
and you and what’s your take on just oxygen in an aquarium I mean like just
break it down simple like gas air what do you think about it No it all depends
on where the fish comes from okay because you’ve got fish that come from
the strings right you’ve got fast water highly oxygenated you’ve got fish they
come from the back waters from the tide pools you know a little less you’ve got
fish that are in the little ponds that are slowly drying up you’ve got next to
no azúcar okay try to recreate it and what you can do is you can generally
regulate the amount of air that’s bubbling in a tank which we can all see
here we cob guys this exact same setup in my greenhouse love that junk Oh baby
they crush it for that stuff so you heat the room you’ve got your air all the way
around okay bring it bring it the room how to get through the room that heats
the room that’s it that’s it and folks it is toasty in here but you walk right
out the door and it ain’t bad and we’ve covered the
air we’ve covered the heat dude when I came out here along most a year ago I
was blown away by your water setup and Greg sages and Torrey Browns I want to
talk about water folks make it easy on yourself to do water come around here
with me Bob people can hear you talk this is Bob setup I know it’s a drain
and fill fit system you go talk to everybody about how this works is it is
legit my good friend Greg sage what he’s done is flex a link below to Greg sages
room you can see his thing see that he’s great loves a lot of
valves in the master with PVC he came in and we did half of this fish room and
how its set up is they’re set up at different levels to dream again
depending on the fish come on I want to drain
that’s author so what happens is we set up the attachments that go right to my
sink and this way it can drain right out and I can fill it right in Wow and when
it’s not up it’s just it goes away so that the floor is unencumbered I really
like it it’s easy I can turn around I can open the valves in it and I know I’m
not going to be able to drain it – that’s awesome yeah so you’re to walk
away kind of thing you can get away from it you can make it easy on yourself now
how about a lot of things you can drain yeah nice diameter big flow did you glue
these pipes just great you glue them all right and then so you
don’t have any little overflows here these are all just this is the overflow
that’s it these are off when that’s off there’s no like water there’s no there’s
no contacting us it at busted in your blood busted in at lunch come around
this way Bob tell us more so all right so – that we talked about at lunch
you’re like you know I’m thinking about redoing so before we go oh yeah I want
to go what you love but what do you not love about the room because this is part
of it cuz you’re talking about doing something different what are you gonna
change what could people learn that you would might suggest them to do
differently you’re right you know when I was home a lot Dustin it works home
alive your tank style around your lifestyle
well my lifestyle I can’t my lifestyle I as much as I love my fish kill that I
want to get these rainbows I am NOT about matching rainbow lighten everyone
I’m about to change my life just for my fish
right so what I want to do what if what’s been happening here is that
between trips before trips while while I’m working I have to come home and I
have to jam through these things and it’s just it’s a lot of work yeah and
you’re where you’re in what three months a year how many one work in three months
year okay traveling two months so you’re gone oh yeah I don’t know that much so
with all of that it’s like I’m enjoying my tank seven months here but five
months even though I’m not here I’m working very hard you’re working on them
so what would you do differently because you’re doing you’re doing a lot of work
if you are hypothetically speaking able to do another fish room somewhere out
there what would you do differently to make it easier it would be all automated
automated automated automated setup so that the tanks would change on a set
basis different banks would change some would change every third day so I’m
going to change once a week Wow some would change once every two weeks and
the designated amount of water that would get changed in it okay so you
could automate all that I can automate all of that I’d like to take and improve
the lighting through the whole place now especially since I’m growing
now aquatic gardens yeah in here and just enjoying king can you see such on
that real quick because you said like you used to just buy lights for the
cichlids to like to say it wasn’t really that so now it’s a little different
because now you obviously have a thing for you like some plants you like the
man likes the way it so that’s it put a whole new meaning to these to these
tanks for me because no we said if you have African cichlids you can that
plants okay well they just didn’t clarify that enough yeah well and used
to think around your we’re finding out what works and what does well and that’s
the thing you’re willing to try it some people are like well I won’t work
try it you meet you hadn’t if you’ve had some not success like you know I’ve had
not success with plants I’ve had not successful fishing it’s how you learn
okay Bob I got a so I’m from from like of now I want to go I’ve got your set up
I want to talk about your maintenance routine
ideally in here if everything’s running full cylinders you’re not traveling like
how do you how would you do maintenance in here what’s kind of a system you got
and I like to blare some music rock out and have fun I’ve enjoyed others always
there’s always always music gonna know it’s got to front those amazing always
music going on here what I do is it’s just unfortunately it’s all in my head
right um but it’s I know these tanks these tanks don’t change for me like we
built the tank it’s the same water it’s the same everything it’s just more space
for them to grow so it depending on again the tank itself depends on how
much maintenance it’s gonna go in okay so you are it’s as if it seeks well like
yeah to take itself this is ridiculous little thing of these any last final Oh
what do you what do you loves is the final this is the final money question I
had to think up to make sure I asked him Bob what do you love about your fish
room good what do you love about it bro look around I mean what do I love about
this whole theme oh dude it’s so awesome I can’t explain
that will be disadvantaged having a future is it I can play here I can play
here I can play here I can run err yeah oh it’s the best I
did a video called the side tank and just this is that I’m going they’re
going cherries I’m going this I’m going that yeah trying that and like and
you’re like you know even plants you doing like cherries and see more of all
these two fingers it’s awesome wicked man well dude thank you so much for
dropping some knowledge on the fish room what you love about it and planning it
and folks ask me questions in the comments about this fish room if you
want to know drop in the comments if you like what we’re doing subscribe make it
an awesome week and tank on everybody like and man you had me at hello when I
walked in and the band was telling me you’re and I style

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