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How to Get Vegetable Oil Out of Clothes

How to Get Vegetable Oil Out of Clothes

How to Get Vegetable Oil out of Clothes. Tackle vegetable oil stains on your clothes
by using one of these stain-busting techniques. You will need Baby powder Cornstarch Baking
soda Chalk WD-40 Hairspray Liquid dish soap Shampoo and liquid laundry detergent. Step 1. Absorb vegetable oil from clothing by sprinkling
baby powder, cornstarch, or baking soda on the stain. Let it sit overnight, and then brush it off. Repeat the process until the stain is gone. Treat all oil stains as soon as possible. The stain will be harder to remove once it’s
laundered. Step 2. Rub a little chalk onto the clothing before
laundering. The chalk will absorb the oil. Step 3. Apply enough WD-40 or hair spray to the stain
without oversaturating. After it sits for a few minutes, apply detergent
or soap to the stain before laundering. Test the WD-40 and hair spray on a small area
first — these products are not suitable for all fabrics. Step 4. Try using liquid dish soap or shampoo on a
tough stain. Let it sit on the fabric for a few minutes,
then launder as usual. Step 5. Pretreat oil stains with liquid laundry detergent. Then launder it in the hottest water possible
that is safe for the fabric. Go battle those stains! Did you know WD-40 was developed in 1953;
it stands for Water Displacement, 40th attempt.

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  1. I accidentally knocked over my oil dispenser when passing it in the kitchen. It spilled oil on my bathrobe, and on the scatter rug in front of the sink. I threw the and the scatter rug in the wash right away. They came out without any stains, but my robe smells of oil. I've washed it twice, and used sprays, febreze , perfume, anything I can think of, but the oiled odor remain! It’s my warmest robe and I hate to toss it. Any ideas?

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