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How to Help ADHD Naturally : Natural help for ADD – VitaLife Show Episode 275

How to Help ADHD Naturally : Natural help for ADD – VitaLife Show Episode 275

Welcome to the vitalife show I’m Doctor
Janine Bowring and in this episode we’re talking about natural treatments for a ADD
or attention deficit disorder. Now I have to start off by saying I don’t like
labels especially when we’re talking about you know talking about children
and giving them a label or a condition name based on maybe it’s just their
personality and this is something that you know I I take personal offense to
but that’s just of course my own opinion. If you have you know your comments and
your opinions please share them below because I’d love to hear from you maybe
we’re on the same page but this is really something that the good news is
that depending on the causative factor for those types of symptoms of not
having that great attention whether it is in children are in adults it’s
something that we can naturally address and one of the things that I’d like you
to think about is one of the causative factors which very often is what’s going
on in the gut believe it or not so if there are a lot of parasites and bad
bugs in the digestive tract this is something that can cause that fidgeting
that inability to concentrate and for children that attention deficit so this
is really really common we’ve seen it over and over again the good news is
that it’s very easy to treat by killing those parasites cleaning up the gut and
getting the right probiotics those good guys the healthy flora back into the
digestive tract so that’s something that I want you to consider as well as
toxicity so as we know we’re all exposed to toxins children as well so there are
certain things in foods like food dyes so those fgc colors that you see on the
labels of you know whether it’s a candy or a processed food this is something to
be really cognizant about and to make sure that you’re limiting those those
unnatural food dyes and that can cause some of those ad D types of symptoms as
well the other thing is lack of essential fatty acids so essential fatty
acids those omega-3 fatty acids especially from fish are super super
important this is brain food the brain needs those omega-3s every day
and if you don’t have enough of those omega-3s what happens is that the brain
is literally starving for this nutrient so
that’s one simple simple thing to be able to supplement will give you links
to you know the vitatree vitafish oil at the end of this video so that you know
all about that they’re really important in treating whether it’s adults or
children with those symptoms of abd but again I don’t like that label so thanks
for joining me today I want to make sure as well in the diet increasing those
fruits and vegetables you know as many rocks and vegetables as you can is
really important kill those parasites and make sure that you’re taking in
those probiotics and those omega-3s which is helpful at getting the right
ecology going in the gut because there is that brain and gut connection leave
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