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How To Fish Texas Rigged Senkos | Bass Fishing

How To Fish Texas Rigged Senkos | Bass Fishing

There we are. Okay. Come here guy. Got it on a weighted Senko. Come here big guy. Look at that. Tell you what guys, catching here on a Texas
rigged weighted Senko. I’m gonna show you how to catch fish today
on it. Just ah, I’m gonna show you how to rig this
up and what type of equipment you should be using on it. And then I’m going to take you on the water
and show you the different techniques you can be using for fishing a weighted Texas
rigged Senko. Hey, folks, Glenn May here with Today, I want to talk to you about fishing
a Texas Rigged Senko. Not weightless, but with a bullet sinker in
front of it. You know, if you’re not sure how to rig it
this way, I’ve got a video that shows you how to do that. It’s linked underneath this video. You can go check that out in a little bit. But right now, I want to talk to you about
the different gear and the outfit to use this rig. And then I’m going to show you how to fish
it. So to start with, I’m using a stout, extra
wide gap hook here. This is a 3/0, might be even a 4/0 hook. Real strong, you want to look for a hook that’s
called the superline hook or flipping hook. And the reason being is because we’re going
to be throwing this in some heavy cover. So I’ve got a tungsten weight here. This is a 3/8-ounce weight. You can start off with a 1/4-ounce or maybe
even 1/8-ounce. But because I’ve been throwing this in some
heavy cover, you know, some submerged bushes and trees, I want to get it through all those
branches so I’m using a little bit heavier weight today. I’ve got that tied onto 50-pound braided line. That way, I can get that fish, get him head
in this way out of all that bush and cover, and I’m going to be able to…if he wraps
up I’ll still be able to keep a tight line on him, he won’t break me off. The line won’t get nicked and all cut up throwing
in that heavy stuff. Here’s something else to keep in mind, going
back to that weight. Even though it’s a 3/8-ounce weight, see the
slim profile of this bait, it makes an excellent punching bait, really does. You can put a 3/4-ounce weight on here, maybe
a little bit lighter, and you can punch it through the weeds and matted hydrilla and
whatnot. You don’t have to use as heavy as a weight
as you would other types of baits because it’ll go through the cover a lot easier and
it’ll have a nice slower fall because of that. Got that paired up with a medium-heavy action
rod, perfect for flipping and pitching, bait casting outfit, now we’re ready to go. Let’s go fishing. Okay, so one of the things I like to do with
a weighted Senko like this is to use it as a punching bait. Now if you notice, a lot of baits that are
used for punching are kind of bullet shaped. They’re kind of streamlined. They’re narrower up front than they are in
the back, that helps them get into the weeds and into that cover a lot easier than say
a bigger bulky bait like a jig. But if you look at this, the weight is the
same width as the bait, so that makes it for an excellent punching bait. So on stuff like this, a lot of times, you
pass it by because you can’t fish it very well, that’s where I pull this rig out. All you got to do is just pitch it in there
and let it fall right through the cover and then keep a tight line on it. And you want to feel for that bite. A lot of times that bite occurs right when
it punches through because it’s a reaction type bite. Lift it up through that hole, bring it up
over the top and let it fall right back in again. And that’s how you work it back to the boat. Just let it find its holes by itself. Lift up on it and see if you can’t feel that
fish. Lift up on it a little bit and feel for it. If you don’t feel anything, just lift it back
up again and let it fall through another hole. It’s a great way to fish when the fish are
buried up underneath stuff like this. They’re holding deep in thick cover. It’s kind of an unorthodox way of using a
Senko. I mean, yeah, if you got a weighted Senko,
you can flip and pitch it in other areas where you normally fish jigs and plastics. But I think, it really shines well in places
like this because it doesn’t have any appendages that’s going to get hung up on any weeds or
if there happens to be any twigs or branches down there, it’s not going to get hung up
on any of that stuff so you can bring it through this cover really, really well. So you’re more effective at fishing this area. You’re spending more time fishing it than
you are getting your bait unstuck off something, you know. So give that a try. Next time you come against cover like this,
take your punching bait off, put a Senko on it and give it a whirl. For more tips and tricks like this, visit

100 comments on “How To Fish Texas Rigged Senkos | Bass Fishing

  1. Thanks for the video. I just switched to braid on my baitcaster. Have to wait until next week to give the Texas rig.

  2. yah i might have to rig them with a bullet weight. weightless can be so time consuming waiting for it to drop.

  3. The fellow that owned the house we stayed in on Guntersville last week would go out every afternoon and catch a few right in front of his house late every afternoon….on a Texas rigged Senko!

  4. Good tips Glen never though to use senkos for punching I'm going to give it a try today . Keep em coming. Got to love bass resource its helped me tremendously

  5. I really love all the helpful tips on how to rig and fish the baits Thank you for sharing the awesome videos and very helpful tips you give me a lot of helpful tips on fishing how to fish bits Thank you so very much

  6. Great video every video i have ever watched from bass resource has never disapointed me always gives great information check out there website thank u for all the great resources

  7. there are so many snags around here ( I don't have a boat yet) hard to fish plastic worms from shore!!

  8. Senkos are my go to bait when iam not top water fisshig fav it the bublegum color in dark water and gold in clean water anyways love ur videos and i learn alot so thank and as allways Tight lines

  9. I like the Gary Yamamoto senkos the best and I fish both weighted and not and both ways pull out some chunks!😉

  10. For me senkos are one of the best plastics out there,I use them majority of the time when fishing, actually my favorite way to fish them is wacky style its killer

  11. tried texas, wacky and carolina rigs last nite, got skunked, again!! but caught a couple of nice trout on powerbait!!

  12. I've not used the senko baits before. After watching this video I'm gonna head out and get some. I fish from shore for bass and there's lots of cover for them to hide in. Now I'm gonna get those suckers for sure. Thanks for the video.

  13. Love these videos. It's great to relearn some old tricks and techniques that I haven't used in a while.

  14. I catch a lot of bass on Sinko's , but I use them on dropshot rig. . I use the Texas rig also . Great video. I use Yum Dingers with success on dropshot.

  15. Glen, I like your videos as they are quite helpful. I'm new to bass fishing. Pros on YouTube sing the praises of all sorts of baits for bass starting with various worms and on and on from there. I fish from a kayak on a small lake in the hills of NW VA created by a spillway, with in some spots depths up to 30 feet, but lots of shoreline with some overhanging trees, laydowns, rocks, and grass on the bottom in some areas. Water is reasonably clear I think in most areas of the lake, but not ultra clear. Are there 2 or 3 lure types you would recommend I focus on until I get some experience? Thanks.

  16. If you don't have to punch then weightless is good too. Just let it fall and wiggle when you bring it across a hole in the cover. Almost as weedless as a frog but with way higher hook up ratio and can trigger fish that aren't active enough to strike a top water bait.

  17. I've tried senkos I think they have better action than other stick baits. that little wobble they have as well as a slower sink rate.

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