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How to Improve Blood Circulation with Alternative Medicine

How to Improve Blood Circulation with Alternative Medicine

How to Improve Blood Circulation with Alternative
Medicine. Alternative medicine may help you improve
your circulation, all without a prescription. Check out your options. You will need Doctor Supplements Natural foods
Vitamins and garlic. Consult your doctor before starting any regimen
of alternative medical therapies. Step 1. Take alpha-lineolic acid. Alpha-lineolic acid is one variation of omega-3
fatty acid found in plants and fish oil, which has been shown to reduce inflammation, and
combat heart disease. Step 2. Eat a diet of fruits and veggies — whole
foods as medicine — to improve your blood’s consistency. Foods rich in vitamin B, like potatoes, chili
peppers, lentils, and beans, are good for the blood. Drink plenty of water — dehydration will
thicken blood and make the heart work harder. Step 3. Maintain a high level of vitamin C, which
increases nitric oxide used by the body to relax and dilate blood vessels. Sources include dark green vegetables, tomatoes,
peppers, berries, and citrus fruits. Step 4. Mix blond psyllium husk with your food, sometimes
used as a thickener for frozen dairy desserts or to soften stools. Taken orally, blond psyllium can reduce total
cholesterol and low-density lipoprotein, as well as lower blood pressure. Step 5. Include garlic in your diet, for its compounds
that work as effective suppressants on blood cholesterol, a kind of blood thinner. The wonder herb is a broad-spectrum antibacterial
and antifungal agent, too. Step 6. Load up on coenzyme Q10, which helps regulate
the heart’s beating and the body’s circulation. Use alternative medicine through food-based
products whenever you can and worry less about drug interactions. Did you know As of 2010, the American Heart
Association reported that peripheral arterial disease (PAD) affects almost eight million
in the U.S.

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  1. Seriously….."ask a Doctor….that's a joke!"  They don't study nutrition in medical school.  "Ask a Doctor…..that's blasphemy."  Study the people that have done it…the "raw food people" on YouTube. Doctors make money…that's about it.


  2. Guy eats like a caveman, but otherwise some good tips on food to stay healthy. Interesting that Co-enzyme Q10 "regulates heart beat" – one for us Afibbers – bears more research. You hear more good things about garlic…

  3. Nаturаl еnlаrgеmеnt is роssiblе ааnd уоu сссaаn start tоdaу! Hоw tооo Imрrоvе Blооd Cirсulaаaаtiоn with Alternativе Mеdiсinее

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