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How To Get Rid Of Plantar Fasciitis | Fast Relief

How To Get Rid Of Plantar Fasciitis | Fast Relief

In today’s video, I’m gonna teach you how
to get rid of plantar fasciitis. Hi, I’m Dr. Zyrowski from If you’re new to the channel then it is such a pleasure to have you here with us
today. If you want to excel your health and your life, be sure to hammer that
“subscribe” button and we’ll be well on your way. In this video, we are talking
about how to get rid of plantar fasciitis. You know, it is running season
and I’ve been running a lot and I got plantar fasciitis in my right foot and
that’s why I’m teaching you about it right now because I’m teaching you what
I do about it. Now, I’ve had so many people who come to me and they have
plantar fasciitis and they’ve gotten all these different types of therapy and
they’ve gotten custom orthotics and they’ve done it all and at the end of
the day, they still have plantar fasciitis. I’m able to help them with
some very simple techniques. Now, plantar fasciitis can actually cause a lot of
problems in your body if you leave it and don’t actually get it fixed. The
reason for that is because, what we have in our foot is the plantar vault. We
have the medial longitudinal arch, the lateral longitudinal arch, and the
anterior transverse arch. Those three arches make up the plantar vault. That
plantar vault is designed to actually absorb and take the shock from every
step you take. When you have plantar fasciitis, this red line right here is
showing us where the plantar fascia is. When you have plantar fasciitis,
it makes your foot not function right and your foot doesn’t take the shock as
it should and what it can do is, it can actually travel up the kinetic chain,
meaning, it travels up to the ankle, to the knee, to the hip, to the low back and
beyond and starts to cause a lot of issues. So, plantar fasciitis should not
just go left unchecked. It’s something that you really want to take care of if
you start to have it. So, what I’m going to do is teach you some of the
different techniques that I use in order to help with plantar fasciitis because
if you’re not taking care of it, it’s going to cause more problems than just
foot pain. I want to tell you, too, if you have plantar fasciitis, you know, not
only is it just foot pain altogether. You know, sometimes it can be in the heel,
sometimes it can, you know, travel more towards the fore foot, sometimes it can be more in the medial part of the foot. It can really be all over. There’s not any
particular area, but I will say usually in the morning when you take those first
couple steps out of bed, it feels like you’re walking on
shards of glass. So, if you are one of those people who are suffering with
plantar fasciitis, you want to pay attention to this because it hurts.
Now, let’s go ahead and talk about it. So, first is deep tissue massage. Now, you’re
probably thinking go to a massage therapist, but that’s not the case.
You can actually go ahead and do this at home. So what you can do is, take a tennis ball or even a golf ball, put it on the floor, and roll your foot on it. Now, most
people recommend a tennis ball because they say a golf ball is too hard, but I
personally use both. I need to get deep into that fascia in order to actually
help it release, especially because I run a lot. So, a deep tissue massage is going
to be really good for that. Now, the other thing you can do is even use a rolling
pin if you don’t have a tennis ball or a golf ball in your house.
Then lastly, one of the things that works very well, too is to actually freeze a
water bottle. You freeze the water bottle and then roll your foot on that as well.
Then what happens is, not only do you get the benefit of actually kind of
rolling those muscles out, but you also get the benefit of the ice which is
going to help with inflammation in that plantar fascia which is very irritated
at this point. So, that’s it for deep tissue massage. Next is stretching. A lot of people – when it comes to stretching with plantar fasciitis – do it
wrong because what they do is they focus on stretching the plantar fascia. In
reality, what you need to do is stretch in some different areas. You want to make sure you’re stretching the calf, you want to make sure you’re stretching the
Achilles tendon, and you also want to make sure that you’re stretching the
anterior compartment and the anterior muscles in the front of your leg there.
So, what happens is, when you stretch both the posterior aspect and the
anterior aspect of your leg, what you’ll find is that it’s going to bring a lot
of relief to the plantar fascia. For instance, every step you take, if your
calf muscles are tight, essentially what it’s going to do is put a lot more
strain on the plantar fascia. So, if we actually loosen up that whole lower
aspect of the leg and all the muscles in it, then what we’re gonna find is that
the plantar fascia will also release as well. Now, the next thing that we’re going
to use is magnesium in order to help release and relieve that plantar
fasciitis. The reason for magnesium being very important is because
magnesium is very calming to muscles that are very tight and fascia that is very tight. So, if you have a magnesium deficiency, you’re gonna actually even be more
prone to issues like plantar fasciitis. So, if you have plantar fasciitis, be sure
to supplement with some magnesium, eat some bananas, make sure you’re getting a lot of magnesium in your diet to help give that fascia some relief.
Now last, if not least, fish oil. Fish oil acts as not only an anti-inflammatory,
but it also helps heal that area. So, if you’re suffering from plantar fasciitis,
use some fish oil and some magnesium and you’re gonna get some good relief with
that. So, be sure to implement this into your life if you have plantar fasciitis.
It’s gonna be very important and it’s very simple. You can do it in a couple
minutes and it’s going to get you incredible results. So, if you have any
questions, go ahead and post them in the comment section below.
Be sure to give this video a thumbs up, hammer that “subscribe” button.
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100 comments on “How To Get Rid Of Plantar Fasciitis | Fast Relief

  1. I get foot pain from using a zero drop sneaker, the pain is in the arch of the foot. Would really like to know how I can get these zero drop shoes to work for me…any ideas ? thanks for your reviews.

  2. Is it safe to take magnesium with BP meds? Ive had PF in my left foot for going on 6 months. I did the stretching I eat loads of bananas. At its worst I was on crutches the pain was so bad. My own GP basically fobs it off. Ive been taking anti inflamatories for about 5 days now. Theyve help but not cured. I have a high pain threshold but I think Id rather give birth all over again than have this pain. I had an xray and ultra sound, PF was 6.7mm. It looks like a heel spur as well but the report said no spur. I hate this pain.

  3. Hi, gd eve! Dr. Nick, I'm maylanie, from phils, and i also have plantar fiscitis, i want to ask u if there is a food that i need to avoid to eat,im suffering for almost 4yrs, and it so painful, also im working in a construction and the site is so far from our barracks and the shoes that i wear is safety shoes and after a long my foot is so painful until morning, hope u advice me some food like fruits can help to relief the pain, tnx and godbless

  4. I've had this for 5 years now, thru many different stages. Acute pain in the heel to chronic lingering pain in the arch. I've tried everything from rolling on golf balls to night splints to cortizone shots to shockwave. Nothing has really worked out for me so I have to try something else now.

    I've never heard of the fish oil plus magnesium so I'll incorporate that into my regiment. I made the mistake of playing football two months ago now my left heel is inflammed beyond belief. a 6 day regiment of Medrol brought some relief, but the moment I walked just a bit more than usual, the acute heel pain is back…

    Running out of non-surgical options for real. Have a last question for you. If I have actual PAIN and not just tightness and soreness, should I be rolling my feet?

  5. Use ice therapy. Soak your feet in a bucket of ice water for 10 to 15 mins at the end of the day. Within a short period yr planter fasciiatis will be gone. Also try to wear shoes with arch even at home. Ice therapy cured my planter fasciitis which I sufferred for many months. Recommended to my sister when she had the same problem, also cured. Zero cost and very effective. Try this simple remedy for yourself, insteads of spend on expensive therapy.

  6. Hi, i saw and Heard this video as i have done with others , but no one gives or teachs how we can get heal, apparently there is no cure to this problem isn'it? Sorry , but i need a cure. Any way ;thank you for your advices. I appreciate it.😊

  7. Ouch 💯 My Left Foot 🦶 & Born with Severe Scholiosis (Lumbar Spine) Next Of Kin to former Special Forces In USN~Father’s Direct Exposure to Agent Orange in Vietnam,and other toxins got him a Early Departure from Earth due to Cancer…Will the V.A. Acknowledge Cause Of Death for Our Wonderful Father’s Untimely Death? I’m now Bionic💃🏽🦶
    #titanium #metal rods#screws

  8. All you need is magnesium 250 mg tablet a day until pain goes away — takes a few days.

  9. I've had plantar Fibroma now about 6 years in my left foot. I was feeling a small pain in my arch in my right foot but had no lump. I checked it yesterday before going to the gym and nothing, I get back from the gym and had a new nodule. Now I have it in both feet. Any advice for this? I've never been to a doctor.

  10. Once you've got it, it stays forever… done every book, every video, sport doctors, feet doctors, surgeons… 7 years and thousands dollars later… PF is still with me

  11. Although I have benefited from most of your suggestions, the only thing that actually made the inflammation go away was incorporating the use of an adjustable "Night Splint" every night for a couple of weeks. The podiatrist that was treating me for 6 weeks prior to this resisted my suggestion to use the Night Splint, but eventually wrote a prescription for one, and my insurance covered it.
    Here is an example of the type of splint that worked perfectly…

    I had tried the less bulky, all-fabric type, and it did nothing to help.

  12. Is it still Plantar Fasciitis if the pain is in the middle of the foot? I mean, the pain is not coming from the heel but on the bottom of my foot thumb's bone so right by the middle of the foot. It's been months since I've been feeling this. I can no longer feel the pain when I'm running or playing basketball but it appears hours after it. It's not exactly excruciating pain but it's still something that I don't want to feel when I'm working out.

  13. Thank u so much D.r my Doctor was written Collomak Solution i'm using Three weeks but still i'm feeling pain
    Thanks Dr. I'm waiting your Answer

  14. Please doc how to get rid from trigger finger or tendinitis of finger? I prefer home remedy than injection or surgery.

  15. very well explained..i really liked it better with the sketch in the helps people like me with no medical knowledge.

  16. Sir I am survive plantar fasciitis within One Year. But i start the exercise within 04 month .. when this finish problem????

  17. Can I do the deep tissue massage after work or does it have to be done in the morning? And how many times a day?

  18. May I ask? I only have heel problems when I run or play basketball. I also have it rarely when walking longer than usual. Do I have plantar fascitis? or just a heel spur?

  19. Be careful running when you have this. I had it for only three months and continued to run carefully and it started to subside and today I felt a mighty pop right in my heel and now its much worse then ever.

  20. I like to use my heavy duty back massager that has the round balls one on each side, put that thing on high and massage my foot firmly with that. Oh, that is awesome. If you work on your feet it is wonderful. Mine is similar to this model on amazon. VIKTOR JURGEN Handheld Back Massager – Double Head Electric Full Body Massager This is so worth the investment if you have sore feet.

  21. A couple of weeks ago, I had a difficult time walking. It is just exceptional how I managed to complete a 5 kilometer run today. I will certainly recommend plantar fasciitis solution “Kamdοdο Mula” (Google it) to all my jogging pals, try it out yourself!..

  22. I can now get up without anxieties after 10 months. I was always bothered about getting my heel down before since it will induce the hot, pounding discomfort but I don`t mind it any longer. With the help of this particular plantar fasciitis therapy called “Kamdοdο Mula” (Google it), getting rid of my plantar fasciitis wasn`t only feasible but also fast..

  23. Thankyou Dr , your tips seem to be easy to follow & very logical, unlike the 100s of videos that I watched for plantar fasciitis. Thankyou again

  24. THis video is basically a general talk about plantar fasciitis and lacks the demonstration of the various massage and rolling techniques that are a feature of most videos on the subject – not very useful in terms of treating the condition

  25. It`s been a decade since I suffered from plantar fasciitis. I felt weak about treating my ailment. However, I discovered this plantar fasciitis remedy “Kamdοdο Mula” (Google it) last 3 weeks and I think I discovered the treatment for my problem. I am now completely free from pain. I still can’t believe that I am treated. I am also pleased for the fact that I was able to save over 100 USD on acupuncture..

  26. A couple of weeks ago, I had a tough time taking walks. It is just impressive how I were able to finish a 5 kilometer run today. I will definitely recommend plantar fasciitis solution “Kamdοdο Mula” (Google it) to all my jogging buddies, try it yourself!..

  27. Love the tip about the rolling pin I tried that straight away and it’s really helped thankyou!! 😃❤️🌈🧡🌈💛🌈💚🌈💙🌈💜🌈👍🏻👏🏻⭐️

  28. I was clinically determined to have plantar fasciitis last year and my doctor did not recommend me any natural home remedies. He simply brought up medicines, podiatrist referrals, and special orthotics. But given that I began trying out this plantar fasciitis treatment solution “Kamdοdο Mula” (Google it), I was able to conserve lots of money on medicine expenditures and acquire effective results…

  29. I was about to get crazy dealing with the constant pain. I was a frightened, physical and mental mess. I managed to deal with my ailment when I started trying this particular plantar fasciitis treatment method called “Kamdοdο Mula” (Google it). The outcomes I have been obtaining speak for themselves – in just a week I was entirely pain free!..

  30. Nice video, you may also want to checkout the review of Fast Plantar Fasciitis Cure on my blog here at gohonestreviews. com/fast-plantar-fasciitis-cure-review/ Thanks, Brinkley.

  31. Right heel is killing me. It seem when I wear my Adidas running shoes for a few days in a row that sets off the pain. Maybe shoes play a role as well.

  32. I had this for around 9 months, very bad case, very sore and not only had daily pain but it prevented me exercising properly or playing football. I put on weight and tried all these cures. Today I'm free of pain. What did i do? Bought Adidas Ultra Boost All Terrain running shoes and had a week off from work and kept off my feet. I used a week's holiday. This was to be a Godsend. The heel of these shoes is raised and it's built on special foam bubbles that together massage the feet as you walk. i now play football once a week and run 5k too. They are expensive but they work so invaluable if you want relief from PF.

  33. How to actually fix it: Athletex, an actual physiologist.

  34. Hi all.. i had planter faciitis on both feet and mine reduced so much in 6 weeks and my doctor was very surprised at how fast mine healed.. he said most patients take months or even years to cure.. mine didnt exactly got 100% cured but i dont have pain anymore.. 95% gone for sure.. i went on a ketogenic diet as sugar has high flammatory components.. my current breakfast consist of 1 organic wheatgrass shot, 1 high quality curcumin capsules, 1 high quality salmon oil.. all anti imflammatory supplements and then the usual breakfast, i try to stick to anti imflammatory food.. as healthy as possible… i did physiotherapy twice a week and after my 10th session.. it was gone. the supplements really helped… my physio also massaged my calf and foot and that really helped.. i had a mild planter faciitis on my right feet and severe on my left, however she only massaged my right feet twice and the rest through supplements that i take and my right feet is 100% cured.. its completely gone.. my left feet was bad but i did all of these routine religously plus mild stretching and in 6 weeks.. its better.. i have 2 more physio session and hopefully it should be ok.. everyday it feels better and better.. i can walk in the morning after i wake up with no pain… if i press my left heel then i can feel only a little bit.. thats why i still continue physio till its 100% gone.. i hope my experience helps because it helped me a lot…

  35. Doc please how I take mg and fish oil at aday an how long time I take it

  36. It`s been ten years ever since I experienced plantar fasciitis. I felt hopeless about alleviating my disorder. I was in fact mistaken about that since I discovered and tried out this plantar fasciitis treatment “Kamdοdο Mula” (Google it) three weeks ago. The pain is now completely eliminated. I still cannot believe that I am relieved. I’m also happy for the fact that I managed to cut back over 100 USD on acupuncture..

  37. This is the first time I heard about Plantar Faciitis from beginning until end are all TRUE especially stretching exercise! True! Stretch d calf and other areas of legs instead of stretching the fascia thingy.. I agree more than 100%! Thanks Doctor 👍👍👍👍

  38. He lost me the moment he misspelled and mispronounced the ailment. If he can’t get that right, how much am I going to trust the rest of what he has to say?

  39. So i got a sit down job to help with my right foot tendonitis that got better because of the sit down job but then i ended up with plantar fasc in my other foot. I was so confused because i don't be on my feet so how can i get another foot problem. The difference is sleep/shoe insoles also helped with the tendonitis but does nothing really for the plantar fasc. I have to keep a golf ball in my purse just for the plantar

  40. I can now wake up without anxieties right after 10 months. I was always bothered about having my heel down before since it will trigger the hot, pounding soreness but I do not mind it any more. I managed to handle my plantar fasciitis shortly after adhering to this plantar fasciitis treatment “Kamdοdο Mula” (Google it)..

  41. Was told using balls on feet actually do more damage to foot after I stopped using balls on my feet pain started going away on it's own. Plus I stopped running barefoot. Yes they make you run barefoot in kickboxing class , i just run in place or on treadmill

  42. I was about to get wild coping with the constant soreness. I was a frightened, mental and physical wreck. I found effective results from trying this particular plantar fasciitis treatment method “Kamdοdο Mula” (Google it). The soreness was gone in just a week of applying the treatment method!.

  43. what i would like to know is ,how do you get plantar fasciitis .one minuite i was alright next minute i was in so much pain

  44. Right after ten months, getting up is no longer terrifying for me. I no longer feel bothered about feeling the hot, pounding discomfort whenever I set my heel down on the ground. With the aid of this plantar fasciitis treatment called “Kamdοdο Mula” (Google it), getting rid of my plantar fasciitis was not just feasible but also fast..

  45. The soreness in my feet still remains after consulting doctors and taking almost all the needed prescription drugs. The pain got so much worse that I had to take pills every twelve hours only to be free from the painful sensation. It was a bad circumstance. I discovered wonderful joy after adhering to this particular plantar fasciitis treatment method “Kamdοdο Mula” (Google it). I’m so happy that I no longer experience the pain caused by the condition..

  46. It has been 5 years ever since I encountered plantar fasciitis discomfort and I wasn’t able to stop it using various medications. After finding this “Kamdοdο Mula” (Google it) plantar fasciitis treatment guidebook. It required only less than a week to alleviate the soreness entirely. It`s been three months since I attained the relief and up to now, the pain did not come back…

  47. I work as a nurse and have been suffering from plantar discomfort for years. It just required days to remove the pain sensation caused by the ailment after I tried using this plantar fasciitis remedy known as “Kamdοdο Mula” (Google it). I don’t go through the disorder any more since I stop using meds and it is easy to determine whether there`s still any discomfort left. ..

  48. For about 2 years I have been having this problem and in 6th grade I was in a Cross Country Team and I was criticized for having this thing that I didn’t even know exist. Actually I can remember taking the first step in the meet and completely just Falling not because I was weak but because is the pain. I’m so glad that I figured out what it was.

  49. is the pain in one leg or both the leg ? and i m suggested to wear arch shoe, then should i buy it from shop or give the measure ment and made it?

  50. Tried all for the last 5 years, nothing helped. PF pain is a bitch. I found spikey balls better for rolling, and alternative hot and ice cold water therapy at bedtime makes it feel nicer. I am going to try hot Epsom salt water for a few days now

  51. After ten months, getting up is no longer distressing for me. I no longer feel plagued about sensing the hot, pounding pain whenever I put my heel down on the ground. With the aid of this particular plantar fasciitis treatment referred to as “Kamdοdο Mula” (Google it), dealing with my plantar fasciitis wasn`t just feasible but also fast..

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