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How to fish with Powerbait

How to fish with Powerbait

Hey guys thanks for watching Fishing with
Adam Today. We’re up here at salem again, we are fishing with Powerbait once again,
not only with powerbait dough, we are fishing pink powerbait floating worms. And we’ll show
you how its done. Using the bottom rig for the powerbait and just a floating rig with
the.. for the….the floating pink powerbait worms, and uh and we’ll let you know if we
catch anything. Please subscribe by click right here, or on the button below your screen
and stay tuned and thanks for watching! There we go! Its ridiculously small. Its not
even worth gutting to eat what meat is on him. Before you handle fish you should always
get your hands wet. He was on there a long time I bet, and I didn’t even notice. Hey
guys stay tuned and we’ll catch another one. Hey guys, uh, finally caught something, we’re
using the bottom rig. uh. Powerbait, We’re using this uh Red, white and blue one. um,
its the glitter kind, I caught one fish so far I have had a few bites, since my last
video segment, thats the time I landed the fish, um, Its not very big, and I will show
em to you. I have him on my string just cause I am in the mood to keep fish today, umm…
I think I am getting a bite on my other line. All well… I will check in a second, this
is the other one right here, yep,,. still very small. Okay guys I am going to check
this one here. Hey guys! Thanks for watching todays show. SUBSCIBE and LIKE this video
and we will see you out on the water!

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