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How to Grow Aquarium Moss: Java Moss, Taiwan Moss Species Sunday

what up fish tank people
dustin’s fish tanks bringing it to you on a Sunday was raining again last
Sunday it was raining this Sunday it’s raining species Sunday coming at you got
Bryant over here I want to talk about a beginner plant java moss baby brian’s
over here because he gave me a little bit of job of my taiwan loss excuse me a
while back and he said we got to get it rolling and get it up on aquatic jungle
so we’ve got this ten gallon tank and i want to talk about java moss and then
Taiwan Moss will lump them together then we’ll talk about the separation of the
two of them super super easy beginner plant I mean you can’t Academy wasn’t
even really hardly a planet so it’s so easy to grow comes from Southeast Asia
affixes to rocks it fixes to driftwood the rumors are true you can like rub it
on a rock or whatever and then let it sit for a year and it’ll come back
Parker you say that somebody validated on the YouTube channel while back so I
want to talk about I think it’s great by the way for growing fry a lot of people
ask me about babies I’m holding here Taiwan moss we’re going to show you the
difference in the two but like baby fish fry love to eat I don’t know if they
actually eat the moss or they eat the stuff that lives in the moss priority
about that I would think they’re eating part of the detritus assuming the moss
all right so they’re even stuff on the moss we got two different things going
on here we got some java moss here regular java moss and then we’ve got
some taiwan moss now bribe break it down for us man what’s the difference between
the two here basically java moss is a little bit more or less controlled it
kind of grows every which way in little short sections and one section dies off
which kind of moves on and new section grows and taiwan moss you get bigger
pieces that really grow together in almost triangle fashion now looking good
though they’re neat little plants a lot easier to control in a planted aquarium
if you’re trying to do a display tank or something what do you think about
keeping java moss in with other plants it’s working you can see it’s working he
doesn’t want to do it I don’t want to do it dude
you up yeah I don’t want to do it either I give people that warning too when
they’re like once you put this plant in your tank if you snip it or whatever
it’s gonna be everywhere I’m just going to take a little sidebar this is not a
jab at Amano or anything but those guys a lot of those tanks that are really
finally done with all that moss or meticulously cut and are not
maintainable aquascapes without doing a lot of work so I say that just because
there’s a lot of people that like you know tight on their java moss is a high
maintenance plant it’s very easy to keep but it’s a high maintenance plan because
if you snip it it gets all over the place so I want to show this the ten
yard look we just stirred this thing up but I will say it’s definitely cool to
have like one tank rolling of it literally just dump almost all the water
out of this and filled it back up it’s got a couple cherry shrimp or bring some
cherries in here so a cool point a good beginner plan if you just like want
something that’s going to live like check out Taiwan moss java moss
Christmas moss how many species of moth father Brian a ton alright you got any
numbers man no idea there’s a lot man big old cherry
shrimp down there if you want cherry shrimp to breed folks it’s real easy get
some java moss pretty much it I mean it’s yeah it’s all you got to do I got
one big one in there I got another one back in there
so wanted to talk about it people weren’t asking about it do not put it in
your tank if you ever want to be able to get it entirely out of your tank hey
would you agree I mean it’s yeah it’s really really tough to get out of the
tank so that’s what we’re doing I don’t know if I showed this one of my tanks
busted a while back 75 gallon Brian came over and said yo dude one of your tanks
is leaking so anybody got any advice on repairing this I’d love to hear it so
yeah welcome new subscribers let me know what you think about java moss taiwan
moss christmas moss also our cherished room i’m going in for the kill here here
you go don’t know if you saw that but make it a
good week folks late

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