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How to Grill Cedar Plank Salmon | Easy BBQ Recipe | BBQ&A

(soulful rock music) Cooking salmon on the grill can be challenging. You have to worry about the fish coming apart, sticking, maybe not getting done properly. A lot of things can happen. A way to alleviate all your grilling problems with salmon is to use a cedar plank. (upbeat western guitar music) A cedar plank provides a protective surface for the salmon, keeps it off the grill grates, also provides a unique smokiness as the salmon cooks on the plank, it receives this great amount of flavor, super delicious. First thing you wanna do though is soak your cedar planks in water for at least 30 minutes. Then you wanna char them on the grill, get them nice and flavorful. You wanna place your planks on the grill. It is heated to about a medium high temperature about 350, 400 degrees. You wanna char your planks on the grill three to five minutes. Let the cooking side get nice and charred, that’s gonna provide more smokey flavor, more good cedar flavor into your salmon. (upbeat rock country music) We’re gonna take some chili sauce, sweet chili sauce. Then take a little rice vinegar, a little soy, some brown sugar, and some grain mustard. Now we’re gonna stir these ingredients together, it’s gonna be just perfect. Got my pan nice and hot on the grill, planks are charring up just beautifully. I’m gonna pour this in. (upbeat rock music) Cooking on the cedar planks, again, is gonna keep them safe from the hot grates, it’s gonna keep our fish from breaking up and tearing apart. Just gonna place it right on top. And that char is providing some smoke, some good cedar flavor. And the cedar plank really made to cook salmon on, salmon is nice and fatty, the cedar balances that out, the smokiness from the planks balances that out. Our sauce is perfect, nice and glazey, we’re gonna brush this over the salmon, right over the top. Wow, our salmon is perfect, it’s been on about 20 minutes, you see it’s got great color from the glaze, the cedar planks have held up perfectly, they provide flavor and stability for your fish while it’s slowly barbecuing on the grill. We’re gonna take a quick look at these. See our planks are looking great, that char means flavor. Let’s pull these off and they are good to go. Really gorgeous, it looks beautiful, it smells amazing, the cedar provides such a unique flavor profile and we have this, you know, Asian inspired barbecue sauce, slash glaze that is really, as you see, is bubbly, very, very nice. I’m gonna finish this very simply with a little chopped parsley, just some very, basic, kosher salt right over the top. So there we have it, simple, easy, cedar plank salmon with a beautiful, Asian inspired barbecue glaze. Check us out on Southern Living Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. I can’t resist. So delicious. (soulful rock music)

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