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How To Grow Younger – Turn On Your Cells’ Sleeping ‘Eternal Youth’ Gene

If you want to know how to grow younger,
we have to go deeply into your cells to the very structure of your chromosomal
DNA. Doctor Urban here, bringing you the latest anti-aging and reverse aging
information. If you look up how to grow younger on the Internet, you will find
topics and strategies dealing with the whole man. Some of these topics include stress
reduction, relationship issues, diet, exercise, sleep etc. There’s no quarrel here, but this video
will take a significantly different approach. Let’s go inside your
cell make definite structural changes to your
chromosomes which will allow you to grow younger and live longer while
maintaining a healthier quality of life. The key and goal to growing younger is to de-age
our bodies by controlling our genetic code. At first glance, this sounds dangerous
or complicated, but it’s neither. We start by reactivating a dormant normal eternal
youth gene or enzyme which has been inactive since we were in the womb. Our chromosomes have caps called telomeres
which resemble wicks on the ends of candles. Every time a cell divides, the
telomeres wicks sequentially shorten. Eventually the telomere disappears. At
that point that cell dies. New research reveals if you restore
length to the shortened telomeres, your cells actually stay youthful and keep
dividing indefinitely. There is 2009 Nobel Prize science
supporting this game changing goal and phenomenon. We can grow younger by restoring the
length of our otherwise soon to be shorter telomeres. Also, many of the
markers of disease, lifespan and quality of life are
directly associated with the shortening of those same DNA telomeres. Now we call
it aging. Can we do something to lengthen the telomeres and keep them from
shortening which is aging and dying. Yes, we can. The journal Science reports there
is an enzyme which does in fact accomplish telomere lengthening in a safe and
natural way. Hello. Did you catch that? The dormant enzyme telomerase, when
awakened, allows cells to continue dividing indefinitely avoiding or delaying death. So how do
we make all this telemere stuff happen safely? Dr. Al Sears M.D. is an anti-aging
expert, clinician and physician who puts his reputation on the line with his
clinic and yearly anti-aging world conference. Dr. Sears brought ubiquinol
(liquid coq 10) to the United States from Japan. Dr. Sears has developed his own
anti-aging natural supplement called Omega Rejuvenol. Omega Rejuvenol is
the first natural supplement designed to target your eternal youth gene as we
just discussed. Omega Rejuvenol’s main ingredients include
specially designed omega-3 fatty acids sourced from krill and squid oil. Fish oil
is not good enough. Forget fish oil for this telomere stuff. Fish oil has several
bioavailability issues. By the way, some laboratories can measure telomere length
to validate or reject any product’s effects or claims on the telomeres. In keeping with
my promise to have short videos, it’s time for you to take a look at Dr. Sears’
discussion of this new telomere science, his rationale or case for Omega Rejuvenol
and all the special natural ingredients in Omega Rejuvenol.
In the description below this video is a link to Dr. Sears’ more thorough
discussion of Omega Rejuvenol. That’s it for this video. do subscribe this channel as more
anti-aging videos are coming. It’s time to click the link to Dr. Sears
found in the description. Now you know how to grow younger. Make the move. Click the link. Sincerely, Dr Urban Omega Rejuvenol Taker.

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