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How to Groom a Horse : How to Apply Hoof Oil to a Horse

How to Groom a Horse : How to Apply Hoof Oil to a Horse

Hi, this is Mara Keith-Hunter for Expert Village.
Today we would be talking about how to groom a horse. Next we are going to use a hoof oil.
This could be used daily to keep the horses hoof conditioned and healthy. It can also
be used before going to the show ring to give your horse a shiny hoof. So to use this most
us have a brush and you are going to start by applying it up around the coronet band
which is just where his hair ends on the top of the hoof. You are going to apply all the
way around all the way to the back and then slowly brush your way down. You are going
to apply it to all 4 hoofs. All the way and you see how nice and shiny that makes there

6 comments on “How to Groom a Horse : How to Apply Hoof Oil to a Horse

  1. there is a back, its called the heel. and you always want to get the entire hoof, including underneath just to make sure you assist moisture balance.

  2. i just bought some new hoof for a show coming up.I was wondering if i just needed to put it on before i enter the show ring,before we load him or the night when im bathing him? I was also wondering if dirt and muck will stick to it because the show is outdoors in a fields and also there is straw in his bed?

  3. Look how many layers of clothes she gets and the horse gets nothing poor thing it's proably freezing just shows what a reliable sorce this Channel is

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