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How to fish for smallmouth bass using jerkbaits.

How to fish for smallmouth bass using jerkbaits.

Hi, I’m Captain Ben Wolfe with Traverse City Bass. One of the great things to do in the early
spring, during pre-spawn bass fishing is to throw a jerkbait. One thing that’s critical for a jerkbait in
this clear water is to suspend perfectly horizontal. We don’t want it to float, we don’t want it
to sink – a perfect horizontal suspension. So when we fish a jerkbait, we want to cast
out – and the fish, on every given day, have a different cadence that they might prefer. In this clear water, smallmouth have a real
preference, sometimes, for a specific cadence. A lot of the time I start with a jerk-jerk-jerk-pause. 1-2-3, then I pause. 1-2, then I pause. Whatever the cadence is, on any given day,
it’s critical to make sure that you have slack in the line when you make that pause. Sometimes the boat moves, the wind, it’s really
critical that the bait stays perfectly still.

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