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How to Fish a Stream

How to Fish a Stream

How to Fish a Stream. Before fishing a stream, look carefully at
its physical characteristics. Fish will be most drawn to those areas that
best permit them to feed, reproduce, and survive. You will need Rapids Pools Dams or waterfalls
Reduced currents and undercut areas. Step 1. Look for shallow, fast-moving water that runs
over rocks and boulders. Known as rapids or riffles, these are prime
locations for game fish. Expect to find trout, steelhead, salmon, and
grayling in cold water streams. Bass, walleye, catfish, and carp prefer warm
stream water. Step 2. Locate deep pools of water downstream from
rapids. There will be a slow to moderate current there. Deep water means safety to fish, and as the
current enters the pool, it brings food for the fish. Step 3. Explore the bases of dams or waterfalls. Falling water excavates a holding area for
fish where they can wait for the current to bring them food. Step 4. Look for places where the stream’s current
is reduced — at a point of land, an island, or at a sharp bend. Fish position themselves at the fronts and
backs of eddies that form at such locations. Step 5. Explore undercut areas along the banks of
the stream. The undercut areas also attract fish. Did you know The U.S. spends about $1 billion
each year on stream restoration.

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