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How to Fix Fisher and Paykel Dishwasher F1 Error

How to Fix Fisher and Paykel Dishwasher F1 Error

I need to know how to fix Fisher and Paykel
dishwasher F1 error. The F1 error on a Fisher and Paykel dishwasher
means the flood switch was activated for seven seconds or longer. If I had a dishwasher flooding all over the
floor, I’d know what was wrong. You might not realize it if the water was
flooding into the compartment under the sink instead. I’d eventually find the dripping water,
but I don’t. The dishwasher’s flood switch could activate
because the water is leaking around the heater plate. It would still eventually show up somewhere,
though a leak like that would kill the heater plate too. This error code is the reason that Fisher
and Paykel dishwashers have the default tech support solution of tip it 45 degrees to reset
the flood switch error the way other appliances are power cycled to clear the error. I want to find out what to do to fix the error
instead of get one heck of a workout. Then you need to replace the flood switch
or the flood switch sensor or whatever is reading the flood switch. Then it could be an electrical glitch. That you can try to resolve by power cycling
the dishwasher, but that only works until the switch glitches again. Or the wiring is repaired. It could be a loose wire too. What else could it be? If the water level was actually too high,
the error code is right and it is the water inlet valve that is malfunctioning. They can
get stuck open, you know. The water flooding out without pause would
let me know for sure. If the water inlet valve is only slowly leaking,
it might not be obvious when you first check on the dishes. I’d want to turn off the water to the dishwasher
in that case and check. I’ve heard that the cause could be a dishwasher
not priming itself correctly. That could be caused by a water delivery problem
or a control board problem. A control board problem can cause every possible
error code. Then again, the chassis flood switch printed circuit board getting wet could
cause it to malfunction, too. That’s basically the mini-computer that
reads the flood sensor. The problem could be due to a spilt spray
arm or the spray arm not turning freely. Unless it is obviously cracked or jammed,
I’m going to have to call in a pro to check it out. The problem may be more mundane, like a partially
blocked drain hose. So the problem may not be a leak in the water
supply but the fact that it can’t drain. Sure, because last night’s leftovers are
clogging the drain today. I can check the drain filter again, but it
wasn’t that obvious. The drain hose could be kinked. That only happens if we’ve actually been
moving and tilting the dishwasher to clear the error, and I haven’t done that yet. Then make sure there isn’t a bunch of grease
and gunky mashed potatoes clogging the drain hose. And make sure the lid sealed right when
you closed it, which can cause the error, too. No wonder people tilt it all the time. It
is the fastest way to rule out what isn’t causing the error code.

16 comments on “How to Fix Fisher and Paykel Dishwasher F1 Error

  1. I found this very helpfull. I think it was something that jammed the spinning jet (long knife) and caused it to flood. put it on a 45 angle and let it dry.

  2. Turning the dishwasher up 45 degrees worked for me to fix the flood switch going off and get it to cycle again. Love this video.

  3. Fisher and Paykel drawer dishwasher has been a nightmare since new. Has been serviced several times and now i am told to forget it and get a new one. The cost new was crazy and added up repairs add insult to injury. I would never recommend this brand to anyone. I am furious. This means my custom cabinets will have to be modified as the panels were specific to this brand/style. This is at my mountain 2nd home, i will be getting a kitchen aid like i have in my primary home with no problems and much better product. Never again with Fishy PAYkill.

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