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How to Find Cheap Fishtanks & Where I Bought My Tanks

How to Find Cheap Fishtanks & Where I Bought My Tanks

What’s up fish tank people,, dustins fish tanks. Bring it to you on a Saturday afternoon. It’s a gorgeous day out. I don’t know why I’m in here. It’s like the end of January and its beautiful out. So I’m going to go out and take a walk with the girls, with Maya June who is on an alternating nap schedule with the two year old, so you can imagine how that works out. Anyway I want to show you what’s going on. I had a couple people ask me about basically: dude, tell us some stories about how you got some of these tanks and kind of the history behind them. So, I have a few tanks I want to talk about and we will start with the 90-gallon. Please excuse the aquascaping, or lack thereof. I wanted to keep it were I would just scape it myself and not sell any plants out of it but it happens so any way. This stand and tank I got when “Just Fish”, the legendary and now extinct pet store here in Lexington had a yard sale in the summer time. And my man parker who I have to get on film, the dude knows mad stuff about fish, was there. He basically made this giant pile when the boss wasn’t around, Tony for those of you who know him, and was like what do you want to pay and I was boys with him so and obviously I have a bit of a fish tank problem. I didn’t really want it but he’s like man what do you think about that 90. I was like dude I can get down with that. I ended up getting the 90 loaded up into the back of my wife’s car and I got the 90 the stand, a bunch of filter stuff, and just a bunch of miscellanies fish stuff that would only be cool to people with fish tanks. I got it all for like $125 or something like that and then the tank just sat in my garage for about…two…no, about a year. Just because I’m an opportunist if I see a good deal on something I’m probably going to snag it. So then it sat in my garage for about a year and then I brought it in and actually had it as a reef for a while, it was actually too tall to be a reef though in my opinion. The lights couldn’t get down deep enough in it. That was back in the reef days. So what I did was I switched it out, I brought it into my old office…some of you loyal watchers can see the old green thumb videos. I don’t even know what numbers those are we are talking like 100 series on my 29th birthday real old, 2 year old videos. I had this tank setup in the front window of my old green thumb office and it was fat because it got direct daylight and it had super awesome growth because I had a natural spectrum. I also had fluorescents on it. It was tight and then I closed the green thumb office down and I brought it down here. But one of the things about this tank and it’s my opinion it’s this difference between Americans and Europeans on this: is that I think Americans kind of have like, it’s more of a tank and just a tank. Were I think Europeans have like a little bit more like its furniture kind of style. From what I have gathered. Yeah Maya let me get your pacifier for you here you go. For me, I think this is a decent stand. It’s not ideal. And I know some of you have wives or girlfriends and need to get a nice piece of furniture. For me if you are looking at the stand, then I’m doing something wrong in the tank. So if you are coming down to my place and you are like dude your stand has like paint chips on it or whatever I’m doing something wrong in the tank. That’s my opinion on it. So I actually hit it with a light coat of spray paint, I actually think it has duck weed stuck to the front of it. I really don’t care, and I’m ashamed to show you the nano that’s under that behind that door right there. So you have to be an opportunist you have to look for things. And if you are fortune enough like me to have some space to hang onto a tank for a while. Another thing, another fish head, I think the guys name was Billy. He was real into breeding cichlids here in Lexington. And my boy Parker again who is just bad news Parker. He was like yo man Billy’s getting divorced he’s tearing down his tanks. This cat, let me tell you he had these four 75’s, two 125’s. He probably had ten 75’s, five 55’s, a couple of 125’s,and a bunch of 20’s. He was breeding cichlids left and right. And he was getting divorced and was like yo man if you help Billy move he will hook you up. It was kind of a power play I helped him move and I was like I’ll give you this this and this for it and he was like that’s straight. So, I think it was more of kind of a lineage keeping these tanks in the hobby. He knew I would do something with them. Which is cool by the way I like doing that so. I got hooked up with these, the stands people keep asking me about. They are just 2×4 stands and actually when I double do this tank back here I’m going to do a stand similar to this and get it kind of rolling. I won’t go into the stand in too much detail, but it’s basically a frame and it came black. I wish I could say I was handy enough to build one, I think I could I just haven’t had time to. So yeah I got both of those for like under $200 maybe $300 I don’t know. But I got four 75’s for under $300 which I think is fat. And a bunch of filters, heaters, the foam filters you name it I got a bunch of stuff. So you just kind of have to look out for deals and that’s what I have been doing and I have been a scavenger. I don’t think I have bought a new tank since I was like real real real young. My first four foot tank was a 55 that was cracked and I fixed it, which was pretty baller. I should show how to do that actually. So that’s a little history on the tanks. And about the 220 I got the 220, who I am kidding I’m not showing you the 220 right now. You will have to wait. I know some of you guys have been asking about it. I’m not showing the 220 yet it because I’m working on it. I have to get it going. It’s not worth the camera right now but I am this tank. I noticed a couple more babies in here which is fat. So uh yeah, think this ocelot sword likes the new lights. Look its new growth right there popping up right there. Same with the hygraphyla. So yeah I’m having a good time. That’s it.

67 comments on “How to Find Cheap Fishtanks & Where I Bought My Tanks

  1. got a 20 gal or £6
    could have brought 7 of them for £6 each and got the heater and filter rated for 20gal for only £8 ….. local fish store shut down 😀

  2. I just bought 7 tanks (filters and heaters incl.) From a buddy getting out of the hobby.
    One week later I was given a 50g breeder
    Two weeks after that a a 150g a wood tank again free.
    My advice join your local club, talk to people, you'll meet great people and who knows maybe even get good deals too.
    Our club abides by the $1 per gallon rule.

  3. i got a 55 gallon with a every thing to set it up for 20 buck. i am looking for a 120 gallon or bigger if any one knows of one

  4. @tetracanthus Second that, and you can trust (or trust more) people from a club than some stranger on Craigs. My club doesn't have an actual $1/gal rule stated but unless it's special or comes with equipment, no one will buy for over that rate. Sometimes it's under too! It's just a great way to communicate and see what others are doing in the hobby, you'll get a good chunk of experience from it.

  5. @kheroot Oh neat, I either buy good condition used ones or on sale new ones since i can resell as a package and get back a good chunk in the end. In that case, you should just try to bargain for the bare tank then, I don't think $350 is worth it unless it's a special tank you've been looking for.

  6. good timing on this video i just bought a house and started setting up my fishroom. i have a 10g 20 L and two 35 talls and tons of extra equipment and supplies and my whole set up is at 45 $. Craigslist is great for finding aquarium deals

  7. Dustin! Thanks so much! Tank is starting to really come together! When the tank's really pulling together, I gotta get you a video!

  8. Haha, your right, we europeans need the outside to look good too. The inside has to look good, but an aquarium is a piece of furniture, and it has to fit in the living room furniture set. 🙂 Nothing bad like an eyesoar of an ugly tank sticking out in an otherwise nice looking room. 😉 So, both the scape, and the tank is important! 😀

  9. can i put a goldfish in a dirted tank? its a general goldfish but is 7.3 inches so is very hearty and has survived everything nature can throw at it

  10. my uncle has a 220 and its empty he built an really nice stand for it and every thing . needless to say its going to be mine , in like 2 to 3 years

  11. I wish vancouver was that cheap =.= I got like a 20 gallon tank a few years back for my turtles and it cost me more than just 70$ CAN dollars

  12. Hey Dustin , if you're ever in the greater Cincinnati area there are two large flea markets just north of the city and a large outlet mall as well in Monroe. I got the same 55 gallon tank and stand for 100 dollars at Treasure Isle. The other one is called traders world you and Brian should check them out there is some neat stuff there and gun and knife shows on Saturdays

  13. i got a 125 and a stand for 50 bucks at a yard sale. it sat for almost a year because i didnt have time to mess with it.

  14. everytime I turn around there you are… not impressed. While you may have some interesting tanks, your attitude of superiority is totally off putting. No one likes a gaudy bitch. settle down.

  15. I got a 55 gallon with stand and light, marineland emperor 400 filter, python syphon, net, water cleaners, and two heaters ALL FREEEEEE on craigslist. Drive about 10 min to pick it up down the street. 😄

  16. Hello Dustin,   Your fun to watch. That Dead Rad in the Aquarium was Freakin Funny. Thanks for the entertainment. Watch you at least once a day.

  17. I got a used 20 gl acrylic tank. It is all yucky, and scratchy. Will you do a video, on how to make them look, good, get the scratches, and clouds off it? Thanks for the Video's Dustin, Merry Xmas.

  18. To Tyler brinks. I have a 125 gal tank with stand an every thing go with it. For 200 dallar. 3204204388 call if u seal need it

  19. I need to a 125 gal tank please I live in Stcloud mn. for 200dallar. every thing go with it ok. rock fitter. stand. lights. every thing. the hose that fill it water an the hose that drins the water out. of the tank I'm Larry call me at. 3204024388 please I got. to make room

  20. What's up Fishtank People? I am doing a bunch of
    30 second videos on Instagram- Follow me for more shorter random videos CLICK

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