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How to Fish the South Side Inlets of Martha’s Vineyard

How to Fish the South Side Inlets of Martha’s Vineyard

Another great springtime fish here on the
Vineyard. They’re plentiful. They are fun to catch. See you in a few years buddy. The water is in the high 40s/low 50s. The fish showed up about 2 weeks ago, and
they’ve just really picked up. I’m Joe Rogers, and I’m out here fishing the
south shore of Martha’s Vineyard outside one of the Great Pond openings that’s been cut
to allow the water flow. These striped bass are coming up here and
they’re feeding really hard on the herring and silversides and various other things flowing
in and out of the pond. These fish are honed right in on it every
year. They come and they do the same thing and sit
outside the opening here. Some of them actually chase the bait into
the pond. You just take advantage of that. They’re here and they’re hungry. We’ve got ospreys and seagulls feeding on
bait. Those fish are down there, they’re hungry. Early season is about catching a lot of fish
on a tide, bouncing these jigs off the bottom primarily. These fish are just all over the beach and we are presenting some nice lures to them in the proper fashion. They’re just all over it. This is a Pro Blue 7’6″, a really fast-action
rod. I’m fishing 20-pound Power Pro braid and 20-pound
fluorocarbon leader. You’ve got to have light line in order to
feel those hits and cast these small jigs out and not have the water tow them all over
the place. You need them to get down to the bottom to
where the fish are and be able to snap that jig around. This light rod, you can cast it all day and
keep these nice jigs on the bottom where the fish are hiding out. You want to kick up sand kind of like when
you’re jigging in deeper water for bass with a big steel line setup. You want to kick up stuff, they want to see
that sand eel digging into the sand and they want to go root out that fleeing prey. You can trigger than attack. You don’t want a lazy bait. These fish are aggressive, they’re hungry. Sometimes they’ll hit it on the initial drop,
you just gotta be ready for it and work it all the way in. They’ll hit it right in the wave, right in
front of you. It’s May 1st and these fish are just feeding

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  1. I have fished MV now every fall for the past 7 years. It drives me nuts to see buggies with rods no longer than 8ft, I mean everyone on the island . I thought for sure on the South side 10-11 footers would be the norm,guess not!Great work keep it up!

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